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The place to create a life well-lived is inside the pages of The Nourished Planner. This dated yearly planner breaks through the confinements of endless to-do lists and rigid schedules, giving you the creative white space to dream, cultivate, and ultimately get out and live. Transform the way you plan, creating momentum every day this year. 

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2022 Nourished Planner

What's inside:

Coming september 2021

• Weekly and monthly white space to organize, inspire, and live your life
• Space to plan meals, exercise, and appointments
• Monthly challenges to remind you of all you're capable of
• Weekly mindfulness exercises and notes of encouragement
• "Top 5" to-do lists focusing on life's most important tasks

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Health Made Simple

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class begins JUNE 3rd

Inside this 8-week class, we take the “standards” off of health and open you up to a new way of living. It's time to make health simple in your life.