Health is not a destination or an outcome. It's not a number on the scale or what size pants you wear. It may sound poetic, but the truth that you're not being taught - health is inside of you. It's not something you chase down, but it's who you are.
How to live that out is exactly what I teach inside this course.  

This isn't another 60-day diet program or four-week cleanse. This is a life transformation that includes practical, daily guidance to learn how your body works. Understanding how energy flows through your mind, boy, and soul — transforming your relationship with health to experience lasting energy today. Stop waiting, start living.

Health Made Simple

8 part class

STOP! You've been mislead.


Learn Actionable Steps to Feel Better Today

✓ Redefine what health means to you
✓ Understand why you feel exhausted or drained
✓ Incorporate lifestyle practices that actively fill you up
✓ Set boundaries, make space, and foster joy
✓ Create eating patterns around energy
✓ Learn to nourish your hormones + your GI system
✓ Experience it today and make it last forever

"I cannot believe I almost didn't sign up for this class! Her teaching style and the presentation is far superior than anything I've done before."

- vicki m.

meet nutritionist and founder,

Alexa Schirm

For most of my life, health existed as something *just* out of reach. I spent my younger years witnessing women I admired follow diet fads, endured college nutrition lectures where calorie counting was expected to fix inner issues, and touted myself as a nutrition expert while suffering through my own personal health crisis. Leading me to the realization that we're approaching health in the wrong way. Health is never about what you can do to your body but how you can work with your body to mobilize energy. A realization I had to fight for after losing my health. Today, in an industry where health has been made unachievable and even unapproachable, I want to show you how to make health simple, proving all of us have the power to live well. Health is inside of you. Let me show you how to live that out.

The Living Well is a space where you can learn about yourself and how to fill yourself up. Believing that health is not about striving for perfection, it's an understanding that being imperfect is the same as being human.


Ask yourself, "What does it mean to be healthy?" Like truly healthy. Not the health pattern of today that is found in counting macros, calories, or hidden in a pair of "goal jeans." Health is feeling. It's taking action that allows you to feel strong, confident, and energized — all of which you can feel right now. 

You can buy a new pair of jeans and feel confident. You can crush a workout and feel strong. Your mindset, perspective, and belief systems have the power to switch the narrative, constructing a life that builds you up. Health Made Simple offers daily, actionable guidance to make these subtle brain shifts, creating a real impact in your body, allowing you to feel energized today. 

Health is not a set of standards or a number on the scale - it's an action and a feeling.
Health is not what you do but who you are.

Let's do this

yes, let's do it

Take a Look Inside the Class


LESSON 001: metabolism 101

In this lesson, we put a definition on health. Understanding what it looks like to be healthy and feel better using your metabolism and energy flow.

✓ Understand what your body needs to be healthy.
✓ Learn the flow of energy inside your body.
✓ The reason you should stop calculating calories and macronutrients.
✓ The difference between surviving and thriving.

LESSON 002: the power of your mind

Your mind is responsible for 70% of your energy levels. It's also the driving force behind your actions - making it a powerhouse in your health.

✓ Learn how your brain builds thoughts and how to change them.
✓ Get in touch with the feeling you've been looking for and how to feel that without waiting.
✓ Create new stories that lead to healthy action.

LESSON 003: What to do with inflammation

Inflammation is an alarm bell to your body and a massive energy consumer. Inside this lesson, learn what inflammation is and how to put it out.

✓ The good, the bad, and the ugly of inflammation
✓ The gut-brain connection & how to heal your GI tract. 
✓ Getting yourself out of energy debt & moving to abundance.

LESSON 004: create a hormonal breakthrough

Your hormones are not what you think they are - they're just the messenger, not the problem. In this lesson, you'll learn the root cause of your hormonal issues and how to reset them for health. 

✓ Learn the basics of hormones and how to reset them.
✓ Heal your hormones through seasonality & living cyclically. 

LESSON 005: Good stress vs. bad stress

Stress isn't bad, in fact, it's necessary for change. But not all stress is created equal. Learn how to channel your stress to use it for good. 

✓ Understanding biofeedback signals and what they mean.
✓ Distinguish between good stress vs. bad stress. 
✓ How to use stress to create balance in your body.

LESSON 006: searching for a feeling

You've been led to believe that a destination will bring you a feeling. Inside this lesson, you'll learn how to achieve the feeling without waiting. 

✓ Learn about body memory and how to release what holds you back.
✓ Get in touch with deep cleansing, including fasting.
✓ Understand how to overcome your cravings by creating new desires.

LESSON 007: movement + hydration

Movement and hydration are essential, but they can also be harmful. Learn how to up-level your energetic flow through healthy hydration and fascia release—getting you unstuck in all areas of health.

✓ Learn the difference between fluid intake and hydration.
✓ Understand the power of movement over-exercise. 

LESSON 008: create lasting health

This is the beginning of something new and the start of lasting health. In this lesson, you'll create a definition that you can stand on. 
✓Learn how to regulate your energy by focusing on filling yourself up.
✓ Learn how to unleash motivation in this backward's law. 
✓ Create a vision of health that you can achieve and live out daily.

Do it all without feeling overwhelmed or stuck




Life starts today

Here's How We Build the Foundation of Health:

Your mind controls your body, your soul fuels your life


Your mind — not your body — is the control center of your health. By shifting your mindset, you make a biological impact on your body, influencing whether you: 

✓ Store or burn energy (calories) and body fat
✓ Become energized or injured from your workouts 
✓ Exist in a state of “thriving” or “surviving” 

Your body is not working against you. Your body is doing everything it can to live well. It was designed for health and when you understand how it was designed, you know what it needs:

✓ Hormones are your body's messaging system - not a signal of something gone wrong
✓ Metabolism is determined by your energy level.
✓ Stress is the determining factor of health.

Your soul is the epicenter of your beliefs, creating your thoughts that determine your action - which matter to your health. Making health more than just what you eat:

✓ Family demands and draining social lives
✓ Unfulfilling careers and limitless task lists
✓ Relationships that don't serve you
✓ Workouts and diet plans that leave you feeling exhausted

Creating a fulfilling life is about putting small, actionable steps in place. This is the application component, where you: 

✓ Change your belief system making health an action not a destination
✓ Take immediate actions to feel better today
✓ Stop waiting for the next diet plan to feel confident or empowered
✓ End the silent fight against your body, working with it - not against it

"After years of chasing, I finally feel like I'm on the road to lasting health. Alexa made a space that felt safe. A place where health is obtainable."

- joni l.

Learn from Alexa, Founder of The Living Well and leading expert known all over the world for her foundational concepts that challenge former nutrition beliefs and bring truth to a confused world.
Alexa offers thought-provoking information, questions, and challenges that will help transform your life and your relationship with your body.

The Classes

Action Plan


This isn’t just about learning — it’s putting actionable steps in place. Personalized handouts transform Health Made Simple from another system to a personalized experience, built just for you.

Health Made Simple is designed to be a community — not just a program — with built-in accountability from other members. No matter where you are, hop on to get extra motivation and accountability.  

What's inside the class:

I am ready to get started

This is your last stop....

No more waiting, hoping, or anticipating your next diet plan.

Health Made simple ends...

✗ Making your body the villain
✗ Approaching fitness as a means of punishment
✗ Thinking you'll finally feel better when you lose one more size
✗ Becoming confused over contradicting statements in the wellness industry
✗ Putting life on hold until we reach a "healthy weight or appearance

or, you could feel like...

✓ Realizing you are not the problem (and never were)
✓ Jumping into workouts that leave you feeling better than when you arrived
✓ Setting boundaries, creating space, and fostering good relationships
✓ Using food to fuel your daily activities
✓ Knowing you can feel better today, not two months from now

Life and health are a journey.


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8 Lessons broken into two 30-minute videos per lesson(Classes held online)
8 Personalized Guides: To practice what you learn making it personal for you.
Private Community: Stay accountable every day of the week with additional nutrition tips, a private members-only group & live Q&A sessions with Alexa

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8 Lessons broken into two 30-minute videos per lesson(Classes held online)
8 Personalized Guides: To practice what you learn making it personal for you.
Private Community: Stay accountable every day of the week with additional nutrition tips, a private members-only group & live Q&A sessions with Alexa

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