SPOILER ALERT: Health isn't found in another meal plan or a better exercise routine. It happens by understanding your body, working to support it, not forcing it to change. It happens when you align your psychology with biology to foster health already in you. And it's so much easier than you know!
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Health Made Simple

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not the other way around."

"I believe in making your health

I was done working for something that was supposed to bring me life, but I felt was stealing my life. I wanted to feel alive. 

Two years prior to this I had lost my health in a full on body-revolt that left me with 25 extra pounds and the diagnosis of stage-1 kidney failure. The irony is that I was a nutritionist. I was supposed to know how to prevent this from happening and here I was living my worst nightmare. 

I had done all of the 'right things,' micromanaging my diet making sure most of what I consumed was up to par with the latest health foods while grinding through workouts. Health was not just my job, it was my life. Until it became the thing that almost took my life.

Leaving me to question why nothing seemed to work?

On a cold-day in February I  decided I was done hating my body while hating the process of getting healthy.

I quit health.

Do you question this too? 

Do you wonder why nothing seems to work even though you're doing all the right things? 

  • Maybe you're broken?
  • Maybe you eat too many carbs?
  • Maybe it's your genetics?
  • Maybe you just haven't found the right plan?
  • Maybe you're too far gone?

These thoughts are what led me to wave the white flag. I was tired of spending my life chasing health while being left with a mess. I was tired of running after something that wasn't giving back. Deep down in my core, I knew health wasn't supposed to be this difficult to achieve. There had to be more.

meet the realistic nutritionist
& soon-to-be YOUR bff -

Hi! I'm Alexa Schirm.

Health is not about striving for perfection, it's an understanding that being imperfect is the same as being human.

I'm not your ordinary nutritionist. In fact, I'm quite the rebel in the space, pushing the boundaries of common nutrition knowledge that stays on the surface and going to the deep places where healing happens.

I believe you were made for health, which makes health simple. The hardest part is dropping the old knowledge for truth. Don't worry. I'll help you do that by combining both science and logic to create a personalized health plan that works for you. 

In an industry where health has been made unachievable and even unapproachable, I make it simple, proving you have what you need. Let me show you how to live that out. 

 not perfection.

Balance is the goal

Balance inside the body is the driving force for how your body functions, creating how you feel.

If your body is out of balance it will express symptoms telling you it needs more support.

how balanced is your body?

struggle to lose weight?
lack motivation or drive?
struggle with pms?
live with brain fog?
constantly have cold hands + feet?
Have intense cravings?
hunger feels erratic and uncontrolled?
feel exhausted, even if you sleep enough?
have nagging aches and pains?
feel overwhelmed and burnt out?

take the quiz

 if you answer yes to:

  • < 1 your body is maintaining a healthy balance.
  • 2-5 your body is starting to feel sluggish and out of balance.
  • 6-9 your body is working 150x harder than it should.
  • > 9 your body is on the brink of a crash if it hasn't already.

I'm ready to take back my health!

take me to the starting line!

if you said yes to 3+ you need this!

Health is understanding how your body works, not just for its specific systems like hormones and neurotransmitters, but how those systems work together - including your mind and soul. 

Health is more than you've been taught -
and yet it's easier than you know.

10 unique things you'll learn inside hms:

80% of your energy is used by your emotions

Hormones are messenger molecules, meaning they aren't your problem.

Most people are intoxicated on water.

Your mind was designed to finish stories. Changing your story becomes the driving force for your health.

Cravings are helpful, not harmful.

Health foods like raw spinach, cold smoothies, and a dairy-free life could be causing more harm than good.











As long as you give body fat a purpose, it will never leave.

The way you look is determined by fascia, not fat. 


Eating more, not less, is how healing begins.

"I cannot believe I almost didn't sign up for this class! Her teaching style and the presentation is far superior than anything I've done before."

- Vicki M.


Health Made Simple

HMS is a no-frills approach to health that keeps it real, honest, and authentically true to you.

I've taken everything I've learned from finding lasting health after losing it to the traditional model of health, making health who you are not what you do.

Inside this 8-Part class, I break down understanding the body and its connection to the mind and soul, allowing you to experience change today, not in 60-days from now. 

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"I have taken countless other health classes and none compare to this. Alexa is gifted at taking complex subjects and making sense of how they work together. Plus she provides practical tips to implement that don't rule my life. For the first time, I feel like I'm not just living healthy but I'm actually living."

- Kaitlyn P.

yes, let's do it

Here's the kind of stuff we'll cover inside HMS:

Health is inside of you. Let me show you how to live that out. 

LESSON 001: metabolism 101

In this lesson, we put a definition on health. Understanding what it looks like to be healthy and feel better using your metabolism and energy flow - creating a metabolic blueprint that works for your body.

LESSON 002: the power of your mind

Your mind is responsible for 70% of your energy. It's also the driving force behind your actions - making it a powerhouse in your health. Learn how to think yourself healthy by  re-engineering your brain for better health.

LESSON 003: What to do with inflammation

Inflammation is an alarm bell to your body and a massive energy consumer. Inside this lesson, learn what inflammation is and how to get rid of it.

LESSON 004: hormonal breakthrough

Your hormones are not what you think they are - they're just the messenger, not the problem. In this lesson, you'll learn the root cause of your hormonal issues and how to reset them for health. 

LESSON 005: Good stress vs. bad stress

Stress isn't bad, in fact, it's necessary for change. But not all stress is created equal. Learn how to channel your stress to use it for good. 

LESSON 006: searching for a feeling

You've been led to believe that a destination will bring you a feeling. Inside this lesson, you'll learn how to achieve the feeling without waiting. Creating health you can live daily.

LESSON 007: movement + hydration

Movement and hydration are essential, but they can also be harmful. Learn how to up-level your energetic flow through healthy hydration and fascia release—getting you unstuck in all areas of health.

LESSON 008: create lasting health

This is the beginning of something new and the start of lasting health. In this lesson, you'll create a definition that you can stand on, learning how to maintain what you started for life.

Do it all without feeling overwhelmed or stuck

 the cherry on top -

Let's talk extra's
to fast track your success.

BRAND NEW 3-LIVE classes highlighting the dos and don'ts of metabolic eating, a new approach to health called German New Medicine and the unspoken secret of habit formation. ** LIVE CLASSES HOSTED the first Wednesday of every month.
Pump up your workouts with this 4-week Jumpstart Workout Program. This printable PDF will hold you accountable for completing four 30-minute workouts weekly - building strength to build your confidence and up-level your metabolism.

BRAND NEW 3 months of weekly meal plans and batch cooking guides. Providing ideas, inspiration and quick ways to get healthy food on your table in less time. These aren't any ordinary meal plans but plans your entire family will love.
10 Bonus lessons teaching you how to live healthy in any situation. Some of these lessons include; on how to eat out, fascia release, healing your inner child, energy release techniques, living with stress, and what to do when you want to quit. 

All of that on-top of 8 life-changing fluff-free health lessons.

You may have vowed never to take another health class. You've been there and felt misled. Trust me when I say this is different. It's not a get-health quick gimmick (the world does not need any more of those). This is a process of building a personalized blueprint that guarantees success. 

Bonus: Don't miss these!

You may have vowed never to take another health class. You've been there and felt misled. Trust me when I say this is different. It's not a get-health quick gimmick (the world does not need any more of those). This is a process of building a personalized blueprint that guarantees success. 

"After years of chasing, I finally feel like I'm on the road to lasting health. Alexa made a space that felt safe. A place where health is obtainable."

- Joni L.

i need this so bad! LEt's do it!

This is your last stop....

No more waiting, hoping, or anticipating your next diet plan.

Confidence in yourself
Freedom around food
Happiness to explore life
Passion for following your dreams
Drive to live disciplined
Energy to get out and live

When everyone's micromanaging their diet and jumping on the next fad, you'll be standing confident in your health. 

More than a destination, health is a feeling. Let me help you feel energized so you can experience what you long for. Here are a few things I can guaranetee.

I guarantee you'll notice your body change in that process, shifting you to a place where your health is no longer a problem but your greatest asset. Stop waiting and start living by learning how to nourish the whole of who you are inside this life-changing class that makes health simple!

"I have literally tried everything but nothing worked until HMS! After five years "trying" to get pregnant, we conceived and I gave birth to a healthy baby girl!

- whitney s.

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8 Lessons broken into two 30-minute videos per lesson (value $200)
8 Personalized Guides: To practice what you learn making it personal for you  (value $150)
Private Community: Stay accountable every day of the week with additional nutrition tips, a private members-only group (NOT ON FACEBOOK) (value $100)
✓ 3 Live classes with Alexa (value $150)
✓ 3 Months of Weekly Meal Plans (value $100)
✓ Four incredible bonuses including 4-Week Workout Guide, Healthy Sugar Guide, 10 video bonus lessons (value $200)

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Take it at your own pace, whether you want to slow things down or put on some comfy pants and binge it out. Do what works for you! I'll be here no matter how fast or slow you want to take things!
I'm just excited you're here.

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I stand behind the products that I create, and Health Made Simple is the PB&J that holds this entire thing together. Take 30 days to try it out - if you're not on your way to creating a lifestyle of health that allows you to live, then let me know!

No matter what kind of payment plan you choose, if it's not working for you, we'll buy it back. No questions & no hassle. 

But more importantly, we're here for you 100% of the time. If you have questions or things just aren't working out for you, email Alexa at support@thelivingwell.com, and we'll help you out.

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