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The Hormone Reset

spoiler alert: your hormones aren't the problem

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The Easy Way To Fix Your Hormones

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messenger molecules.

Hormones are

They only send the message, not control what message is being sent.

Your hormones are rarely the problem even if it does feel like they're a problem. They're easy to test making them easy to blame. But if you look under the surface, more than likely, your hormones are working from a place of survival rather than thriving due to a messaging issue. 

A message that is telling the body how much energy it does or doesn't have. Think of your hormones as a communication channel letting you know how well your body is functioning. 

Use symptoms as a sign your body needs reset, knowing if you support your body with the energy and nutrients it needs, your hormones will naturally rebalance. 

Balance is the goal

not perfection.

what if i told you....

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  • < 1 your hormones are balanced and thriving!
  • 2-5 your body is starting to feel the pull of exhaustion - try a quick boost!
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  • > 9 your body is on the brink of a crash if it hasn't already. You may need something stronger like Health Made Simple.

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In fact, I frequently add fresh new content highlighting new information and strategies that work to make health simple. 


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Lesson 01: What Hormones Are
✓ Lesson 02: The Difference between menstruating, menopausal and male hormones
✓ Lesson 03: How To Reset Your Hormones

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Weekly Meal Plan
✓ Batch Cooking Guide
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It helps more than hormones....

Yes, you want to fix your hormones, and this reset does a good job at that, but more than fixing your hormones, it healthifies the whole of who you are. 
This reset will not only heal your hormones but your gut microbiome, nervous system, brain health, and sleep patterns. Whether male or female, menstruating or menopausal, this program will energize your entire body.

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what makes this content different?

It's different than what you've done before

Really good food

Absolutely no deprivation

Honest to a fault

Most hormone programs are void of real food but loaded with supplements and shakes. Not this program - it's 100% clean, honest, whole foods packed with the nutrients your body needs to thrive.

Starvation and deprivation are a thing of the past. In fact, they've done more harm than good, pushing your body out of balance and causing 'hormonal' issues to become your norm. This plan takes the opposite approach - filling you up on wholesome, nutrient-dense foods. If you like to eat - I've got you covered!

One of the challenges of the health space is knowing what is true and what isn't. Leading me to think one of our biggest problems is not getting healthy. It's the confusion that has led to distortion in what it takes. I'm here to be your voice of reason, making sense of what hasn't made sense and creating a plan that works for you. Health is inside of you! You were made for this! Let's cut to the chase and start living it!

I'm sold! Let's do this!

Let's talk about the food

sample diet plan

It's all about the food, right? Actually, living well is more about your lifestyle - but the food matters too. And it matters to your sanity, so let's see if this plan is realistic for you. If it's not, most likely you won't follow through. Of course, you need to push yourself, but not so far outside your comfort zone that you give up before you begin. Here is a sneak peek of what you might be eating during the 5-day rest.

It's as filling and delicious as it sounds!




✓ Rice Bowl with chicken + roasted Sweet Potatoes
✓ Stuffed Baked Potatoes
✓ Chicken Lettuce Wraps

✓ Cherry Almond Smoothie + homemade granola bar
✓ Pesto Roasted Veggie Hash
✓ Mixed Fruit Salad  

✓ Mediterranean Sheet Pan Meal
✓ Creamy Veggie Detox Soup
✓ Garlic Lemon Salmon 

Don't like something?
Don't worry!

The plan is completely customizable to your taste preferences.


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There is no right or wrong time to take the reset! Do it when you feel ready and have the time to put into the five days. But if you are a menstruating woman, the best time to start is after you finish the menstrual cycle or roughly five days after you begin bleeding.


When is the best time to take The Hormone Reset?

While women tend to be more vocal about hormonal fluctuations, men have just as many hormonal problems as women. That means men should be putting just as much focus on their health. While most participants are women, this class is suitable and helpful for men. 

Is this only for women?

ABSOLUTELY! Having three girls myself, I know the struggle of getting food on the dinner table. The last thing you need is to make separate meals for your family. I have designed this program in a way that even kids can participate. Although, they need to eat enough. The meals are family-friendly and delicious. Who knows, you may find a new family favorite inside.

Can my kids eat the recipes?

I am not a doctor and, therefore, not certified to talk to you about prescriptions or other medications. With that said, it is best to continue all prescriptions and medications as directed by your doctor. If you want to make changes, set up an appointment to discuss this further.

What if I'm on hormone medication or other medications?

I know it's tempting to share helpful information with your friends, and I'm all about the loving act of giving, but I do ask that you encourage them to purchase their own copy. This is my livelihood, and I would appreciate the support and honesty in this area! I promise it is worth it for them!

Can I share this program with my friends?

I get it! This is an investment. Maybe you've even tried something before and it didn't work. I promise, this is different and I would love to show you how. If you have more questions, please send me an email and I'll do my best to help!

still on the fence?

I stand behind the products that I create, especially The Hormone Reset. Take 30 days to try it out - if you're not on your way to creating a lifestyle of health that allows you to live, then let me know!
If you go through at least 50% of The Hormone Reset and don't feel it has been helpful for you, I will buy it back from you. No questions & no hassle. 

I Guarantee Everything
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meet the realistic nutritionist
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Hi! I'm Alexa Schirm.

Health is not about striving for perfection, it's an understanding that being imperfect is the same as being human.

I'm not your ordinary nutritionist. In fact, I'm quite the rebel in the space, pushing the boundaries of common nutrition knowledge that stays on the surface and going to the deep places where healing happens.

I believe you were made for health, which makes health simple. The hardest part is dropping the old knowledge for truth. Don't worry. I'll help you do that by combining both science and logic to create a personalized health plan that works for you. 

In an industry where health has been made unachievable and even unapproachable, I make it simple, proving you have what you need. Let me show you how to live that out. 

Take back your health!

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