You want to be healthy, but you're having trouble doing the things you know you should. Find out why inside this workshop and learn how to implement changes that last. 

Inside this four-part workshop, you'll learn:
01. The emotional reason body fat won't leave.
02: Foundations of energy needed for change.
03: Finding pleasure in discipline.
04: Jumpstart with the 30-day Nourish Challenge.

The Psychology of Change Workshop


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Creating health you can
experience today.

4-part LIVE workshop

Learn how to build a healthy life that lasts.

change is hard, but not impossible.

More than what you eat is understanding why you choose to eat it. What motivates you to do what you do, even if it isn't what you want to do? Inside this powerful workshop, you will dive into the power of the mind-body connection, learning what keeps you stuck (spoiler, it's not your willpower or lack of knowledge) and build an understanding and awareness to make the change you've wanted for so long. You'll continue to repeat old patterns until you give yourself permission to let go of the old and welcome the new.
Change is possible. This is the secret to making health simple and build a health blueprint you enjoy.

Lesson one:
You are more than what you think

✓ The hormonal linkage to what you think.
✓ Nourishing your brain through minerals.
✓ The connection of energy to your mind and body.
✓ The difference between thriving and surviving.

✓The protective value of body fat + why it won't leave.
✓ Your body does everything with purpose - change the purpose, change your health.
✓ A new perspective of body fat, symptoms and things you call "problems."

✓ Creating a new understanding of discipline and desire.
✓ The drive for pleasure.
✓ The difference between the thinking mind and the observing mind.
✓ The power of self-talk.

This 4-part live workshop breaks down the four critical elements to change.


✓ Making health part of your identity. 
✓ The power of using stress to change.
✓ Understanding how to create balance in your mind.
✓ 30-Day Nourish Challenge to kickstart change.

03/29/23 @ 6:00 pm CST

04/02/23 @ 6:00 pm CST

04/05/23 @ 6:00 pm CST

04/12/23 @ 6:00 pm CST

Lesson TWO:

Lesson THREE:
How to make change that lasts

Lesson FOUR:

I am ready to make change! let's do this!

replays of lessons

Nourish Challenge

a private COMMUINITY

4-part live workshop

What You Get!

30-Day challenge designed to help you implement change.

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four live lessons including q&a sessions with alexa!

meet friends, stay accountable, and leave with more tips.

supposed to be this hard!

Health is not

After years of doing all the right things and losing my health, I started to wonder was health worth what it cost?

This led me to question whether health was worth it if it meant giving up everything I loved. Or perhaps, it was my love of food that made change feel impossible. No matter how much I wanted it, I couldn't get myself to do the things I knew would create change. Leaving me stuck believing the only way to get there was to follow the basic diet strategies that required you to:

  • Micromanage your body
  • Neglect your needs
  • Restrict pleasure
  • Attach your worth to a size
  • Wait to live until you arrive

But none of this motivated me to change. Arguably, it left me stuck contemplating quitting health altogether. But I realized in fighting to see health for more than how it controlled me, I didn't have to pick between living or getting healthy. It's not a war to fight, but it's learning to connect the two. Understanding this changed everything for me! And I think it will you too!

In order to to create a new story in health

you must change the way you think to change how you feel.

I love food. like a lot.

You were made for health because health is the tool to live your life.

You have what you need to live healthy

it's time to do something to make it happen!

I like what I'm hearing! I'm in!

What makes this content different?

change is hard but not impossible.

It connects the mind + body

You have what you need

Honest to a fault

The health industry has spent far too long segmenting your health into specific systems that give the illusion it will be easier to control. But health is the connection to all of you. The only way to heal and thrive is by fostering this connection - using it to energize your life.

Contrary to popular belief, health is not a chase because it's not a place you arrive. Health is a verb. It's the action you take to live life. Understanding this changes things. It takes the impracticality and impossibility of health and makes it possible for everybody. I'm here to tell you everything you need to change, you have. Let me show you how to live that out. 

One of the challenges of the health space is knowing what is true and what isn't. Leading me to think one of our biggest problems is not getting healthy. It's the confusion that has led to distortion in what it takes. I'm here to be your voice of reason, making sense of what hasn't made sense and creating a plan that works for you. Health is inside of you! You were made for this! Let's cut to the chase and start living it!

The Psychology of Change

get the 4-part live workshop designed to create change

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Over six hours of live teaching that includes: the stages of change, the role of motivation, the power of a better mindset, learning how to let go, the hormonal impact of your thoughts, and how to energize your entire system.
✓ Q&A Sessions to answer your questions and help you get unstuck.
✓ Healing your nervous system and learning to let go of what isn't serving you.
✓ Learning how to pay attention to your body, not to fix it but to support it.
✓ Build a health framework that sticks. 
✓ Private community (not on Facebook) to stay accountable, ask questions, and connect with Alexa personally.

**replays will be available for each class**

WED, MARCH 29TH @ 6:00 pm CST
SUN, APRIL 2ND @ 6:00 pm CST
WED, APRIL 5TH @ 6:00 pm CST
Wed, APRIL 12TH @ 6:00 pm CST

one payment of $129

Great question! This workshop focuses on the mindset with a smaller dose of nutrition than normal. But that's only because your mind patterns create the outcome you experience. You must understand your mind if you want to change and experience health. 


How is this different than your other courses?

Nope! This class is for anyone who feels stuck or circling back in the same health patterns for a while. Really, it's for anyone who wants change, male, female, 80 years old, or 18. Building a healthy mind is foundational for every one of us! I think anyone can value from taking this class. 

Is this only for women?

I know most people WANT the exact metric to help them lose weight. But this class is not that. Instead, I want to teach you how your body reacts to what you eat, which is more important than any calculation. How your body responds is the secret to health. Knowing this, you can change what you do to support your body. You don't need to be told what to eat but to understand the framework to nourish the whole of who you are. That's what you'll learn here!

Do you tell me what to eat?

Don't worry. I get it! Things come up. Or maybe you just prefer to go through them on your own time. That's the power of the web - you can do things at your own pace and time. I recommend attending live to build relationships and ask questions. But replays will always be sent.

What if I can't make it live?

I know it's tempting to share helpful information with your friends, and I'm all about the loving act of giving, but I do ask that you encourage them to purchase their own copy. This is my livelihood, and I would appreciate the support and honesty in this area! I promise it is worth it for them!

Can I share this program with my friends?

I get it! This is an investment. Maybe you've even tried something before, and it didn't work. I promise this is different, and I would love to show you how. If you have more questions, please email me, and I'll do my best to help!

Still on the fence?

meet the realistic nutritionist
& soon-to-be YOUR bff -

Hi! I'm Alexa Schirm.

Health is not about striving for perfection, it's an understanding that being imperfect is the same as being human.

I'm not your ordinary nutritionist. In fact, I'm quite the rebel in the space, pushing the boundaries of common nutrition knowledge that stays on the surface and going to the deep places where healing happens.

I believe you were made for health, which makes health simple. The hardest part is dropping the old knowledge for truth. Don't worry. I'll help you do that by combining both science and logic to create a personalized health plan that works for you. 

In an industry where health has been made unachievable and even unapproachable, I make it simple, proving you have what you need. Let me show you how to live that out, creating the change you need to thrive!

I stand behind the products that I create, including this live workshop. Take 30 days to try it out - if you're not on your way to creating a lifestyle of health that allows you to live, then let me know!
If you go through at least 50% of the live workshop and don't feel it has been helpful for you, I will buy it back from you.
No questions & no hassle. 

I Guarantee Everything
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