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The place to create a life well-lived is inside the pages of The Nourished Planner. This dated yearly planner breaks through the confinements of endless to-do lists and rigid schedules, giving you the creative white space to dream, cultivate, and ultimately get out and live. Transform the way you plan, creating momentum every day this year. 

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2023 Nourished Planner

• Weekly and monthly white space to organize, inspire, and live your life
• Space to plan meals, exercise, and appointments
• Monthly challenges to remind you of all you're capable of
• Habit tracker and finance tracker to keep you on track
• "Top 5" to-do lists focusing on life's most important tasks
• Bullet journaling pages to make it your own
• Size: 9.5" wide x 10" tall x 1" thick

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We Bring The White Space, You Live your Life.

inside the planner:


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Weekly Spread

Month At A Glance

Bullet Journaling

YES! Let's organize my life!

Take a Look Inside the Planner

Each area of focus is designed to bring nourishment to your mind, body and soul

Monthly Themes

Each month use the unique challenge to propel you into growth, creating change that lasts. Put it into action by setting intentions for the month.

✓ Monthly theme to challenge and propel you forward
✓ Prioritizing your top areas of focus, including task list for the month
✓ Create goals and intentions for the month
✓ Monthly finance tracker

Don't underestimate what you can accomplish in a week. Use the weekly spread to plan your day and keep your health goals in check.

✓  Wellness plan to plan or track your meals and workouts
✓  Space to keep track of appointments
✓  Top daily to-do's
✓  White space to dream or create
✓  Quote to encourage you forward

The monthly spread is your big picture overview of what events you need to remember. It's also home to the new habit tracker.

✓ Monthly overview including holidays
✓  Space to track events and appointments
✓  Monthly habit tracker to plan your habits and track them all month long

One of our favorite additions to this year's planner is the bullet journaling space and project trackers. Use this space to plan and track dreams, projects, and ideas in whatever fashion you love. The place where the planner becomes a part of your personality and a part of you.

✓  Four designated boxes to dream, doodle, track dreams and projects
✓  Dotted page to bullet journal

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