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The Weekly Fill Podcast is hosted by Alexa Schirm. A nutritionist by trade, Alexa has rebelled against commonly-held misconceptions about nutrition, and has, instead, championed a realistic health-style that will allows you to live a healthy, satisfied and more simplistic life. Forget dieting for good as Alexa interviews health experts, lifestyle influencers and every day people on what strategies have worked for them and help you implement a plan that can be achieved for life. It’s raw, its funny, its real and unfiltered. It’s The Weekly Fill Podcast.

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I spent most of my life trying to find a new story, at the very least trying to write a new chapter. The more I searched for the real me, the more lost I felt. This left me in the wilderness season, circling my brokenness. It’s a place many of us find ourselves in. You […]

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You want to change, and you want to achieve health. But there is a right and wrong way to do that. We can’t change one area of our body without recognizing how it’s influencing all areas. Don’t worry. This isn’t another thing you have to do. Seeing all systems of the body creates simplicity in […]

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"Alexa shares her knowledge with her listeners and is so passionate about health. She gets you to really dive in to change your mindset about everything you thought you knew about how to be healthy. Diet is a 4 letter word, change your mind first to begin to change your health. Thank you Alexa!!!"

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"Life changing!"

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