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You can plan all you want, but life is about what you choose to do with your time. The quarterly Nourished Planner breaks through the confinements of endless to-do lists and rigid schedules, giving you the creative white space to dream, cultivate, and ultimately get out and live. Filled with weekly challenges, space to plan meals, and set to-do lists, The Nourished Planner believes in fitting within the rhythm of life — not overwhelming your life.

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Quarterly Undated Planner

• A guided journal creating a vision of where you want to go
• Three month habit formation guide + goal tracker
• Twelve weekly spreads to help you plan your day and stay organized
• A place to plan meals, batch cook, track workouts and keep appointments
• White space dedicated to list making, project building and dream setting

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We Bring The White Space, You Live your Life

inside the planner:

planners will not ship until maY 2021


Health Made Simple

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class begins JUNE 3rd

Inside this 8-week class, we take the “standards” off of health and open you up to a new way of living. It's time to make health simple in your life.