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Health Made Simple

Health Made Simple is an awakening of your body, bringing to life the intricate details about how it functions so you know how to provide for it. Inside this 8-week class, we take the “standards” off of health and open you up to a new way of living. Make health simple in your life.


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Metabolic Eating



The Psychology of Change


Revive and Thrive


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Could metabolic eating change your health? Learn the dos and don'ts of metabolic eating inside this class and leave with a personalized plan that will jumpstart your metabolism and health.

You want to be healthy, but you're having trouble doing the things you know you should. Find out why inside this workshop and learn how to implement changes that last. 

Getting healthy should not be as difficult as it's become. Learn the secrets to making health simple and build a new definition of health. One you can achieve and live out right now!

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Are you burnt out and feeling exhausted? Are you wondering if energy is a thing of your past? Inside this class, I address the most sought after health information ever - how to get more energy and keep it. Inside this 2-hour class, I share the only information you need to change your energy patterns for life. Then try it out for yourself.


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