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Sexual Wellness Routine: Why You Need One

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Let’s talk about sexual wellness. I’m not just talking about sex, although that does matter to your health, but the entire spectrum of sexual wellness, including the pelvic floor, genital health, hormones, and even connection. Inside this post, learn why you need a sexual wellness routine and how it can help your entire life.

Sexual wellness is more than just sex. While sexual intimacy does matter, I want to change the idea to see sexual wellness as another form of energy movement in the body. Like food energy, physical energy, or emotional energy, you also have sexual energy. Some people classify this as your creative or connective energy. But it is that one clear line of communication that you can feel running through your body, your mind, and into your soul.

I know this sounds rather woo-woo but stick with me. Because understanding sexual energy outside of this context can help you see God’s design for sexual health is far more extensive than reproduction alone. Yes, that matters, but sexual wellness is far more than sex in itself.

The design of sexual wellness is a means of connection, not just with someone else, but with yourself and the God who made you.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of wounding and trauma in the area of sexual wellness. There is a lot of pain that ironically often gets stored in the pelvic floor region, making the idea of sex or sexual wellness more triggering than helpful. Inside this podcast, I hope to open your eyes to a new idea of sexual wellness. To help you create a sexual wellness routine that fosters healing and health.

Why You Need a Sexual Wellness Routine

Sexual health is the gold standard for how your body is working as a whole. Your libido and sexual hormonal flow are excellent indicators of the overall functioning of your system. If your sex hormones are out of whack, leading to intense PMS, and your libido has tanked, you know your body is working from a state of survival rather than thriving.

When your body is under stress, it shuts off functions not needed for survival, like reproduction and digestion. They’re necessary, but under stress, these functions take the energy your body could use to help keep you alive. So they stop working in the name of survival.

This is a place many people find themselves wallowing in while secretly searching for answers. The truth is both men and women struggle with low sexual energy. They just happen to express it differently.

Women are thought of as having no sex drive, which couldn’t be further from the truth. In health, women have an equal sex drive as men. They just express it differently by channeling that energy into nurturing connections.

Men tend to override their low sex drive by looking for a quick release. They seek something that quickly builds their sex drive (producing a rush of adrenaline) while rapidly releasing it.

Truthfully, we all struggle with the same things. And yet, in health, both desire the same things. They’re just expressed differently. What your body needs is sexual balance which comes from understanding the purpose of sexual wellness.

The answer is to produce energy used to build connections with other people, both sexually and relationally. To build connections with yourself and who you were created to be through a flow of creative energy. And to connect with God.

Not to mention all of the healthy physiological functions that happen with balanced sexual energy. Some of those functions include better immune response, higher metabolism, less fat storage, better emotional regulation, happier moods, lower blood pressure, better cardiovascular health, increased self-esteem, pain relief, better sleep, and more drive and desire to live life.

How to build a sexual wellness routine

Men and women will have different and yet similar sexual wellness routines. Both start with an understanding of your body. The goal is to pay attention to energy flow inside your body by recognizing how you feel.

It’s always about awareness. When you know how you feel, you can make a decision on how you will act to support your body.

Here are a few tips for women that can help build a sexual wellness routine that healthifies the whole of who you are.

Sexual Wellness Routine For women

The one staggering difference between men and women is their hormonal pattern. Women run on a 28-day cycle. They will have ebbs and flows in energy within this cycle, changing their cravings, workouts, food intake, and libido. But change does not mean tank. Here are a few ways to create a sexual wellness routine that will keep your tank full. 

01. Know your cycle

Track it with an app or inside your planner. The only way to understand your body is to pay attention to what is happening within it. Then get to know each phase of your cycle and how your energy changes. That way, you know how to support each phase to maintain healthy sexual energy. Learn your cycle and other things you need to know about your period here.

02. Take care of your lady parts

Just as you take care of your face, your genitals contain some of the most sensitive skin on your body. Know the parts and what they need to feel supported. Learn how to take care of them here.

03. Open up to your creative side

Inside of you, there is great passion and purpose. You may not want to be a world-changer, but finding little hobbies that you enjoy can open you up to build confidence and reignite passion in your life. Creative energy is a form of sexual boosting all energy in the body, helping regain balance of your sex hormones and opening up your pelvic floor. There is power in your creative side.

04. Create space to unwind

Stress is the number one killer of your sexual wellness routine. But stress isn’t going anywhere. Instead of aiming for a stress-free life, learn practices that help you manage stress. Practices you can do daily like taking a hot bath, going on walks, listening to podcasts, praying and journaling, or connecting with other people. Don’t forget to fill your tank.

05. Connect physically – not just emotionally

Yes, I’m talking about sex, but not only sex. There are many ways to physically connect outside of sex, like hugging, cuddling, even getting a massage. However, I feel the need to mention that sex is not just for men. It’s equally for both and should be a mutually loved and pleasurable experience for both people. The bottom line, women tend to be good at emotional connection while fearing the physical aspect. Don’t neglect physical touch with sexual intimacy or without. 

Sexual Wellness Routine for Men

Sexually, men’s hormones function on a 24-hour cycle rather than a 28-day cycle. While their flow tends to be more even, they seem to struggle with sexual wellness just as much as women. In fact, research has found that testosterone levels in men have been declining for decades. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This summer I’m releasing a podcast series called The Sex Talk that will dive into sexual wellness for men and women. Check back for more tips on building a sexual wellness routine for men.

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