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If you want to create more time in your day, you have to think differently about time. Get five life-changing mindset shifts to create more time inside this post! Time can feel like a thief. It seems like it’s always taking and moving at a speed that is hard to keep up. If we’re not […]

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Are you looking to take your health to a new level? Or maybe you’re just looking to gain a sliver of health. Wherever you are starting from, this simple practice will upgrade your wellness routine this year to help you live out of health. What if things could be different?What if things could be better? […]

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You don’t need better goals, you need healthy habits. Habits are the catalyst, the energy you need to meet your goals. Learn 15 healthy habits to start for the healthiest year possible. I quit running, at least long-distance running. Years ago, I started hating it but felt forced into it. I knew I shouldn’t be […]

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You want to be well, but do you know how to get there? The western world of medicine has confused healing and made it about fixing. But healing has to be the goal. Learning to heal will teach you what medicine doesn’t know. “Do I even want to be well?” I found myself asking that […]

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learning to heal

Change is hard but not impossible. The problem isn’t what you’re doing. It’s your perspective behind what you do. Learn why you can’t change and the backward law to overcome it inside this post! Change is hard, almost impossible. Especially if you continuously focus on the fact that you struggle to change. I don’t know […]

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how to change

Stop believing everything you think, and stop hacking your brain with positive thoughts. It doesn’t work long-term. The secret to healthy thoughts is deeper than your mind. Learn the secrets to healthy thoughts inside! I’ve thought of many things, most of which were never true. Or at least it never came to fruition. Although, I […]

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