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immune boosting tea and candle

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‘Tis cold and flu season, which means all things sniffles, tissues, and early bedtimes. Are you tired of being plagued year in and year out by the nagging sickness that seems to knock you out at least once a year? Here are my six cheap and easy immune-boosting tips. The temperatures are starting to drop, […]

bowl of butternut squash soup

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It’s time to shift your view of anxiety. Because it’s not what you think or what you’ve been taught. Learn the truth about anxiety and how to use it for good using my anxiety diet plan found inside this post. I’m no stranger to anxiety. I’ve spent many years either pretending that I didn’t struggle […]

healthy changes for September coffee cup with fall leaves outside

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Changing your routine with the seasons is essential to your health. Here are five fail-proof healthy changes to make this month. One topic that easily gets overlooked and yet can single-handedly change how you feel is seasonal patterns. Like all things, there is a pattern to life, your body, and how the season influences it. […]

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How Healthy Are You?

You're tired, but you don't have to be. The secret to living healthy and feeling better is found in understanding energy. Take the quiz to learn your energy score and let me teach you how to move to a state of abundant energy and health.

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how healthy
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I spent most of my life trying to find a new story, at the very least trying to write a new chapter. The more I searched for the real me, the more lost I felt. This left me in the wilderness season, circling my brokenness. It’s a place many of us find ourselves in. You […]

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Girl with hat reading the bible

You want to change, and you want to achieve health. But there is a right and wrong way to do that. We can’t change one area of our body without recognizing how it’s influencing all areas. Don’t worry. This isn’t another thing you have to do. Seeing all systems of the body creates simplicity in […]

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Girl on mountain climbing mountain backdrop

Health does not have to be expensive. In fact, it’s free. Learn 10 no-cost wellness tools I swear by that will change your health inside this post. When did health get so expensive? And is it possible to get healthy without it costing a thing? I’ve thought long and hard about this question after shelling […]

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Are You Exhausted
All The Time?


You're tired, but you don't have to be. It may feel impossible, but you are so much closer than you know. In fact, gaining the energy and confidence you've been looking for is only a few steps away. 
Take the quiz to learn your energy score and how you can improve it today.