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enhance sexual desire

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Does sex sound good until it actually comes time for the act, and then you’re suddenly tired and not in the mood? You’re so close to having desire until it vanishes right before your eyes. Or maybe you’re struggling with zero desire, wishing for it to return without any real options about how that might […]

healthiest summer cocktail

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It’s time to break up with your summer plans. This breakup might be the only way to live healthy. Here are 15 unconventional ways to have your healthiest summer ever. It’s the season of indulging. Whether you prefer kicking up your feet at the pool with a suspenseful read and shutting off work a little […]

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Are you making health more complicated than it needs to be? Here are five health mistakes you should avoid to make health simple. If you’re confused, you’re not alone. The health space has been notorious for overwhelm, and it’s working in their favor. Complexity likes to keep you stuck in the place of wanting health […]

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Sexual Wellness

Are you struggling with a lack of libido? Or drive or motivation, not just for sex but for a lot of things in life? It doesn't have to be this way, and I want to show you how! Inside this essential guide to sexual wellness, I tell you how to get your spark back by sharing my top secrets for boosting sexual health - it matters more than just sex! Get the ultimate guide for women and one for men here!


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Sexual health isn’t just about sex, but it does matter. Learn how to have better sex through creating deeper connections. Title How do you have good sex? We’ve been talking a lot about sexual wellness, which relates to your creativity, curiosity, connections, adventure, and spontaneity, but inside this podcast, we talk about how to have […]

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Men’s libido isn’t elusive. It’s inside of you. The key is learning how to nurture and cultivate it. You have what you need, it’s learning how to live that out. Let me show you how. Men’s Libido: Everything You Need To Know Everyone thinks that all men can think about or talk about is sex, […]

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Your libido isn't eluding you. It's inside of you. Learn everything you need to know about men's libido inside!

Your libido isn’t eluding you. It’s inside of you. The key is learning how to nurture and cultivate it. You have what you need, it’s learning how to live that out. Let me show you how. Woman’s Libido: Everything You Need To Know Libido is often lumped into one generic category regarding how much you […]

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