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Are you craving change? The best way to change your body and health is to live based on the season. Here are 10 ways to upgrade your wellness routine for fall and see results. There’s nothing cozier than slipping on a sweater and lighting a candle. The first days of fall always leave me swirling […]

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Does sex sound good until it actually comes time for the act, and then you’re suddenly tired and not in the mood? You’re so close to having desire until it vanishes right before your eyes. Or maybe you’re struggling with zero desire, wishing for it to return without any real options about how that might […]

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Are you looking to take your health to a new level? Or maybe you’re just looking to gain a sliver of health. Wherever you are starting from, this simple practice will upgrade your wellness routine this year to help you live out of health. What if things could be different?What if things could be better? […]

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A health blue-print that works!

You're so much closer to living health than you realize. And it's not as difficult as we've made it. You just need a new blueprint to live it out. 
The doors are back open to Health Made Simple for a limited time. Inside, you get every detail you need to create a health plan that works for you. A program that involves really good food, finding joy, and living life. Let me show you how!

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Strengthening your pelvic floor is critical to your overall health, posture, and orgasmic health. But your Kegels aren’t working. Yarlap is the sponsor of this post, showing you what will work. Why Your Kegels Aren’t Working The pelvic floor is a big player in your health. Many practitioners consider it the grounding force of your […]

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Pleasure comes in a lot of forms, some positive and some negative. But if used in a nourishing way, pleasure is one of the best catalysts to change. Learn the science of pleasure and how to use it to change. How To Use Pleasure To Change You won’t follow through with anything if you don’t […]

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\Learn from an expert therapist on healing from sexual trauma and open back up to develop a healthy sexual wellness practice. Healing from Sexual Trauma Sexual trauma is an overwhelming problem many people are dealing with. No matter how little or large it may be, it can create a negative relationship with sex and others […]

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