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I’ve long struggled over this question, does God care about my health, not because I didn’t want to believe it, but its action felt petty. Of course, I always prayed over life-altering situations without batting an eye. That surgery, always. The illness, through the end. But everyday health, I tucked in my back pocket, not […]

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If your period causes you problems, welcome to womanhood. From the first moment things started flowing, it feels like it’s been a constant battle to “normalize.” Looking for that textbook 28-day cycle that’s not too heavy or too light – whatever that means. The perfect menstrual cycle that appears to be happening on the pill, […]

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Transform your health by ending these 10 common health mistakes that prevent you from being healthy! It’s not just about what you eat and how much you exercise! Learn more below! If you’re like most of the world population, you’re hoping this post is all the best secrets to weight loss and health made easy. […]

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Winter can take a toll on your skin, or at least my skin. Leaving me to suffer from itchy skin and ingrown hairs. Not to mention a bad lymphatic flow, but that not something I notice compared to the other two.  That’s why I’m always on the lookout for products to naturally moisturize my skin […]

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Granola has a big name in the health space. But not all granola is created equal. And the best forms are the ones you make at home.The good news is, granola lasts, whether that is homemade or store-bought. But if you want to save a few dollars at the grocery store and make granola suitable […]

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Seasonal changes bring changes to our bodies. Just like the environment is affected, so are you. I know these healthy changes are easy to overlook in the climate-controlled environments we live in, but they matter. Once I started paying attention to the impact of the seasonal changes, I realized that my cravings and exhaustion, and […]

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