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Should You Wear a Bra To Bed?

There’s a lot of conflicting thoughts surrounding the idea of whether you should wear a bra to bed. It’s time to settle the age-old debate: To wear a bra or not wear a bra to bed?

There are many circulating rumors around the idea of if a bra can help keep your girls perky or if they’re doing more harm than good.
The short answer is, do what’s most comfortable for you.

If a bra is comfortable, stick to a wireless bra for maximum blood flow and movement. But let’s dive into the science to find out.

Bed with white sheets and a person sleeping

Can sleeping in your bra be bad for your health?

The short answer is yes and no.

There are no definitive scientific studies that show wearing a bra is causing real harm. However, we know that the wrong type of bra for prolonged periods can cause damage.

Problem One: Too tight of a bra or one with an underwire can restrict breathing and blood flow. Resulting in less oxygen and nourishment during some of the most beneficial hours of the day, that is, deep sleep.

Problem Two: It restricts lymphatic flow, which is the fluid that circulates nutrients and waste. Unlike blood flow, the lymphatic system has no central pump. When something interrupts the flow, it stops leading to congestion and swollen lymph nodes.

Problem Three: According to an older study from 2000, wearing a bra or other tight-fitting garments at night can affect a person’s sleep-wake cycle. The researchers found that nighttime pressure from tight-fitting clothing can increase core body temperature, which subsequently lowered melatonin levels.

Problem Four: Constant contact with tight clothing can prevent the skin from breathing, irritating the skin, producing acne and rashes.
Leading to the conclusion that if you wear a bra, make sure it’s not too restrictive. You should be able to stick two fingers between the band and your ribcage.

Can wearing a bra to bed prevent sagging?

Loose breast tissue happens via gravitational force. The very thing that keeps your two feet planted on the ground is the same effect wearing at that cartilage, causing a weakening in your tissue leading to sagging.

While you’re lying down, your girls do not experience the same gravitational pull as they do during the day. Meaning a bra to support the tissue will not prevent sagging.

Unfortunately, no amount of bra wearing will slow the sagging process. In fact, some research is questioning the opposite. Can wearing a bra induce sagging? While the results are too minimal to show exactly, the only thing we know to slow the sagging process, if possible, is strengthening the chest muscles.

But in general, sagging is a factor of age, size, and gravity.

The bottom line, breast sagging is natural and happens to 100% of women who leave their breasts in a natural state.

The verdict, do what’s most comfortable. But if I had to weigh in – give your skin a break and let it breathe. Stick to loose-fitting nightwear for maximum comfort and deep sleep.

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