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Metabolic Power of Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is more than an idea. It creates a biological response. In this post, learn the metabolic power of feminine energy and how to live it out.

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Even after getting my nutrition degree, I spent a lot of time thinking that health was a to-do list. I believed health was the product of what you did or didn’t do. And in a lot of ways, this is true. But there is something more true.

What is more accurate is that your body isn’t just responding to what you do. It’s responding to your perspective of what you do, your essence, how you show up, and your motivation.

It’s really about responding to how safe or unsafe you are, which is determined by your presence.

I learned this the hard way. When I crashed and burned doing all of the right things, I had to reevaluate that there was something more to health than a series of daily actions you checked off a box.

But it wasn’t until much later in my healing journey that I understood the power of energy and our essence. I learned how to embody the healthy masculine and feminine energy within me.

This energy shifts how your biology responds. It changes you, mostly from a place of safety, but that changes your entire biology.

I invited Jessica Ash to come on the show and talk more about embodying your healthy masculine and feminine energy, how this reacts inside your biology, changing your metabolic output, and how it changes your view of life.

Listen to the podcast to learn how to get unstuck from fight or flight and reduce the energy black holes that are stealing your life.

Learn more about Jessica Ash, follow her work at The Fully Nourished Podcast, and get on her weekly Sunday email. If you want to dive deeper into feminine energy, you may like her membership in the Nourished Circle.

What is Masculine + Feminine Energy?

Long before I realized actions weren’t everything in the health space, I would dismiss the subject of energy as woo-woo science—if one could even call it science. Truthfully, I had no idea that it wasn’t just a theory but a God-given design.

But through my own study, I’ve realized that this isn’t just a theory. It’s Biblical. God had a design for us, male and female, and part of the difference (outside our physiology) is the essence we embody. It is the difference between our masculine and feminine energy.

Like hormones, we all carry the same energy (and hormones), but the amount and balance will vary depending on your sex. Men generally portray more masculine energy but still carry some feminine energy, and likewise, women carry more feminine energy but also have masculine energy.

Both are needed, but having the proper balance changes your outcomes, including your physiology.

As Jessica mentions in the podcast, “Things that make us feel unwell are the things that are pulling us away from our alignment with who we really are. They created energetic black holes in our life that suck the energy out of us.

Are You Reacting to Life or Presently Showing Up In Life?

When you suck the energy out of yourself, or you live out of your design, you tend to live reacting to life rather than being able to show up in life.

When your masculine and feminine energies become imbalanced, they change your design. They pull you out of alignment with who you are and who you were made to be.

But what I love about this conversation is that the energy is always there. Like physical energy, your healthy feminine and masculine energies are within you. No one can take those away from you because they’re who you are. But they can become imbalanced, and that changes how you live.

The Metabolic Power of Feminine Energy

Living in your design changes how you show up, and how you show up changes how your body responds. And health boils down to understanding how your body responds.

That’s why there is so much metabolic power in the feminine and masculine energy. Specifically, for women, there is a lot of metabolic power of feminine energy. Things change in your cells when you fully embody the true essence of your femininity.

But that doesn’t mean you sacrifice yourself. It means you honor yourself and all the ways you were created to bring life, love, and creativity to the world.

Living out your design unleashes a power within you that helps you show up and live out the healthiest version of yourself.

The healthy feminine energy has four archetypes, which Jess breaks down in this podcast. Tune in to understand how those archetypes help you unleash the metabolic power of feminine energy.


This podcast belongs to a larger series called Health School. A podcast devoted to teaching you health is much easier than you know, but that happens when you understand the foundations of how your body works and its connection to your mind and soul.

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