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The Enneagram
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Welcome to the Ennea-Health series! A series devoted to ending the big-box approach to health. Inside this series, you'll learn practical health tips, hacks, and real-life applications to make health work for you. 
Health is not just about what you eat. It's living true to who you are. The Enneagram helps you do that by understanding what motivates you and what ignites fear. Information we use to help build a plan suitable to you. 
Get the ultimate guide that makes health practical based on your type.
Health is inside you. Let me show you how to live it out. 


"Alexa shares her knowledge with her listeners and is so passionate about health. She gets you to really dive in to change your mindset about everything you thought you knew about how to be healthy. Diet is a 4 letter word, change your mind first to begin to change your health. Thank you Alexa!!!"

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