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Enneagram Seven Health Tips – The Ultimate Guide

Want to get healthier as an enneagram seven? Let your enneagram number be your guide. Inside, I share the enneagram seven health tips that include an ultimate guide on how to get healthy based on your enneagram strengths and weaknesses.

Want to be healthy as an enneagram seven? Inside I teach you how to use your type for health, along with practical steps to make it happen.

How To Use The Enneagram To Get Healthy

It’s no surprise that everyone ticks a little differently, making health more than just a one-size-fits-all approach. What motivates, scares, and pushes you is very different yet critical in understanding what it will take to help you change. You can not expect what works for someone else will work the same for you because you’re not the same.

As a seven, you’re ‘the great pain avoider.’ Making sense why you lean towards fun and enthusiasm. You tend to move towards anything that diminishes any kind of pain. A trait that can make the discipline of health enough for you not to engage with it. But big things change when you learn how to shift your view of health, working with it and your specific personality.

It’s what I love about the Enneagram. You add personality to what you do and why you do it. Plus, it’s invaluable in understanding specific action steps you should begin and those to stop doing, creating a more realistic plan suitable for you.

Today, we’re talking all about Enneagram type seven. As a seven, you function very differently than a two or a nine, yet you do it uniquely while having fun. If you’re an enneagram seven or know one, this could be powerful information in helping you achieve health and live a more fulfilling life.

If you don’t know your enneagram type, take this quiz to find out.

Enneagram Type Seven

Sevens, you are the enthusiast. People flock to you as you bring life to the world. You embody joy and boundless love for life with a fun-loving, energetic spirit, adaptability, and the ability to cast vision.

You are a master at reframing. In the blink of an eye, you can take a bad situation and recast it in a positive light. While this is a great skill, it can also be your greatest weakness, as the motive for this is often inadequate—the motive of avoiding pain.

Sevens, you hate pain and will do almost anything to avoid it. A trait that can be your greatest asset and weakness when making healthy changes.

Given that you are a great pain avoider, you hate everything that can bring pain, including restriction and boundaries. Instead, you seek fun, possibility, and pleasure to mask or rid yourself of any pain you may be experiencing or fear of experiencing. There is always something you haven’t tried, something more to do, some new thing to exploit, and you do this all to avoid the pain or the anxiety that pain may be lurking around the corner.

Sevens, it’s time to sit with yourself. To drop the distraction techniques that enhance worry and anxiety and recognize that in silence, you can find your healthiest self. To shift your view from the pain of health to the energy you get from living well.

Let me show you how to shift your view of health from pain to pleasure. Inside this 10+ page guide of health tips for enneagram type seven, I’ll show you how to live for what you want to feel long-term, not simply masking the pain of the present.

Enneagram Seven Health Tips

Want to be healthy as an enneagram seven? Inside I teach you how to use your type for health, along with practical steps to make it happen.

I don’t need to tell a seven that their primary fear is being deprived, trapped in emotional pain, limited or bored. They work hard all day long to keep themselves free of these things. With this, they are incredibly gifted at seeing the good in every situation, bringing light and joy to the most challenging circumstances. However, they rarely sit with this themselves long enough to understand their needs.

Instead, they have learned to soothe the present in comforts and instant gratification decisions. They say yes to good things for temporary relief but forget the long-term consequences of their choices. They easily become addicted to the quick fix or “feel good.”

Instead of focusing on the temporary good, you need to focus on how you want to feel long term. Pay attention to the painful consequences after the initial good feeling. Like the hangover the next day or the way binge eating made you float.

Shift your view of health from deprivation, starvation, and restriction to see health in abundance. To live in balance, knowing you can do the hard things and still enjoy the pleasures of life. It’s not one or the other, but it’s working to achieve balance.

Don’t settle for good when you can feel great.

Don’t settle for good because it’s right in front of you, but know if you keep going, you’ll feel great. Shift your view from the temporary pain it takes to change, like what it feels like during the workout, and shift that to how amazing you’ll feel when it’s over. Think long-term gain, not short-term pain.

Enneagram Seven Health Strengths

Sevens, you are incredibly gifted at seeing the good in the moment. You are optimistic with high energy levels, quick to think on your feet, flexible, and yet creative. In the process, you can make health look effortless and natural. All things that can make health not just something you do but who you are. Here are some strengths you should rely on to shift your view of health and live it out.

  • See the good at the moment
  • Optimistic
  • High levels of energy
  • Quick thinker
  • Highly creative
  • Flexible
  • Spontaneous
  • Open to acquiring new things
  • Quick to learn new skills
  • Know how to enjoy life
  • Fun & happy
Want to be healthy as an enneagram seven? Inside I teach you how to use your type for health, along with practical steps to make it happen.

Enneagram Seven Health Struggles

The biggest health hurdle for sevens is the avoidance of pain. To get healthy, you must move past your fear of pain and realize pain is not what you’ve made. It isn’t there to take you out but to help you grow. Learning how to move through pain will make you feel better, happier, and more fulfilled than staying stuck right where you are.

The best way to move forward is to shift your perspective of pain. Many things in the health space are challenging, but if you shift that to see how you feel when you accomplish those things, keeping your focus on the future more than the temporary fix, you’ll find the reward is greater than the short-lived pain.

You can do hard things. You are capable, and you can have fun in the process. It’s time to bring joy and fun back into health.

Rather than being focused on what you should or shouldn’t be doing – leading to feelings of failure – what if you focused on what would make you feel good long term? Using your desire to avoid pain and focusing on long-term health and feeling good rather than getting consumed in instant gratification.

As a seven, I want you to find joy in your relationship with food. Eating well is about balance knowing you can enjoy good foods you love and nourishing foods you need as a part of a healthy life. Health isn’t about restriction but about feeling good. Find space to focus on what makes you feel good, not the momentary goodness that leaves you feeling worse later but the nourishing, wholesome good your body craves.

To see that health isn’t something you have to restrict to get but something that can help you live more satisfied. A place that allows you to do more of what you love. Living for how you want to feel long-term, not simply masking the pain of the present.

5 Practical Health Tips for Enneagram Seven

A healthy seven has an infectious energy. You are one of the most energetic enneagram types. However, this can easily be masked under stress as you use energy to overcome your temporary pain. But in health, you develop a healthy respect for pain, knowing it’s the secret to experiencing more joy.

The goal with a seven is to slow down and live in the moment, reconnecting with the big vision. Here are some healthy, nourishing rhythms of living disciplined while prioritizing fun.

1. Use Your Gift of Visualization

Sevens are visionaries. You love to think up ways to bring more adventure and pleasure to the world. What if you used this gift to visualize what a healthy ‘you’ would look like? Use this vision to motivate you to act daily, creating health, not waiting for it.

Instead of falling into the big-boxed idea of health, determine a vision based on action to produce the feelings you want to achieve. Instead of focusing on the scale or giving up an entire macronutrient group, focus on feeling confident, strong, and energized. Add an action that produces those things to your vision. Focus on the good, not the hard.

2. Sit In Stillness

Boredom is a scary place for sevens. For most of your life, you’ve learned to distract yourself from boredom with food, anxiety, or other pain-avoiding practices. But the only way to stop fearing pain is to sit with it. To learn, it doesn’t have to win. You have all the tools you need to get through it and even grow through it.

It’s time to use what you fear to become stronger. One great way to do this is to sit with yourself in silence. Find daily practices of solitude, whether through exercise, walking in nature, or sitting alone in a journal. Your path to healing starts with solitude.

3. Stop Multitasking

Distraction is the name of the game for sevens. While you have a lot of great ideas, follow-through is not your strength. One way to reach your goals and live more disciplined with less pain is to focus on one thing at a time. Stop multitasking and commit to finishing something before beginning something else.

4. Move Your Body

Sevens are full of energy. You are considered one of the high-energy types. But unused energy can bind up, leading to unnecessary anxiety, worry, and even anger. Emotions that keep you stuck rather than push you forward.

Moving your body can ensure you maintain balanced energy. It doesn’t have to be intense or push you to places of pain. If you hate it, you probably shouldn’t do it. But that doesn’t mean avoiding all movement. Find something you do enjoy and commit to sticking with it. You probably won’t want to get up and move, but shift your mind from the temporary feeling to the long-term benefit.

Focus on how you’ll feel when you finish.

5. Avoid Stimulants

Addiction is a prevalent problem with sevens. You love to mask your pain or avoid it in foods and substances that boost your feel-good neurotransmitters while failing to understand how you can increase this without stimulation.

Get away from your reliance on stimulants, even if that means you get sober temporarily as you learn how to sit with your pain—moving you to a place where you can enjoy stimulants without needing them.

Bonus Tip: Do More Planning

You love having a good time and live full of creative ideas. Two strengths that can lead to weakness when you overschedule your life. Even with your outgoing nature, you need space to keep up with your life and nourish your soul. You need a place to set boundaries, make lists and keep yourself on track so you don’t become overwhelmed. 

The Nourished Planner is a place of structure, flexibility, and a home to map your weeks, schedule downtime, plan meals, and make time for those activities you love.

You can’t do it all, but you can plan what’s most important. Let the pages of the Nourished Planner guide you to do just that. Get your Nourished Planner here.

Want More Enneagram Seven Tips?

Enneagram sevens, you have so much to offer and enough energy to get healthy. Plus, you bring an infectious, beautiful light and joy to the world we all need. But to be at your best, you must learn how to fill yourself. Use the ultimate enneagram guide to implement healthy practices and change your perspective, making health something you desire rather than dread.

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    The tips are practical and empowering, encouraging individuals to embrace a healthier lifestyle while honoring their unique traits. This article stands out as a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their well-being through the lens of the Enneagram Seven personality. Kudos to the author for delivering such a positive and insightful guide!

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