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Enneagram Nine Health Tips – The Ultimate Guide

Want to get healthier as an enneagram nine? Let your enneagram number be your guide. Inside, I share the enneagram nine health tips that include an ultimate guide on how to get healthy based on your enneagram strengths and weaknesses.

Want to be healthy as an enneagram nine? Inside I teach you how to use your type for health, along with practical steps to make it happen.

How To Use The Enneagram To Get Healthy

It’s no surprise that everyone ticks a little differently, making health more than just a one-size-fits-all approach. What motivates, scares, and pushes you is very different yet critical in understanding what it will take to help you change. You can not expect what works for someone else will work the same for you because you’re not the same.

First and foremost, for a nine, you must see yourself as valuable and worthy of health. Even during the chaos of life, you can take time to fill yourself up. The goal for you is to stop seeing health as another hurdle or thing you have to do but let health be who you are and supply the energy to live.

You have everything you need to live healthily. It’s not outside of you but in you. When you understand how you work, you can make practical and unique changes to help you live fully, even ending the overwhelm and belief that you are broken. Let this information remind you every human life is worth the same, including yours.

Today, we’re diving deeply into enneagram nines, breaking you free of the mindset trap that leaves you avoiding your emotions and tune back into your body. If you’re an enneagram nine or know one, this could be powerful information in helping you achieve health and live a more fulfilling life.

If you don’t know your enneagram type, take this quiz to find out.

Enneagram Type Nine

Nine’s, you bring light and comfort to the world that people rely on. While you see turmoil and the daily stress of keeping the peace, you give enormous positivity to everyone you encounter.

You are genuinely receptive, accepting, and emotionally stable. So much so that you often suppress your feelings, lacking body awareness and opting instead to fight for peace. While we love this about you, you need to stop ignoring yourself for other people.

You are worthy of love.

The trap you often fall for is giving so much to other people you have nothing left to give back to yourself. But I want you to remember that the only way you can fill someone up is first to fill yourself. To come to health, not as another exhausting task that you don’t enjoy, but to find comfort and life inside of it.

Today, I want you to switch your focus from making right what is wrong to loving yourself like you love everyone else. To believe that you are worth taking care of, spending time and money on, and in this, you can not just fill yourself, but you can use it to fill everyone else around you.

Let me show you how to care for yourself, so you have more to give inside this free guide. You’ll get 10+ pages of health tips for enneagram type nines. Don’t let this be overwhelming or scary, but know it’s coming from a place that allows you to establish small but powerful shifts. In the process, so much can change. Get the guide to learn more.

Enneagram Nine Health Tips

Want to be healthy as an enneagram nine? Inside I teach you how to use your type for health, along with practical steps to make it happen.

Nines, you are the peacemakers and mediators. You crave harmony, comfort, and peace so much you take it upon yourself to hold onto emotions, carrying what other people refuse to. You focus so much on loving other people and caring for them that you forget you have needs. 

Nines, you are often out of touch with yourself and are so exhausted you don’t care to know. But deep down, you want health. Not necessarily to look good but to feel good – looking good is just a perk. 

Unfortunately, the world has convinced you that the only way to do this is a massive expenditure of energy you don’t have. Setting you up to believe your biggest lie; that it’s not worth the energy for something you don’t believe you can achieve.

Underneath the surface, you believe the lie that there is something inherently wrong with you. The only way to fix that is to fix other people. But it’s time to take the focus off them and turn it back on yourself. Giving yourself the same thing you see in other people – love, health, and comfort.

Remind yourself you do not need to be fixed. Health is how you fill yourself.

Today, I want you to switch your focus from making right what is wrong to loving yourself like you love everyone else. To believe that you are worth taking care of, spending time and money on, and in this, you can not just fill yourself, but you can also fill up everyone you love. 

Enneagram Nine Health Strengths

Nines are deeply rooted in comfort, stability, and harmony. Instead of fearing health will take your energy, focus on what will provide more. Focus on using your strengths to create energy. In the process, health will no longer be another exhausting thing you do but who you are.

  • Ability to maintain perspective
  • Adaptable & flexible
  • Open-minded
  • Calm
  • Balanced
  • Routine oriented
  • Consistent
  • Loving & kind
  • Stable
Want to be healthy as an enneagram nine? Inside I teach you how to use your type for health, along with practical steps to make it happen.

Enneagram Nine Health Struggles

Nines, you reside in the gut-triad. You easily dismiss your emotions and desires for what you feel is right and what will make others happy. You submit to the will of others, leaving little room for yourself. In the process, health becomes overwhelming, leaving you to neglect it for your more significant desire, inner peace.

You expend all your energy helping others and carrying the stress and weight of keeping life harmonious. But you fail to recognize while this may be keeping external peace, it is causing internal turmoil.

As a nine, you naturally tend toward going with what others want. This adaptability is a strength, but as you can imagine, it can also be a hindrance. Stop focusing on what you should and shouldn’t be doing and focus on the beauty of your body.

Healthy eating is less about what you shouldn’t eat and more about getting enough good stuff to fuel your body. What you do consistently is more important than perfecting anything. Health is in the small, everyday shifts that start by recognizing your body’s needs.

Stop making food promises this month. Instead, focus on having healthy food on hand. Recognize that you can eat well and be spontaneous at the same time. Listen to your body and provide something you want. You are worth health.

5 Practical Health Tips for Enneagram Nine

Suppression of emotions is a common trait for an enneagram nine. It’s not because you fear emotions but because you desire peace and harmony. Nines, you live in the middle ground where you believe everyone can be happy. But in the process of making everyone happy, you suppress your own needs.

A healthy nine has learned how to deal with big emotions without taking them on as their own. Use these self-care tips to start caring for yourself as you care for everyone else.

1. Learn About Yourself

As a nine, you appear to be a chameleon. Acting similar to everyone but rarely living true to you. In a sense, you’ve lost yourself in others, distracting from the work that you need to do within yourself. It’s time to learn about yourself and do the work.

Sign up for therapy or commit to daily journaling to learn more about who you are, what you need, and what you like. It may feel selfish on the surface, but when there is more of you to give, everyone wins. The most selfish thing is exhausting yourself to the place you can no longer function. Caring for yourself is the opposite of selfish. It’s selfless.

2. Enlist A Friend

Nines tend to morph into whoever or whatever they spend their time with. You know how to please people so much that they often don’t recognize your sacrifice. Yet relationships are important in healing, perhaps the most important.

In the past, they may have been exhausting. Go into relationships based on what you need just as much as others and create healthy space in your relationships. Try starting a book club, find a walking buddy, or enlist help in eating healthy. The more accountability and joy you can bring to health, the more likely you will stick with it.

3. Eat Nourishing Comforts

Food is a comfort to nearly all enneagram nines. Food is emotionless, but the act of eating is not. Separating the two can be beneficial in learning how to shift your view of food. Avoid tying love to food. If you do, you will return to it when you feel lonely and overwhelmed. Instead of eating for emotions, eat for nourishment.

When looking for nourishment or comfort, find other practices to fill this longing. It will be more satisfying and energizing anyways. Take a bath, pray, call a friend, or take a nap. Do something outside of eating how you feel.

4. Practice Saying No

Disappointing others never feels good, but you must stop neglecting your needs to keep everyone else happy. You owe it to yourself to value your time and energy as much as anyone else’s.

If it’s hard to say no, start with, “let me get back to you tomorrow.” Push it off until you can say no. Boundaries are one of the most critical elements in living healthy. They are loving to you and everyone around you.

5. Avoid Overscheduling

It’s easy for a nine to want to fill everyone up and attend to every need of their loved ones. But make sure you have necessary and defined boundaries in place. Don’t allow yourself to say yes to everything. Go back and under-schedule your life, creating priorities linked to your own healing. Prioritize times of solitude, and rest. Pay attention to what your body needs and stay true to providing that.

Bonus Tip: Do More Planning

You go where you are needed, and you give everything you have. Over time, this leads you to disconnect from what you need—diminishing your time and values for the sake of someone else. The best way to heal this is to establish boundaries. Prioritizing what’s important and filling to you, knowing you’ll always meet a need where there is one. 

The Nourished Planner is a place to set boundaries and establish what you need. Guiding you to map your weeks, schedule downtime, plan meals, and even those activities that fill your tank.

You can’t do it all, but you can plan what’s most important. Let the pages of the Nourished Planner guide you to do just that. Get your Nourished Planner here.

Want More Enneagram Nine Tips?

Enneagram nines, you have so much to offer, and you are just as valuable as everyone else. You are worthy of health. It’s time to learn how to live that out, letting health be the creation of energy, not the expenditure of it.

Use this comprehensive health guide to build a healthy life, providing you the energy to help others without giving everything away.

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