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Expert Advice: How To Heal From Sexual Trauma

\Learn from an expert therapist on healing from sexual trauma and open back up to develop a healthy sexual wellness practice.

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Healing from Sexual Trauma

Sexual trauma is an overwhelming problem many people are dealing with. No matter how little or large it may be, it can create a negative relationship with sex and others that lasts a lifetime. It seems to penetrate the deepest places of our core, changing one’s identity. But what has been done to you or through you does not have to continue to be your story or dictate your life.

Inside this podcast, I interview relationship expert and therapist Laura Pelechek on what it takes to heal from sexual trauma and live a healthy, fulfilling life both personally and relationally. It’s a ground-breaking episode that has the power to create steps in your life to begin the healing process.

Episode Highlights Healing From Sexual Trauma

  • Why sexual trauma happens so easily
  • How we are influenced by sexual trauma
  • The effect of porn on your marriage and future relationships
  • How your younger self affects your life today
  • The benefits of true intimacy
  • How to heal from past trauma
  • The importance of rebuilding trust in a relationship
  • What healthy and secure attachment looks like
  • How to help others heal from their own trauma
  • How to best love your spouse
  • What to do if your spouse has a porn addiction?
  • How to regain an attraction to your spouse

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