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The Science of Pleasure: How To Use It To Change

Pleasure comes in a lot of forms, some positive and some negative. But if used in a nourishing way, pleasure is one of the best catalysts to change. Learn the science of pleasure and how to use it to change.

How To Use Pleasure To Change

You won’t follow through with anything if you don’t enjoy it. Not because you need better willpower but because your brain was hardwired to crave pleasure and participate in it. In fact, pleasure is a survival response of the body. What you find pleasure in, you continue. That’s why eating, connections, sex, and even work can be so pleasurable.

Anything that keeps you or the human species alive contains a sense of pleasure. Of course, not all pleasure is created equal. But if healthy pleasure is fostered, it is the catalyst for change.

This podcast talks about what pleasure does to your brain and the difference between superficial and artificial pleasure and natural. I also share how to create change, either away form unhealthy pleasure that could lead to addiction and into using pleasure to foster healthy change.

Episode Highlights The Science of Pleasure

  • What is pleasure?
  • Why your body biologically needs pleasure.
  • The difference between happiness and pleasure.
  • Common myths about pleasure.
  • Pleasure is not always good – the difference between positive and negative pleasure.
  • The connection between pleasure and your energy levels.
  • Super-normal stimuli and the link between this type of pleasure and anxiety.
  • How your brain hijacks free-will for the sake of a dopamine hit.
  • The chemical reaction of pleasure inside your brain.
  • The pleasure of anticipation – the difference between desire and like.
  • The drive for addiction
  • How to use pleasure to create a healthy life.
  • Healing from pleasure-trauma.
  • Embrace your role and lean into pleasure – life was made to be enjoyed.

Learn More About Pleasure + Sexual Wellness

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