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How To Feel More Energized – And Stop Storing Body Fat

How To Feel More Energized - And Stop Storing Body Fat | #podcast #nutrition #nutritionist #energy #exhausted #healthy #easy #weightloss #lifestyle #livingwell #thelivingwell

Looking to feel more energized? Inside this podcast, I share the secrets you need to feel more energized and stop storing body fat. Take this quiz to pinpoint where your energy level currently is and how to get an energy fix.

If you’re feeling exhausted, you’re not alone. We can look at Starbucks stock and recognize this world lives on caffeine, and if you’re not tired, are you even human?

I get it. I remember the days of owning a gym and teaching the 5:00 am class with a toddler and a newborn. After waking up numerous times a night to feed the baby and a few times to put the toddler back to bed, it felt like I was a walking zombie for years.

I look back and wonder if that was even safe? And I certainly know it wasn’t healthy. But sleep deprivation was my life state. And the only way I could figure out how to survive was caffeine, food, and sleep whenever I could get a moment of shutting my eyes.

The truth was, everything in life felt out of control, from home life to my eating patterns and my mood. The exhaustion was real, and I thought I just needed to die to the reality that this was my new normal.

But I didn’t want to live that way. 

Luckily, I found the answer to exhaustion wasn’t another complex system but simplicity. It was more straightforward than tracking foods and more life-giving than being defeated by the number on the scale. Health is not as simple as a calculation. While it may seem like the easy answer, it doesn’t seem to work that way.

Health is simply a movement of energy.

Don’t stop reading. I know energy can feel a bit woo-woo, but let me explain because this is important.

It starts by understanding the first law of thermodynamics, which states that energy is constant. It can neither be created nor destroyed, and it is the very capacity to perform work.

And if I paraphrase all of that – energy is the basis for health.

How much energy you have flowing through your body determines how healthy you are and how energized you feel.

We’re looking for balanced energy.

Excessive, deficient, or obstructed energy are all paths to diseases, weight gain, exhaustion, and emotional despair.

But the beauty in this is energy is always available inside your body. It’s there for the taking. And it’s not that difficult to achieve, but it takes opening up your energy flow, channeling it in the direction of health.

What is your body doing with energy?

Think of energy like water running through a hose. If the hose is perfectly straight, the water flows right through. But anytime it has to twist or turn or, worse, gets a kink, it changes the water pressure based on how much resistance the water encounters.

The same thing happens inside our bodies. Your energy flow is determined based on how the energy is channeled. 

While some of the energy flow is out of our control – we have much more power over our energy levels than most believe. The most distinguishing factors of energy stem from our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes.

Our emotions determine our energy flow, which dictates our actions and behavior. As we know, that behavior drives results.

I like to think of it based on the body’s nervous system response, classified as the parasympathetic or sympathetic mode.

Parasympathetic is your rest and digest phase. Basically, your body is channeling energy in a very balanced way without much concern for kinking the hose.

It’s not to say that sympathetic mode or the stress response is bad, but long term, it can cause your hose to wear out and give out altogether, leading to a build-up of energy or stuck energy that leads to weight gain and disease.

Balanced energy is the ticket, and it’s not that hard to achieve.

How To Achieve Balanced energy?

If we go back to parasympathetic versus sympathetic mode, I like to look at it this way. The parasympathetic mode is that healing state where you’re feeling good and sleeping well. 

You’re open, energized, and healthy.

The sympathetic mode is more of a conservation state or what I like to think of hoard, store and conserve. Here your body feels threatened by a lack of energy, which leads it to preserve what energy it does have and eventually store it.

The best way to store energy is body fat – which doesn’t come from calories alone. Our emotional health determines how much body fat our body builds.

So you can see the answer to most health issues boils down to energy flow and opening up that flow of energy, allowing it to flow in the direction of health. 

The Secret To Getting Healthy.

The secret to getting healthy is supporting your body’s energy level.

Pay attention to how much you have and then understand what it needs to be supported. Here are a few easy ways to help your energy flow:

First, you have to understand where your energy is at. Do you feel like you have a build-up of energy making you jittery and yet exhausted? Or do you feel like you’re a walking zombie? 

Take this quiz to get your energy level measured. 

Excessive energy often leads to anxiety, anger, overwhelm, jittery, ADHD, and the inability to feel well because you feel like you might explode.

As the body is working to bring you back into balance, it needs to release this excess energy. Here are a few ways you can do that:

  1. Deep breathing helps release stored energy
  2. Journaling or talking it out (venting)
  3. Moving your body or doing something physical
  4. Laughing or crying – or any emotional release
  5. Learn how to let go of things that tend to build-up

Deficient energy is when your body has channeled that energy in an unhealthy direction, making it appear like you don’t have enough. This is the most common cause of excess weight gain – when your body works to conserve what it’s afraid it doesn’t have.

10 Ways To Fill Yourself With Energy

But there are a lot of ways to fill yourself with energy. Here are a few:

  1. Get 10-minutes of sunlight
  2. Take a hot bath
  3. Drink a smoothie or eat a good meal
  4. Take a nap or go to bed early
  5. Take a walk
  6. Read a good book
  7. Fill up spiritually
  8. Turn on your playlist and belt it out
  9. Take your supplements
  10. Drink some water

10 Ways to Mobilize Stuck Energy

When you feel like that energy is stuck and stagnant, the best way to move it is to move you:

  1. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning
  2. Foam roll your body or get a massage
  3. Talk to a counselor to get rid of stored emotions
  4. Do a workout
  5. Get a massage or sit in a sauna
  6. Try dry brushing or taking a detox bath
  7. Get rid of the stuff that makes you stuck
  8. Take a vacation or stay-cation to de-stress
  9. Learn to let things go
  10. Deep breathing

Pay attention to your energy levels.

When your body feels lacking, do something to provide for it and stop doing things that take your energy – or at least note when you need to balance them out with something good.

Energy is the answer, and building your health on your energy level is the key to lasting health. 

When you learn it once, you have it forever.

Don’t forget to listen to this podcast to learn about energy and how you can feel energized right now!

Click here to learn how to create a health plan founded on energy that works for you! I promise it’s so much easier than the deprivation, restriction mindset we believe health has to be!

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