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How You Heal: The Human Energy Field

human energy field
Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash

One of the leading problems in the health space, really in life, is how we segment everything into specific parts or systems. We separate our work life from our home life and health from our spiritual life. Even within the body, you have endless systems you work to fix. This separation of the parts of your life is preventing you from healing.

Healing requires you to understand no matter how unique each is, they are all connected. In the process, we overcomplicate health by segmenting it into parts rather than seeing the theme running through the whole.

That theme is energy.

When I was sick, I just wanted to feel better. I wanted to feel light, vibrant, and healthy. I wanted to feel energized. But instead of keeping it simple, by supporting my energy, I dove deep into the complexities. I had a hormonal problem and several diseases. All of which felt overwhelming and all-consuming, leaving me unable to see the whole picture and the rest of me.

I didn’t see that my emotional baggage was weighing me down, both figuratively and literally, changing how my body responded. And I certainly didn’t understand how my thoughts created my need to keep body fat around.

I failed to understand that while my mind, body, and soul may be different, they are all connected. And it’s this connection that changes the outcome.

Meaning it’s not just about how you eat or what you do to change your body. But it’s understanding how those changes are equally affecting your mind and soul but even more how your whole is interacting and relating to others, your environment, and the world around you.

They may be separate, but they’re connected. Healing isn’t just personal, it’s communal, and the connecting link is energy and healing your energy field.

Inside the podcast, we talk about this intimate connection within the energy movement of your mind, body, and soul and how that radiates out of you to create your energy field.

What is the Human Energy Field

Energy is in everything and flowing out of everything. As quantum physics states, before matter, there is energy. The frequency or vibration of energy determines what type of matter. Your body also has a specific energy frequency.

You have energy inside your body as well as outside that surrounds you. This external energy, known as your aura, is your energy field.

The purpose of your energy field is to interact with all other energy (some consider your energy field the sixth sense) and radiate light. Your energy field is reacting to and interacting with all other life energies. That includes the earth, other people, your workplace, and your internal world.

Like all things in life, the goal of the body is to achieve a state of balance, and energy is one of the main metrics it uses to reach this balance. A great example of the movement of energy is the transfer of weather patterns from a high-pressure to a low-pressure pattern. The shift happens to achieve balance. And this shift can be felt.

The same happens inside your body. The goal is to create a harmony of healing that expands your energy field, producing more light that you can spill into the world.

human energy field

Not surprisingly, the shape and color of your energy field change how you feel. Technology shows us that the color, shape, and size vary depending on your physical and psychological state of health.

A state of stress causes your energy field to shrink and become distorted. It appears hollow. Under positive emotion, the area becomes more vibrant and whole. Long before disease manifests in the physical, it shows in the energy field. Healthifying your energy field means healing your whole.

A change in the energy field happens before change happens in the physical body.

Healing Your Energy Field

Healing requires a healthy flow of energy. It’s energy that changes the function of every cell inside your body for good or bad. Even scientific evidence confirms “all disease is lowering of one’s energy.”

When we live in states of toxic stress, worry, fear, and a whole range of negative emotions, we influence our physiological and psycho-emotional states, causing our energetic field to shrink. But we expand our energetic field in elevated states of emotions such as love, gratitude, compassion, and a feeling of wholeness.

Of course, everything reacts and interacts with your energy positively or negatively. This makes recognizing health for more than just your body, mind, and soul critical. Especially considering your emotions account for over 80% of your total energy.

Your emotions are the most influential component of your energy field.

I don’t want that to discount everything else you do, from what you eat, put on your skin, ingest, and even how you move. But it comes back to recognizing it’s not just about what you do but how your body responds to what you do. How your body responds is based on safety or the threshold of energy.

Energy is emotional more than it’s physical.

If you want to heal, you have to feel. In the process of feeling, you can learn how to change how you feel to boost your energy load.

The energy of emotion

Arguably everything you do in life is emotional, and this emotion, for good or bad, creates the outcome of your life. It also determines the threshold of safety based on the specific frequency of emotions.

The different frequencies of emotion interact with your internal frequency changing the harmony and light you project. As mentioned earlier, in stress, fear, and negativity, that frequency and, subsequently, energy decreases, decreasing the available free energy you have to live.

In the podcast, I used the analogy of a stream. The water is your flow of energy. It is always there and always present, even when you don’t feel it. You don’t feel it because that flow of water has been blocked, like a beaver damn. It prevents the movement needed to create the flow.

The same is true about your energy. You have the energy you need. Problems exist when the flow gets blocked by stones thrown in your stream, slowing or blocking the flow. These stones include negative emotions, excess chemicals, and bad relationships. Anything negative in nature becomes a stone that slows your flow.

Think of your energy field as a barrier protecting the stream. The smaller the energy field is, the closer the negative emotions can get to the stream, allowing life to throw rocks in your stream and hit every time. But if you push yourself back, further and further, broaden and strengthen that energy field, life can throw stones, but they’ll rarely stick.

That is the goal. To healthify your energy field by moving you into a higher frequency through emotional IQ.

Hawkins’ Scale of Energy

As technology has been produced to measure energy, research has been able to quantify emotions into specific frequencies.

Dr. David R. Hawkins created a scale showcasing the frequency of emotions and how that relates to the healing frequency of the body.

emotional energy scale human energy field

This scale is based on 1-1000, with the lower states indicating values of shame, guilt, apathy, fear, anger, and pride. Moving up the scale, you hit the neutral and healing states that include courage, acceptance, reason, love, ecstasy, peace, and enlightenment.

These “higher” energy fields are a carrier wave of immense life and energy.

Dr. Hawkins estimated on the scale that 200-300 is necessary for healing. Anything above that increases exponentially the amount of energy and rate of healing. Anything below that decreases the energetic load on the body, allowing disease and illness to develop and expand.

Self-Awareness Is Your Greatest Tool

Self-awareness is your greatest tool in healing because you can’t change what you don’t understand. When you can feel your energy shift, you can do something to rebalance or regulate it.

Most practices that shift your energy also shift your emotion into higher frequency states. Ironically, most of these are spiritual practices. Here are ten ways to broaden your energy field.

  1. Prayer and Meditation
  2. Worship
  3. Singing and Dancing
  4. Adoration and Thanksgiving
  5. Times of Rest and Solitude
  6. Community and Connection
  7. Acts of Kindness and Giving
  8. Physical Connection
  9. Living Filled By God and Experiencing Hope
  10. Deep Breathing and Fasting

This isn’t another to-do list. But like all things in health, the goal is not to fix but to harmonize or create balance. In the process, you will emit more light.

Pick one or two things you can do daily to boost your energy. Naturally, this will lead to more discipline and motivation for more energy-filling behavior. Most of all, remember your motive or your heart is a critical driving force in the emotion, changing what your body does with what you engage with or provide.


How You Heal is an 8-part podcast series devoted to understanding and healing the mind-body connection to create wholeness in your life. Continue following along and listening to the remaining five podcasts, creating a new understanding and implementing healing practices.

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