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The Reason You Can’t Get Healthy

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If you’re struggling to get healthy, you’re not alone.

Health has been a hard thing to come by. It feels like all of the stars in the universe need to align at the perfect time and in the perfect environment for you to get close to living healthy.

It feels like a long lost dream.

But I’ve questioned, is this the purpose of health? Or have we made it more difficult than it needs to be? Are we missing health in the laundry list of tasks and foods it takes to get healthy?

I believe we are.
In fact, I don’t just believe it; I know it.

Inside this podcast, I tell you why you can’t get healthy – why the world can’t get healthy and how to fix it.

The reality is, health has been relatively undefined in the health space. And if no one has defined it, how do we know what we’re chasing? It’s like a dog at the racetrack, chasing the bunny on the stick. No matter how fast they run or how long they chase, they can never reach it.

But when you put a vision and a definition of what it means to be healthy, you can start to put in the work it takes to get there.

Health is not something you have to wait to achieve. It’s how you live.

Inside this podcast, I tell you what it means to be healthy and how to live it out.

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