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5 Easy Ways To Stay Hydrated Without Drinking More Water

Water isn’t the only way to get hydrated. In fact, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Learn five ways to stay hydrated without drinking more water here.

Hydration is essential, with water being a crucial element of survival. But hydration isn’t only about calculating fluid consumption. It’s about hydration, which comes in more forms than drinking more water.

Yes, fluids matter but taking in too much water without your body using that water can be just as damaging as not enough.

If you’ve ever experienced that sloshing feeling in your stomach, you’ve felt the power of taking in water without your body using that water. It’s odd, bizarre, and somewhat annoying.

The key to staying hydrated is supporting your body to use the fluids you consume.

Here are five ways to enhance hydration that ironically don’t involve drinking more water.

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1. Focus on fruits and vegetables.

Water from food is one of the most hydration substances to our body. To properly utilize water, your body needs electrolytes to get it into cells. With whole foods like fruits and vegetables, you get the complete package. Fruits and vegetables can provide over a quarter of the water you need in a day (1).

Aim to eat at least one fruit or vegetable at every meal. More is ideal!

2. Keep your skin moisturized.

Skin health is a critical element in the immune response of our body. While under normal conditions, you lose an estimated 300-400 ml of fluid through your skin a day. The thought is that dry skin can increase this. Whether the research holds true, moisturizing your skin can enhance your immune response and keep your body in balance.

Steer clear of products and cleansers that dry your skin out and apply a natural lotion to maintain moisture, especially during the dry winter months.

*This is one of my favorite all-over natural body lotions on a budget. 

3. Move your body.

Moving your body changes what our body does with the fluid. It is a critical element in mobilizing the fluids throughout your body, opening up the channels that allow movement in and out of your cells. You can feel this too.

Think about how your body feels when it’s cold. It’s stiff and feels more rigid. But once you get moving and your body warms up, you become like a well-oiled machine. Well, most of the time. That’s because movement opens up transportation and enhances flow — which enhances hydration.

4. Incorporate foam rolling.

This one is similar to moving your body. But occasionally, even when you move your body, you still have stuck or sticky tissue. Sticky tissue is from bound up fascia, the body’s main structural component. When fascia is bound up, say in scar tissue or a muscle knot, fluids and substances have a more challenging time moving and become congested.

Even when you have plenty of nourishment, if it can’t get to the right home, it can’t be used.

Foam rolling and even stretching can help loosen up the stuck tissue creating flow. Remember, hydration is about flow. Try out foam rolling. If nothing else, make stretching a part of your daily routine.

5. Don’t skimp on electrolytes.

I’m not just talking about electrolyte heavy drinks, but clearly, there is a reason they are so popular. Because electrolytes matter in hydration, they are the very vehicle that allows fluid in and out of the cells to create the proper balance for health.

Eating enough fruits and vegetables is often enough to supply those electrolytes, but our mineral condition is deteriorating in our food supply. If you never feel hydrated, you may want to look into additional supplements like magnesium to enhance your electrolyte functioning.

QUICK TIP: You can also try the simple trick of adding a pinch of sea salt to your beverages before drinking. This alone can make them more hydrating rather than just filling.

Don’t forget to drink water

You knew this already and probably didn’t need the reminder. Water is crucial, but incorporating these practices is just as important.

Take Action

The most hydrating times of the day include:

  1. After a workout.
  2. First thing in the morning – even before that morning cup of coffee.

Try it out by adding a lukewarm glass of water first thing in the morning. Don’t guzzle it but add it in and feel it coursing through your body. That is hydration. 

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