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How To Eat Carbohydrates – A Nutritionist Approach

how to eat carbs on a table with plates of food

Everything you need to know about how to eat carbohydrates. Inside this podcast, learn what types of carbs you should be eating, how many, and at what times. It sounds complicated, but we’re making the carb conversation simple on this controversial topic of how to eat carbohydrates. 

The current day solution to our health problems has been focusing on external problems and then will yourself into eliminating them. We’ve watched it work over and over in the health space. Eliminating entire food groups in the name of health but for quick weight loss. Of course, it works in the short term, but long-term eliminating entire macronutrient groups like carbohydrates has lasting consequences.

Learn more about the dos and don’ts of carb consumption here.

A long-term study that took a deep dive into the eating habits of more than 447,000 people around the globe found cutting carbs from your life, like on keto, might help you lose weight or feel great in the short term, but with long-term consequences. Researchers followed up with these participants 25 years after the initial study, published in The Lancet Public Health, and found that those who ate the lowest amount of carbohydrates had the highest risk of death.

But I know the arguments still exist. The questions still loom. And the appeal of quick weight loss still lingers. The truth is, food elimination is not our problem. The problem has never been about external situations or things that we encounter, but why are our bodies so sensitive to what we consume?

And why do we overconsume them or crave the wrong ones? These are questions we should be asking. Understanding why your body is reacting this way, not what foods are good foods or bad foods. Of course, getting here takes time. But seeing food for what it does inside your body rather than what it contains is transformational in your health.

The short answer is, eat carbohydrates. Not too many, not too little, and in the right form. Listen to this podcast where I tell you how to eat carbohydrates. Walking you through carbohydrate cycling, fasting, how many is too many, and all of the details in between.

How To Eat Carbohydrates

There is no magic formula on how many carbohydrates you should be eating, but rather that you should be eating them. Unfortunately, health has created mass confusion leaving you to feel out of control when you don’t have something to calculate. But this is not the intended design of the body.

The goal of life was never to reach a state of health but to use health to reach your goals.

Changing your perspective on carbohydrates is the first step, understanding that your body is for you. And carbs are essential to the health of your body. But when it comes to how many, what times, and what types, here are a few helpful hints to give you peace of mind while enjoying all of the carbs.

Tip One: Eat carbohydrates with meals not snacks

Carbohydrates are satisfying to your palate in taste and texture. But carbohydrates are not filling. Unlike the other two macronutrient groups, fat and protein, carbohydrates are quickly digested and absorbed. The quicker this process happens, the higher your sugar spikes and the more of a stress response your body goes through. To eliminate this quick spike, slow down the release of blood sugar and give your body time and space to use the energy, eat carbohydrates with meals, not a snack.

Yes, an apple is healthy, but an apple outside of a meal is not satisfying alone. Try adding nut butter, a handful of seeds or a slice of cheese to go with your apple. Think meals more than snacking all day long.

Tip Two: Eat More As The Day Progresses

When you eat is just as significant as what you eat. Because when you eat changes how your body digests what you eat, changing what your body does with it. Your digestive system and metabolism are working at their fastest and most efficient pace as the sun rises.

This is due to the circadian rhythm of your body and gut bacteria.

Meaning, your body is going to digest and metabolize foods better earlier in the day. As the sun starts to set, you should eat less. Especially less of the hard-to-digest foods. Given carbohydrates are quickly and easily digested, they are more beneficial later in the day. Saving the earlier hours for the hard-to-digest foods like protein and fat.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat carbohydrates for breakfast and lunch. You should. But don’t overeat them. Add more carbohydrates to your day as the day progresses.

Tip Three: Choose High Fiber Carbohydrates

You know the drill. High fiber carbohydrates grown from the earth are the best source of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are more than just the sugar they contain, they are vital for the nutrients they contain. Fiber is one nutrient that feeds your gut microbiome, helping you to create serotonin that leaves you feeling happy and satisfied.

Plus, fiber is a filling substance that slows down the release of simple sugars. When you eat carbs, because you should, choose high fiber carbohydrates in their most natural form. That includes whole fruits and vegetables over juices and whole grains over processed grains.

Tip Four: Add Fat to Your Carbohydrates

Fats not only add flavor and longevity to the food you eat, but they also help your body utilize the essential nutrients inside the carbohydrates. There are two types of nutrients, fat-soluble and water-soluble. Fat-soluble nutrients not only get stored in fat inside the body, but they require fat to be mobilized into the system. This means fat-soluble vitamins and minerals are only as good as the fat you provide to absorb them. Without fat, you might be losing them.

To prevent this and add satiety, add fat to your carbs. Butter your roasted vegetables. Saute your greens in olive oil. Add avocado to your rice bowl or toast and top your oatmeal with almond butter. Just don’t forget the fat. Here are my five go-to healthy fats to keep on hand.

Tip Five: Eat Energizing Carbohydrates

This may seem a little vague. But if you pay attention to your body and how it reacts, you’ll quickly realize what carbs are giving you life and what carbs are making you feel less than lively. Like all food groups, not all foods are created equal. The most valuable thing you can do for your health is learning to pay attention to how your body feels and what it needs. Some days you’ll need more energy from carbs, and other days too many carbs will be stealing your energy.

It’s always and only in awareness, which is a skill that must be learned.

While you learn what your body needs, here are a few tips on the most energizing carbs. Of course, I’ll repeat it a million times, but carbs grown from the earth in their whole form are always the most energizing. Outside of that, eat what’s in season. Lighter carbs in the summertime and heavier starchier carbs as the days get cooler. Steer clear of the processed forms and the quick sugars. These may feel energizing, but it doesn’t last. Stick to foods that give you energy.

Carbs are not the problem, but this is.

To your body, it’s always and only about energy. We have been led to believe that carbohydrates are the problem or that it’s fat. But the truth is, our problem is always an energy problem. We can blame food all day long, but when push comes to shove, what matters more than what you eat and how you move is what your body is doing with the energy you contain. Don’t miss this because if you can understand how energy is flowing inside your body, you can meet all of your goals. What you need is an energy fix.

Take time to learn about health that is already inside of you and how to live that out.
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