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Upgrade Your Wellness Routine This Year With This Tip

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Are you looking to take your health to a new level? Or maybe you’re just looking to gain a sliver of health. Wherever you are starting from, this simple practice will upgrade your wellness routine this year to help you live out of health.

What if things could be different?
What if things could be better?

A new year is here, and while there is nothing strikingly different about December versus January, it certainly feels different. The possibility of a new chapter a fresh start is invigorating and helps you think outside the norm.

This year, I want to do that. To help you think outside the box and get away from the “traditional” health ideas to return to your roots. Helping you invest in something that works for you by seeing yourself inside the equation.

The boxed approach to health and life hasn’t worked. At least not long-term. While I think it’s human nature to desire better, even strive for it, I don’t want you to spend another year looking for better while living outside yourself. The best is when you open up to who you were created to be, not an idea someone told you to be.

This year my dream is to help you live out of the real you, not create a new you. Because the world needs the real you, the passions and desires contained within the soul of who you are.

This year, it’s time to break up with the diet plans, the resolutions, the hard and fast goals, and start to live. I’m not talking about ‘keeping up with the Jones’ kind of living, but living as in learning, growing, adventuring, and unearthing the real you.

We don’t have time not to. And once you taste it, you’ll never go back. Inside this podcast, I share my health revelation that changed everything, and I want to share it with you. If you’re interested in your own health revival, check out this podcast.

Upgrade Your Wellness Routine

The key to upgrade your wellness routine boils down to one significant, powerful, and incredibly simple technique – pay attention to yourself.

Awareness is the answer.

It also happens to be the most non-sexy word that feels insignificant and too simple to work.

Awareness is key because it shifts your focus to understanding how your body reacts to what you’re providing.

I know. You probably want to stop reading since this idea is the opposite of the traditional and very sexy health ideas. You want the new thought on what food to eliminate now. Something hard, something that feels like it might actually create the change you’re looking for.

I get it. It feels too drab, uncool, not what you want. But it is what you need, and it is what I need.

All of those things you think might work or have been told to work. Even healthy ideas like not overthinking health, being active, embracing your passion, speaking kindly matter to your health. The same for what you put in your body – it matters. But they only matter when your body is using them in a positive way, not reacting negatively.

Far too often, we fail to see the body only to complete the “healthy” practice that is doing more harm than good. Take exercise, for example. Moving your body is incredibly valuable, but overexercising is dangerous, causing intense harm to your system, working against your goals instead of for it.

The same with any kind of elimination diet or calorie restriction.

Positive change is only positive if your body responds accordingly. Just because it worked for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Don’t get lost in the external that you fail to understand what your body is working to communicate to you and what it needs. And it is constantly communicating, so pay attention.

Learn How To Become Aware Of Your Body

Telling you to become more aware is like telling you to be happy. I get it. It sounds easy, but it’s not as easy as it seems, especially when you’ve been conditioned to see everything but yourself. In a way, you’ve been conditioned to push through the pain and beat your body into submission. Or, in the case of self-care, relax into submission.

But as I’ll remind you, anything that feels stressful or pushes the body to the extreme, even the healthiest of things, can strain your body.

Plus, your body’s needs are always changing. What might nourish your body in the summer months may do the opposite in the winter, like eating too many freezing cold smoothies and raw salads. It just doesn’t cut it when your body is fighting for warmth.

The best way to understand what is working and what isn’t is to pay attention to your body. It is talking to you. It may come out in annoying symptoms you’re trying to escape. But it’s still communicating through cravings and exhaustion.

The goal is not to beat these out of your body or over caffeinate your sleep away. You can, but it doesn’t work. It just makes you more dependent on substances to keep your body alive.

Better said, this leads to you fighting your body rather than working with it. Creating a body war, we’ll never end.

But if you pay attention to your body, you can start to provide what it needs, ending the fight.

Is your SHMEC in Check?

I’ve put together a list of the top communication channels of the body. To help you recognize that these symptoms you feel may be nothing more than a warning bell telling you your body is out of balance. There is no need to panic but put into practice all of the ways you know how to bring your body back into balance when it feels out of balance.

The best way to understand balance is what Jade Teta calls ‘SHEMC.’ Ask yourself, “Is your SHMEC is in check?”

SHMEC is an acronym for the most common communications pathways.

S = Sleep
H = Hunger
M = Mood
E = Energy
C = Cravings

If any one of these feels out of balance, your body is out of balance. It could be you are tired all of the time even though you’re getting nine hours of sleep. Or maybe you can’t tell when you’re hungry or when you’re full? It could be that your mood has more highs and lows than the world’s largest rollercoaster. 

Pay attention, more than symptoms these are signs. 

The first step to Upgrade Your Wellness Routine.

You may hate when you’re tired or craving all of the things. But rather than hating these things and trying to escape them, what if you listened to them as a cry for balance, not as a battle you have to fight?

What if you started to work with your body this year? To nourish it from the inside out?

I think you’ll find all of the things you’ve fought for years to find. Only this time, instead of looking for the next system, you learn to become aware of the only system powerful enough to create health, energy, vibrancy, and desire, that is, your body.

The best news of all, the health you’ve been chasing down is already inside of you.

You don’t need to find it. You just need to live it. And when you can live out of the health you have, you can finally live.

That is what I want for you this year, to get out and live. And it starts with awareness.

The best first step in awareness is to write SHMEC on a notecard or put it in your phone as a reminder to notice how your body is feeling. If any one of these is out of whack, your body needs help rebalancing itself.

Of course, you could add many other signals to the list, like pain and libido, things we’ll talk about this year. But these are the big players, ones that will help you start to understand your body rather than trying to force an outside idea on an ever-evolving system.

Plus, it’s easy (at least easier) and much more enjoyable.

That’s why I believe the only way to upgrade your wellness routine is through awareness. It will produce more than you know.

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