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7 Monday Tips to Jump Start Your Week

We could all use a little extra oomph when we have a case of the Mondays. Here are seven tips to help jump-start your week.

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Photo by Dani Rendina on Unsplash

It feels against the norm to talk about enjoying Monday. Honestly, the real reason people dread Monday is because they hate to see Sunday go. But if we keep ourselves stuck in the trap of comparing the workweek to the weekend, of course, we’re going to stay stuck dreading Mondays.

This week, I want you to try something new.

Stop comparing Monday to the weekend and put it in a category all of it’s own.

Giving it the label of new beginnings.

The perks about Monday is you tend to have more energy than any other day during the week. You can use that energy and create momentum, making the most of the entire week.

Here are seven nourished tips to jump-starting your.

1. Hold a five-minute planning session

Five minutes is all you need to get a handle on the week. Of course, planning is essential to productivity, giving you the guide map of where to move – take a quick moment every Monday morning to get your life in order.

Make a list of tasks you want to accomplish, important dates, and meetings you need to remember, and then designate those activities to specific days. It doesn’t have to take long or become strict or rigid. Setting a clear direction for the week makes the path strait and narrow.

2. Focus on filling

While you naturally have the most energy of the workweek come Monday morning, that can quickly be squashed with the negative emotions surrounding the fact that the weekend is over. Not to mention, your energy levels are contantly changing based on the seasons and your cycle.

Take an inventory on Monday morning to understand how you’re feeling starting off the week. If you feel more fatigued, plan your routines based on this, working to fill yourself up and saving harder tasks for when you can regain your energy.

The more you work with your energy levels, focusing on doing more of what fills you, the more productive and the happier you will be.

3. Honor your work style

We’re on your side when it comes to your work style. The truth is there is no right or wrong way to work. Sure there may be more effective ways. But regardless of how you work, honor it. Morning or evening, in a quiet room or with the music blaring, create space that makes you groove to your own beat. Owning your story means owning how you work. 

Schedule your life according to your energy meter. Doing hard tasks when you feel most awake and alive and planning the tasks that don’t require as much when you feel like you don’t have the brain power to continue.

4. Schedule margin into your day

Maybe Monday feels hard because you’re so overwhelmed by what needs to get accomplished. While it may not feel like you have enough time in the week, you can’t ignore space use. Or what I call creating margin in your life.  

Even on Monday, when your tasks are stacking up, you hav room for margin. In fact, you don’t have time not to include it. Learn five ways to create margin in your life here. 

5. Get ready for the day

I love comfy clothing, but I also love the confidence that comes from wearing clothes that make me feel good. So if there is any day to bust out that power suit or pop on the new shirt, today is your day. Start your week with fire will give you the momentum to make the most of Monday – allowing that to move into Tuesday and Wednesday.

So get ready for the day, wash off the weekend and move full steam ahead into the work week.

6. Focus on hydration

You may find it easier to stay hydrated during the workweek. When you’re in your “normal” routine with access to a water bottle 24/7. The weekends are a little more lax and it becomes easy to overlook hydration.

If you’re feeling extra sluggish come Monday morning, put an emphasis on hydration. Drinking a lukewarm class of water first thing in the morning and filling up a water bottle to take with you.

7. Live the moments

Life seems to be traveling at the speed of light, and we only remember a tiny fraction of it. Of the 20,000 thoughts that go through our minds, most of us can only remember 10-50 of them. Of those thoughts, 90% of them are declared negative.  

Obviously, human nature is against us. So to fight the good fight and cling to happiness, make memories, even on Monday. Pick one thing to invest yourself in and stay in it fully. Hit up the library to pick a good book, meet up with a friend for a workout at the gym, play board games with your kids. Do something to live in the moment bringing meaning to your day.

Slow down. Enjoy life. Make memories. This is what you’ll remember most. 

Get ahead of your week by planning and preparing for it.

Check out the nourished planner to add balance and organization to your life.

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