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Expert’s Advice To Changing Your Perspective About Sex

Carlie Palmer-Webb The Sex Educator

You can’t change what you don’t know. Learn how to have better sex with this expert advice to change your perspective about sex.

Carlie Palmer-Webb, a sex researcher and educator, joins me on this show to tell us how to change our perspective on sex. Inside this episode, Carlie and I dive into the cultural norm about sex and the dangers this has on healthy sexual intimacy. We also talk about the dangers of purity culture and healing to own our own sexual health and wellness, cultivating intimacy through connections and honest conversation.

Carlie Palmer-Webb is passionate about helping couples ignite passion in a healthy way while experiencing the most pleasure and connection. What I love most about our conversation is the vulnerability of Carlie to share her own story and how she developed a passion for helping other people, like her, who grew up with a tainted view of sex that she refused to let impact her marriage.

In today’s podcast, we talk about sexual desire, the difference between men and women in their desires, orgasms, and myths surrounding orgasms, becoming multi-orgasmic, physical connection, and we even answer the question, how much sex should you be having?

Episode Highlights

  • What we’re misunderstanding about sexual wellness
  • The difference between men’s and women’s desire
  • How to impact your sexual desire
  • The importance of communication around sex in marriage
  • Answers to some typical orgasm myths
  • Factors that contribute to orgasm
  • The importance of physical connection
  • The benefits sex has on your entire life and health
  • The roles of men and women in a healthy sexual relationship
  • How much sex you should be having
  • The impact porn has on your sexual relationship
  • Answers to your questions like purity culture, vibrator use, and more!

Resources From The Show

Learn More About Sexual Wellness

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