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This Simple Mindset Shift Changed My Health

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Health, while relatively undefined, has come with a lot of interpretations. It’s something most people desire, and it’s certainly something that most are willing to invest in both time and energy.

But this idea that health is a destination has me wondering, is that the true definition of what health is supposed to be?

What if the abstract definition that health is a place on a map makes it too concrete to achieve?

I don’t argue there is some level of achieving health. But I wonder if the achievement of health is really what you’re after.

What I believe you’re after is a feeling you’ll get once you reach the destination. Sure the destination may be a great goal, but distinguishing the reason for your pursuit could help you get there more quickly. 

You’re searching for a feeling.

Feelings are the driving force of the human body. In fact, it’s our feelings that create our actions. Making everything we do in a day based on what is is we’re feeling or at the very least, how we want to feel.

But feelings, unlike emotions, are based on our perception. They’re not necessarily factual but created based on past beliefs, stored memories, and experiences.

Given that feelings are a driving force in our life, I wondered, are we looking to achieve health goals not for the actual results but what we believe the results will bring? A feeling that we desire. 

Sure, you want to lose weight, but what if it’s not for the sake of being skinnier? But because you believe that being skinnier will help you be more accepted. To feel energized and loved.

The same goes for making more money. Most likely, you don’t want to make more money so you can buy more things, but there are underlying feelings associated with what you believe more money can bring. 

So if it’s a feeling you’re after, what if you could feel that way before you reach the destination and use that feeling to drive you to the destination?

You don’t have to wait to arrive to feel the way you want to feel.

You can feel it today by taking action that makes you feel that way, regardless of if you’ve arrived.

Let me give you an example.

I used to work to get healthy through a definition of health that came with weight loss. While I tried what felt like everything in the book, I still found myself with little success and hating the very lifestyle I created.

That’s when I learned no one in the history of the world has hated themselves healthy.

But I also started to recognize that while I hated hating my life, what I wanted more than the destination was a feeling.

When I started putting words to the feeling I associated with health, I realized it wasn’t a destination that brought those feelings but an action. 

The things I thought I had to wait for to be achieved could be lived by taking daily action to feel that way.

At my core, I wanted to get healthy, to feel strong. But feeling strong doesn’t come from a specific size or muscle mass percentage. Feeling strong came when I completed my workout. When I accomplished what I didn’t think, I could. Feeling strong came when I moved my body and pushed my brain outside my comfort zone. 

I didn’t have to wait for it, but I could feel those things by living them. Taking action would allow me to feel the way I wanted to feel.

Choose the feeling and act it out.

The same holds true with all of the emotions I wanted to feel.

I learned that I didn’t have to wait, but I could live them today. And it was in the living them that I desired more of it, which led me to the “results” faster than ever.

But the results were just an added bonus because experiencing the feeling made me feel like I had already arrived.

The truth is, the waiting only prolongs our misery. And arriving at a destination you believe will make you feel a certain way leads to temporary feelings.

That’s because feelings don’t last unless you choose them.

The good news is, we’re always in full control of how we feel. You get to decide every day how you want to feel, and you can start to create action to feel the way you want to feel.

Don’t wait for a feeling, but live it and use this feeling to propel you forward.

Inside this podcast, I teach you all of the ways to experience what it is you long to feel. So you can stop waiting, stop looking to arrive, and start living. This one mindset shift changed my health, and I know it will be yours as well. 

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  1. Jess Ludwig says:

    I loved this episode! It really resonated for me. I am a health coach but the one area I have and still struggle with is “happiness”, for several reasons. But I loved your perspective and also the example you shared about the kind of love that you were expecting from your husband. That same mindset heavily put strain on my relationship at one time as well. All of which we thankfully have worked through. =)

    • Alexa Schirm says:

      I’m so glad you loved this episode! It’s one of my favorite topics because it’s made the most difference in my life! Thanks for listening and I hope it changes how you move forward!

  2. Minnie says:

    Thank you for breaking this all down to where its digestible pieces. I get it . It’s big but it’s so simple . Like looking for something that is already in your hand . Thank you !!!!

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