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Your Body’s Not That Sensitive

Your body’s not that sensitive. It can be, but only because it’s been pushed into forms of dysregulation so long it’s turned to survival. Survival means your body will do anything to keep you alive, even if that means it works against what is healthy.

It’s not the intended design. The intended design is to thrive. But when forced, it will revert to survival.

I had to learn this the hard way.

For years, I believed my body was just overly sensitive. It tended to react to everything, from foods to different beauty products and even occasionally the sun. My body felt overwhelmed in all areas. I could find nothing that would settle.

While I knew how sensitive a body could become, it wasn’t my own health that made me confront the question as to why our bodies seemed to become so weak. It was one of my clients.

He was only a child but had taken a few tests out of desperation to realize his body was reacting to everything. Not just environmentally, but nearly every food was causing a chain reaction inside his body. What was supposed to nourish him was slowly killing him.

At a loss for how to feed him, his parents came to me for help.

When I laid eyes on him, I could tell his body was overwhelmed, but I also saw something beneath the rash on his skin and the dark circles under his eyes. He had life in him. He was just so undernourished it couldn’t surface. It left me questioning how to nourish him when he couldn’t consume anything that would sustain him.

Here, I began in-depth research into food sensitivities. I wanted to know why we are experiencing them more frequently than ever before. What I found was alarming and provides a solution to health the health space has repeatedly overlooked.

In this podcast, I highlight why we are becoming more sensitive but also remind you this was not the design. You were not designed in weakness but strength. Your body can heal and thrive amongst several healthy and even unhealthy things. But it can only do that when it has the nourishment and support.

You must change the paradigm and see your body as good to get healthy.

5 Ways To Build Resiliency In Your Body

Your body’s not that sensitive. It’s become that way because we’ve lived through the lens of eliminating what we think is the problem. We continuously take away, which often pulls the body and its biodiversity out of balance, leading to more problems. 

We tend to oversanitize, overuse medications, and avoid germs. 

While it sounds logical, it misunderstands that your body is not better off, void of what you think might hurt it. Exposure to bacteria, viruses, and fungi with the right tools allows your body not only to overcome it but to grow stronger because of it. 

You become stronger by engaging with all of life and weaker when trying to avoid it. 

But this only works when your body has the tools and resources to regain balance. Strength comes from letting your body do what it was designed and supporting it with the resources it needs to thrive. 

Here are five ways to build resiliency inside your body. 

01. Focus on Nourishment

There are many reasons people eat and don’t eat. In health, that often involves changing how you look. But food does not have that much power- at least not in the way we have given it credit. 

The only power food provides is nourishment. It supplies the building blocks your body needs to build structure. Without these nutrients, your body breaks down structure, creating a weaker and softer stature. Instead of thinking of food based on how it can change you, focus on supplying nourishment to strengthen your body.

02. Enhance Internal Energy

Energy determines the type of structure or foundation your biology is built on. It changes whether you build and rely on body fat or muscle mass, not to mention the support structure of your cells, which changes how they communicate. 

Energy changes your biology because it changes your structure. Your structure determines the resiliency of your body. 

Pay attention to your energy levels. Stop fighting them by using artificial substances to boost your energy and focus on supplying energy naturally. 

03. Create Space

It’s easy to link space to the common ways we approach health, like through deprivation, starvation, and restriction. But space and deprivation are two very different things. One is a form of neglect, and the other is nourishment. 

The strength of your body relies on nourishment. 

Building resiliency means creating space so your body can do what it was designed to do. Don’t neglect space through sleep and rest-based living. It may seem anticlimatic, but space offers the greatest change. 

Make space a critical aspect of your daily life. 

04. Stay aware of how you are feeling.

Awareness is one of the best tools for health. The key is changing how you view what you’ve become aware of. Don’t use awareness as a means to focus on the problem. Instead, use it to become aware of the problem so you can know how to influence it. 

Pay attention to your body and ask not what the problem is but what your body needs so that you no longer have a problem. 

What you deem a problem is just a sign your body is out of balance. Use this time not to worry or fester but to do something to help nourish your body to regain balance. 

Pay attention so you can take action.

05. Change Your Perspective

Likewise, your perspective changes your outcomes because it changes your actions. To become stronger, healthier, and more resilient, you must stop looking at your body as if it were against you. It is for you. 

When you encounter problems, don’t let yourself view them through the lens of your problem but what could be causing that problem. Then, deal with it to regain balance. 

See your body as good, never the problem, and that will change so much.

Take Action! Create Health.

Health is an action word. It’s a verb, not a noun. Eliminate the idea that health is a destination and start to see it as something you can influence today. 

Make it a priority to engage with your health in positive ways. Health is not what you do long-term. It’s what you’re doing right now to create it. 

Take action, no matter how small, right now. Keep repeating that in every moment of the day.

Health is how you create it. 

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