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10 Ways To Upgrade Your Wellness Routine For Fall

Are you craving change? The best way to change your body and health is to live based on the season. Here are 10 ways to upgrade your wellness routine for fall and see results.

pile of sweaters
Photo by Storiès on Unsplash

There’s nothing cozier than slipping on a sweater and lighting a candle. The first days of fall always leave me swirling in a sea of nostalgia while also craving more structure. September feels very similar to January. Like a fresh start and a new beginning. 

Naturally, it happens every time the seasons shift, bringing with a craving for something different. Something fresh and new. Cravings that aren’t just happening psychologically but also biologically. Research shows, 25% or more of your DNA shifts with the seasons. As well as your gut microbiome, immune system, even how your body responds hormonally. 

Just as the weather patterns shift, so is everything in life. They are aching for a newness that brings the satisfaction our bodies need to thrive this season. For fall, that means cozy comforts and a better routine. Here are a few ways to update your wellness routine for fall.

10 Ways To Upgrade Your Wellness Routine For Fall

01: Start with a Fresh Slate

What worked in the last season may not work in this season. Don’t get so stuck on what you’ve done that you can’t experience the joy of living in the new. Go back to the drawing board and clear your slate. 

Maybe that means you need to buy a brand new journal and try a new journaling practice. Or purchase a new Bible that helps you see the story in a new way. Maybe you need to clean out your closet and buy a fresh wardrobe.

Or maybe it doesn’t involve anything you consume but how you think. What if you went into fall with a fresh perspective and a new outlook? Maybe you need to see fall as a time for growth, learning a new skill, or working on rewiring your brain. Think differently and try something new.

02: Switch Up Your Diet Staples

Your body’s nutritional needs are changing this season, as is your body’s ability to digest different foods. Start to shift your morning smoothie to a hearty hash and your nightly salad to a casserole or soup. 

Fall is a season of warm comfort foods. Add more root vegetables, spices and herbs, bone broths, and richer foods like pumpkin, squash, hearty fats, nuts, and animal proteins. 

03: Revamp your skincare routine

Fall is a drying season, which means the cooler and unpredictable temperatures will be drying on your skin. Coming off a season of excess oil and sun damage, make sure you shift to hydrating and nourishing your skin, preparing it for winter. 

Don’t be alarmed if it goes through a detox process. It is typical to have a few extra breakouts or dry patches this month. Care for it by adding a face oil or a nourishing night cream. Or schedule a facial, clearing off the old to make room for the new.

04: Bring Back Your Supplement Routine

Fall is a great time to be proactive in supplying the body with the nutrients it needs to thrive all winter. As your biological processes shift to prepare for the cooler months, your immune system starts to re-regulate, shifting your nutritional needs. If you’ve skipped your supplement routine this summer (as you might consider), add them to your fall routine. 

My focus this time of the year is vitamin D and minerals. Minerals are a critical element in how our body communicates and energy production. They also tend to be something we’re short on this time of the year. I prefer these minerals and AG1 as my source of whole foods vitamins.

05: Reassess your Workout Routine

You may recognize a pull to change your workout routine as your body shifts. Some people crave more strength training or a drive to increase flexibility. Or perhaps you want to use the cooler weather to train for a 5k.

There is no right or wrong as long as you listen to your body. And if you’ve skipped the workouts this summer, maybe this is the season to add them back in? 

06: Build a daily schedule

It’s easy to get lost in what hasn’t been accomplished this year, thanks to those new years resolutions. But what if you stopped focusing so much on the long-term goals and started doing the daily things? 

Progress is made in the day-to-day. Figure out what you want, and then build a schedule to help you accomplish that—choosing to show up one day at a time. Get back on track with a schedule, using it to your advantage. You may be surprised at how much you can accomplish before the new year. This 90-Day planner can help you finish out the year.

07: Get back to Batch Cooking 

Life seems to speed up and slow down in the fall. Maybe it feels like it slows down because the days get shorter. Either way, one healthy and game-changing practice to incorporate into your fall routine is batch cooking.

Batch cooking is the art of prepping single ingredients, like a pan of roasted veggies or slow-cooked chicken, that you can layer together to create meals on the fly. It doesn’t or shouldn’t take more than an hour here or there to batch enough ingredients to ensure you have plenty of healthy foods for breakfast, lunch, and even supper when needed. Plus, it allows you to get plenty of seasonal produce in your diet. Fall includes my favorite batch cooking recipes.

08: Focus on Getting Consistent Sleep

The days are getting shorter, which means your melatonin cycles are changing. Unlike summer, where our body thrives on a little less sleep. Fall is the season of catching up a bit while also providing consistency. 

It’s not about sleeping in later but more about going to bed consistently. Focus on putting away your phone an hour or two before you hit your bed and try reading a good book instead of getting sucked into a Netflix binge. Foster your sleep patterns, which will help nourish your hormones and keep your body well and energized all season long.

09: Slow Down A Bit

Activities may be kicking off, but that doesn’t mean you must say yes to everything. Start to prioritize what you really want while also making space for what you need – rest. Prioritize what’s important. Knowing everything crucial will make the list if it’s really that critical. 

Pulling back, even in small ways, can help create the space you need to breathe, refocus and nourish yourself, allowing you to live life, not just live existing. 

10: Create Warmth in Your Life

It may feel a little premature, especially with the early fall heat waves, but as the weather patterns, your body craves warmth this season as it prepares for the cooler months. Put out the cozy blankets, switch to hot drinks instead of iced, use spices like cinnamon and pumpkin spice to season foods, and add warm elements to anything you serve cold. 

Warming your body will produce more satiety and leave you feeling more than nostalgic but energized.

Upgrading Your Wellness Routine For Fall

Remember, you don’t need to do the big things, but start small. With one or two things, and keep adding as the season progresses. Your body and life will thank you!

Here are five fail-proof healthy changes I’m making for fall!

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