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Balance Exists: 5 Unexpected Ways To Achieve It

woman doing yoga poses and balancing

Balance is one of those tricky subjects I wanted to believe in, and I even fell into trying to achieve on some level in my life, but the chase for balance only led to more stress, leading me to question if balance exists.

So I broke up with balance.

I declared it unrealistic, and I found approximately 350 google articles in support of my argument.

But like most things in my life, when I make a hard stance in one direction, I often make a full circle that brings me face to face with that reality. Of course, the case for balance was no different.

Ironically, as I’ve been embarked on a five-year healing journey, I quickly realized, my life not only needed balance, it required it. So how did the two meet?

In one obvious and distinct idea that allowed me to fall in love with balance again.

Here’s the big point:

Balance is not a destination or another place you have to achieve or chase to arrive, balance is an action that you take.

It’s a daily choice that allows you to live in the moment, understanding what your life and your body need so you can provide more of that. You could say, balance is health and the achievement of wellness.

Not in a black and white kind of way, but recognizing who you are and where you are right now so you can do more of what your body needs to thrive. It recognizes life as always changing, never constant, and always in motion. Instead of running from that or chasing the steady, you live openly regardless of what’s happening around you – you live and take action right here.

Which is the only place change happens anyway.

The case I make declaring that balance exists.

So it’s time to throw out the idea that balance is best described as perfection and start to see that balance is showing up and doing the best with what you have where ever life lands you.

It’s an internal change rather than a micromanaging of external situations that only leads to more stress.

Controlling what you can control and letting go of the rest. Inside this podcast, I break down the need for balance and the law of balance, proving that all things in life are working to achieve a state of balance. Our choice becomes, will we work with it or against it. Make sure you listen to the podcast to learn more.

In the meantime, here are five unexpected ways to achieve balance in your life.

Remember, balance is an action, not a destination.

1. Plan your days not just for work but add in play.

Play may feel childish, but it’s one of those things that all humans need. Play, having fun, taking a break to be present is one of the fastest ways to break the sympathetic (stress response) inside the body. Don’t neglect its power in your daily life. Even just 10 minutes a day can make a world of difference.

Sign up for a non-competitive soccer league, play-fetch with your dog, or dare I say, whip out the paints. Bring back into your life something you’ve always loved.

2. Focus on energy fillers and energy drainers.

Balance is a measure of energy. When your body has channeled energy in an unhealthy way, and you feel low on energy, you’ll naturally feel out of balance. That’s because energy is the very metric producing balance in your life. Without energy, something will always be off, and you’ll naturally feel out of balance.

Understand what fills your body with energy and what takes it away. Do more things that fill you, especially before and after events that drain you.

3. Create patterns of nourishment.

Balance is always a push and a pull. It’s never a constant. While life tends to push us and stress us, create patterns of nourishment and rest to keep your body filled, providing a sense of trust and safety.

When you do a hard workout, don’t neglect a healthy meal and stretching. When you have a hard day of work, plan a restful night and an early bedtime.

It’s always a push and a pull. Don’t forget to pull back when life feels like it’s pushing you.

4. Mix up your routine.

Routines and habits are a vital aspect of life. Most of life is lived, repeating daily habits that happen without you having to think about them. But mixing up that routine, doing something different, even cooking a new meal can bring you back into balance as it keeps your eyes shifted on the present.

Balance is always a present feeling – so anything you can do that is out of your normal forces you into the present, helping you achieve balance.

5.Stop looking for perfection or a destination and miss where you are.

Remember, balance and perfection are opposite ends of the spectrum. Balance is recognizing when you’re out of balance and knowing how to bring yourself back into balance. It’s an ebb and flow, a constant motion and acknowledging, even accepting that the imbalance for life is the only way to experience balance.

Balance is an action and living in the present. Do more of that.

Balance in your body.

Your body is working daily to achieve balance. It’s called homeostasis, which is the metric on whether you are thriving or just surviving. Whether it is your metabolism or hormones, everything inside your body is based on this homeostatic measure. Making health less about what you do to it and more about how you work with it.

If you want to achieve health, weight loss, and abundant energy, balance is the answer. Inside, Health Made Simple, you can learn how to achieve balance and walk into a state of thriving. Stop waiting and start living in health.

Get all of the details inside this life-changing class.


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