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Emotional Energy: Change How You Feel To Change How You Look

change how you feel

Emotional energy or emotional healing is a hard topic. But what if it is the topic we need to be talking about? Of course, I do wish health was just a matter of what you eat and how much you exercise. I wish it were as easy as a calculation, even though I know my rebellious spirit could never get on board.

But that’s not how health works.

If you’ve followed any sort of calculation, you know it’s not as easy as adding up the food you eat or inserting it into the app. There’s more at play than an equation of calories in equals calories out, and that is what your body does with what you provide.

Making health more complicated than paying attention to only the external factors of health like how much you eat or how much you move.

But what your body does with what you provide is the key to health. And learning this can change your health for life.

Changing your biology

So what changes what your body does with what you provide?

The answer is your energy level.

Energy is the very necessity for life itself. Where your energy levels fall determines whether your body is in a state of thriving with abundant energy or surviving when energy is scarce.

Living in thriving mode versus survival mode will drastically change the biological patterns of the body, changing what your body does with the food you eat. Meaning, the same healthy meal can be digested, absorbed, used, and stored entirely differently based on the energy flow in your body.

The good news is energy is something that we can influence. It’s something that we can work on and change to change the entire functioning of our system.

But the leading player in energy levels happens to be emotional.

The power of emotional energy

Scientists have estimated that nearly 70% of your total energy value is emotional – leading your emotions to be the top controlling element of your body. We are in a constant state of emotion, whether you believe it or not.

Everything we do enlist an emotional response.
Health is emotional. Our body is emotional. Eating is emotional.

Of course, dealing with emotions is a battle of its own. But we can no longer neglect the fact that they are a critical determining element of your health.
Our biology acts in direct relation to the emotions and feelings we are experiencing. The best news is, we have a lot more control over this process than we realize.

While it may not be an easy road, it’s worth it.

Why does energy matter?

Let’s take a few steps backward to be reminded of what energy is. Energy is a palpable, animating life-force determining how we feel from day-to-day, mind, body, and soul.

While we usually attribute our low energy to lack of sleep or bad foods – it’s significantly more complicated than that. In fact, the perception of the world around you and what thoughts you engage with are the number one factor changing your biology. Whether that is how you feel about your own body or the people you interact with.

Everything is influencing your energy level.

As we’ve learned, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only altered. And it’s the consciousness of our minds that directs the movement of energy inside our body.

So the answer to our health issues is actually managing our emotions. It is not suppressing them or stuffing them or masking them, but truly understanding our emotions and acknowledging them without accepting them. Just because you think something doesn’t mean it’s true. And even if it is true, if it’s not helpful, we don’t have to fixate our attention on such things.

But all of that takes understanding the emotional and biological patterns inside your body, so you can start to determine what emotions are stealing your energy and which are giving you energy.

Inside the podcast, you’ll learn about channeling emotions and using them for good. Learning what the emotional gains are in your life – those things that fill you – and what happen to be emotional drains.
It’s a pivotal podcast and one that matters so much more than what you eat or how much you move. Get all of the information inside this show.

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