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How To Build Metabolic Flexibility: 3 Truths + 1 Lie

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Metabolism is a sexy word in the health space. Everyone wants that flourishing metabolism. The same one we assume is why some people can eat anything and never gain an ounce. It’s easy to envy those people while hating our bodies for not functioning in the same way.

But truth be told, this understanding is a bad perception of your metabolism. Yes, it does change the structure of your body, which is why a higher metabolism is associated with a lower waistline. But you can’t misrepresent metabolism by thinking it will help you eat anything you want and never gain a pound.

Metabolism is more related to health than weight.

Just because someone weighs less doesn’t mean they’re healthy. How you eat still matters in the scope of your metabolism because metabolism is a metric of energy function within your biology and also how you respond to external energy within your environment.

It’s how you interact with energy and how that changes its internal flow and creation at the cellular level. When you understand how to alter your energy, you build metabolic flexibility or resiliency, which means you can eat food without worrying that your body will respond negatively to it.

Metabolic resiliency allows you to worry less about your health because your body has the energy it needs to thrive.

In the podcast, I break down metabolism, giving a fresh perspective on what it is and how easily you can influence it to build metabolic flexibility.


We’re so close to the truth about health that we can almost taste it, but one lie seems to separate us from creating metabolic flexibility. It changes what your body does with what you provide.

Separating the truths from the lies can help you create health. Let’s start with the lie so you can fully understand the truth.


If you’ve ever attempted to lose weight, it can feel like your metabolism is against you. That’s because your metabolism dictates the body’s structure, determining what it will build and break down. But it’s not doing this to destroy your life but to protect it.

I believe this is one of the greatest myths and distractions in the health space: the belief that your body is against you.

It’s not.

Your body is for you more than you will ever know.

Your metabolism works every second of every day to protect you by protecting your energy threshold.

Energy is the most critical element of health. You can’t survive without it, which is why your body has many different systems to protect it.

One system of protection is your metabolism. Metabolism determines how much energy you have to work with. Based on that, it signals to your thyroid, hormones, immune system, and cells how to function accordingly.

The key to changing your metabolism is to understand and support energy flow. The more energy your body has to work with, the safer it will perceive it, and the higher your metabolic output will be.

Get all of the details inside the podcast.


When you understand metabolism as a system protecting your energy, you realize that influencing your energy is how your metabolism changes.

Meaning, yes, you can speed up your metabolism.

But speeding up your metabolism has less to do with eating more specific foods or taking certain supplements.

Speeding up your metabolism happens through energy support, which is a process of nourishing your entire life, including your body, mind, and soul.

Most of your energy is emotional, making your metabolism a metric of your emotions more than your diet. Although, your diet still matters.

To speed up your metabolism, you must focus on your energy level. Track your energy level and pay attention to how you interact with everything in your life, including your work, relationships, exercise habits, sleep, and diet.

Take this quiz to determine your energy levels or current metabolic output.


Higher doesn’t always mean better. It’s just different. I feel the need to clarify that because it’s easy for women to feel shorted for our slower metabolisms. But there is a good reason why our metabolisms run at a slower pace.

Women were designed to carry and birth children. This is not an easy feat, and it requires more energy than any other process in our biology. Because it requires so much energy, you have more mechanisms in place to maintain, conserve, and store energy.

Thus, it’s why you store fat more than men.

But it’s all for good reason. And it certainly doesn’t mean losing body fat and feeling more energized is impossible. It’s possible for all of us, but it requires more energy support, not less.

Cutting calories will not help you get there. The only way is through nourishing your metabolism. If you’re struggling, try taking the metabolic approach to health.


Yes, metabolism is responsible for how you look and how much fat you store. Although metabolism has many other functions, one of them is to determine the structure of your body. It does so based on your energy.

Again, it’s always about energy.

Your structure is a product of your energy. As the law of physics shows, we are energy before we are physiology. Energy begets structure.

Likewise, the amount of energy you exist within or how supported your energy changes the type and amount of structure you build.

Low energy down-regulates your metabolism, pushing your body to store, hoard, and conserve more energy. This process builds body fat. When you need energy, you will break down muscle mass instead of burning stored energy.

It feels like a double-edged sword, and it often is, but it’s all in the name of survival.

In abundant energy, the opposite happens. You open up your stored energy to be used to live life, shifting the production of adipose tissue to muscle mass, which also happens to be metabolically active.

Both ends of the spectrum produce the snowball effect. It tends to lead to more of whatever state you are living in. Less energy habitually means less energy, whereas more energy means a healthier structure that produces more energy.

The only difference is how much energy you have, making energy support critical for healthy living.

Learn how to get more energy and stop storing body fat.


No matter what, health is always about energy. You’ll never fully thrive without boosting your energy rate. In the upcoming series of Health School, you’ll learn how to positively influence your energy to return to a place of balance. Achieving this changes your entire life.

Get all of the episodes of Health School here.

Take Back Your Metabolism + Build Metabolic Flexibility

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