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How You Heal: Eat Healing Foods

Healing requires you to consume more healing foods. Foods that make you feel light and alive. Learn the difference between negative energy foods and positive energy foods designed to help you heal.

healing foods

Food isn’t just food. It can be, but it’s also so much more than that. Yet, at the same time, it’s nothing like what we have understood it to be.

Common thought leaves you believing food can change how you look and even how you feel.

In a roundabout way, it can. But your body ultimately determines the outcome you experience.

Meaning the power of food is what your body makes of it. Your health is determined by what your body chooses to do with what you provide. You can’t change your body. That is up to your body. But you can influence what your body does by learning how to support the body based on what it needs.

Food can not change you, but it can support you. 

Healing requires the support provided by food through the nourishment it contains. Healing and healing food is not a metric of energy but the nutrients the food contains. 

Inside this podcast, I dive into the power of healing foods, what they are, and how to pattern your diet to support health and healing. I also share common “health foods” you should avoid.

Nutrients Over Calories

We tend to put so much emphasis on calories that we miss the quality of those calories, just like the new trend in counting macronutrients. It’s not to say macronutrient ratios and calories don’t matter. They do. Many people even experience change with the manipulation of calories and macronutrients. But weight is a terrible indicator of health.

You can not lose weight and expect health to follow.

If yo-yo dieting has taught us nothing else, it has proven there is a difference between healing and weight loss. Certainly, the two can go together, but not always. Distinguishing the difference is crucial in the longevity of the outcomes and the health of your body.

You can not lose weight to get healthy. You have to get healthy to lose weight. 

Getting healthy requires paying attention to how you feel internally, not just externally. In the process, you must work with your body instead of fighting against it, focusing on nutrients rather than calories.

You must choose to focus on quality over quantity. 

Eat For Energy

As the first law of physics states, energy cannot be added or destroyed, only altered. Knowing this explains why the caloric paradigm doesn’t work (or the macronutrient one). You can’t add or remove your energy, but health is how you alter that energy based on what you do.

It’s the reaction between what you do and your existing energy.

The ideas are so similar you can almost miss it. But if you do, you’ll stay stuck believing the myth that a perfect equation exists.

It doesn’t. And even if it did, it’s much harder than understanding what it takes to live healthy. It takes work and micromanaging to count calories or macronutrients. Effort you should get to use to live your life. Instead of fixating on calories, shift your focus to energy.

Whenever you eat, ask yourself how that food interacts with or supports your internal energy. Is it increasing or decreasing your energy?

It’s a feeling more than a measurement. You should be able to feel the difference based on how your body responds.

Positive and Negative Energy Foods

Positive energy foods will leave you feeling alive, vibrant, light, and energized. These are healing foods.
Negative energy foods will leave you bloated, tired, sluggish, and heavy.

The goal is to eat more foods that support your energy. Foods that make you feel alive and vibrant. What these foods are may vary based on where you are starting from and how much energy you are working out of.

Generally speaking, positive energy foods are real, whole foods grown from the earth. They’re foods that are alive. Negative energy foods tend to be highly processed, artificial, and manufactured. They may have added nutrients and even a healthy calorie balance, but you must question how alive they are.
The goal is to eat more foods that make you feel alive.

To get more specific, take this quiz to find your energy level and what foods can help support that.

5 Rules of Healing Foods

01. Eat Foods that Are Alive

Eat for nutrients, not calories, which means eating real foods over processed foods. Load your diet with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy protein sources (including animal proteins), and even dairy. Get back into the groove of making more food at home.

In the process, minimize processed foods like chips, crackers, candy, sweetened beverages, and all other processed foods. If you purchase pre-made foods, check the ingredients label and aim to buy the brand with the least number and cleanest ingredients.

02. Eat Seasonally

Your body has specific cycles and patterns it lives based on. Each cycle brings with it different nutrient needs. One significant factor in body support that most people overlook is the need to eat seasonally and cyclically. That means eating based on what your body needs for each season.

The same holds for hormonal shifts and patterns. If you’ve never tried seasonal eating and cycle syncing, I recommend doing so to support your body in every phase.

03. Focus on Food Pairing

Food only matters to the degree to which your body digests, metabolizes, absorbs, and uses it. A carrot eaten in isolation is metabolized differently than one eaten at a meal. The same holds for chips or an apple. That’s not to say it always diminishes the value, but it certainly can.

One way to enhance the absorption of vital nutrients is through proper food pairing. It also helps regulate blood sugar imbalances that can take healthy foods (like fruit) and turn them into negative energy. One way to avoid that is the addition of healthy proteins and fats. Instead of snacking, opt for meals where you can focus on eating a healthy carbohydrate, protein, and fat at every meal. And remember, don’t forget the protein (like most people are).

04. Break Up With Bad Beliefs

Arguably, your mindset is more powerful in changing what your body does with food, even more so than the food itself. Your thoughts about food and the motivation for why you eat change what your body does with food.

It’s time to strip the moral code off of food and look at it as an energy drain or support, not good or bad, right or wrong. Stressing about what you should eat or feeling guilty about eating something ‘wrong’ only decreases the support it could offer. Stress takes energy, not produces it. Stop letting food stress you out, and remember, there are no good or bad foods, only food. The only thing that matters regarding that food is how it supports your body.

05. Enjoy the Process

Food is meant to be enjoyed. Like your mindset, the environment in which you eat changes how your body processes and utilizes food. Slow down and make mealtime a priority. Engage with the food you love. Make it enjoyable. Eat with other people and keep it relational. Put down your work and focus on what you are eating so you know how your body responds.

If you’re not enjoying food, no matter how healthy it is, your body will respond negatively. Make the act of eating fun again. Learn how you can enjoy the process.

Want to learn more?

How You Heal is an 8-part podcast series devoted to understanding and healing the mind-body connection to create wholeness in your life. Continue following along and listening to the remaining five podcasts, creating a new understanding and implementing healing practices.

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