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I Tried Athletic Greens for 60-Days

athletic greens in bottle

I tried AG1 by Athletic Greens for sixty days, which turned into six months. Honestly, I haven’t wanted to stop. In fact, I took on a little experiment at the beginning of this trial that included a taste test (figuring out how long it would take before the flavor repulsed me) and a nutrient test (to see if I was absorbing the nutrients). The results are in, and I want to share the truth with you.

Before we begin, let’s talk about what they are.

What is AG1 by Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens’ hero product, AG1,  is a daily habit that contains 75 multivitamins, minerals, and whole food sourced nutrients free of allergens and compatible with most diets. They contain less than 1 gram of sugar, with no GMOs, nasty chemicals, or anything artificial. AG1 helps promote gut health, support immunity, boost energy, and help support recovery by using powerhouse nutrients, adaptogens, and antioxidants.

I’m no stranger to vitamin and mineral use. Ironically, I spent most of my first years of nutrition work believing supplements weren’t needed. I blamed them as an excuse, an easy fix to problems people didn’t want to put the work into. But as I’ve learned more about healing and energy flow, I’ve realized that our lives are void of many nutrients, no matter how healthy we eat.

Of course, like most things, supplements are easy to overdo. I still take a conservative approach to supplementation, but having something to cover the fundamental basis can be incredibly beneficial to your body – filling in the gaps of what you can’t get in your diet or what’s been depleted through lifestyle.

Athletic Greens isn’t the first supplement drink I’ve tried. A few years ago, I was highly invested in another brand, my first real experience, that completely transformed how I felt. Unfortunately, that brand was picked up by a new company that changed the recipe and quality, leaving me greens-free while longing for a new one.

Luckily, Athletic Greens caught my attention amongst the sea of other multivitamins I’d passed, and I decided to take it for a test spin. To try it out for sixty days while watching for change?

Spoiler Alert: What I found, it worked! Let me explain five big takeaways that left me running back to it every day for the last six months.

5 Things That Changed With AG1

01. Test Results Proved – My Body Become Healthier

Pre-Athletic Greens, I took a small micronutrient test to measure my nutrient levels at the beginning of the Athletic Greens trial, knowing I was going to follow up. While it wasn’t exactly sixty days, more like ninety days when I did the second test, nearly every one of my micronutrient levels had increased to the healthy to normal range! I was shocked. Even my vitamin D levels had increased, which is something I had been fighting, regardless of how much sunlight I was getting. Proving what I was feeling wasn’t just in my mind, but I had proof that it worked.

These results enabled me to eliminate a few other supplements I was taking. But just to make sure I wasn’t biased, I tried it out on my mom, and it worked the same for her! She was able to come off all but one supplement while feeling more energized and healthier.

02. I Feel More Energy (For Real)

I hate to admit it, but I had become more reliant on my morning cup of caffeine than I realized. The dull headache every morning I didn’t have my cup of caffeine was a lingering effect I hated. But when I started regularly using AG1, my need for caffeine plummeted, and my energy increased (even more than when I did drink caffeine). Of course, I still drink a morning cup of tea. But it’s for pleasure rather than need. Because of that, it’s taken the strain off my adrenals that my reliance on caffeine was causing.

03. My Hunger Decreased

I wasn’t expecting my hunger to decrease. But then again, it makes perfect sense. It just wasn’t on my initial radar of things I was tracking when I started taking greens. However, it’s been a nice by-product. Not that I believe anyone should limit their food intake, but rather eat to what their body needs. AG1 has helped me do this. Shifting my intense hunger back into a normal range where I’m less likely to grab convenience foods because I’m craving real nourishing, whole foods.

If you doubt this finding, the biological perspective makes sense as to why I felt this way. Hunger and cravings are a very healthy part of being human. But intense cravings or hunger can sometimes mean your body is looking for the nutrients it needs. This is known as nutrient-induced hunger, which causes your body to look for the nutrients in food, it needs to satisfy the deficiency. Athletic Greens cover the basics and fundamentals you need.

04. I Started Craving It

Let’s talk about the taste. I’ve been in many situations where I hated the taste of something but forced it into my body because I knew it was healthy. That wasn’t the case with Athletic Greens. But I must say that if you feel repulsed by something, I’d argue it might not be what your body needs, and it’s best to leave it be.

While I’m not saying AG1 is the best drink I’ve had, it’s not lemonade. It’s not bad. I highly expected to get the post-drink shivers like most supplements gave me. But surprisingly, this didn’t. The flavor is mild, with a slight hint of pineapple and vanilla. It also has earthy vibes. My husband thinks it tastes a little mossy, but I get more of the pineapple-vanilla hint than anything.

Most people I’ve encountered have claimed it to be very drinkable. Even my kiddos will drink it. Leaving me to tell you one more surprising thing, I crave it, not necessarily for the flavor but for how I feel after I drink it.

05. It’s So Easy Not Too

Health can be so complex, which is something I’m constantly trying to break. Ending the belief that has led people to believe they have to live for their health when health is the tool to live. That’s why we have to keep things simple. And simple is the way it was supposed to be. Athletic Greens helps keep it that way. It’s health that you don’t have to think about or stress about, which is one of the reasons I like it the most.

I take one scoop a day, mainly in the morning, but sometimes it’s later in the day. That’s all I have to do to know I have all of my foundations meant.

Try Athletic Greens For Yourself!

I don’t believe in the perfect system, and I don’t think we’ll ever find one because our bodies are always changing and always different, making it impossible to put health in a box. But I think there are many ways to healthify our body. Taking a supplement like AG1 by Athletic Greens can help you experience more energy, better health, and change your lifestyle like mine.

You can reclaim your health and your immune system with this convenient, daily, foundational nutrition that can happen in just one scoop a day. No need for a million pills or regimes, but keep it simple. Simple is the way health is supposed to be.

Get started here, and Athletic Greens will give you a free one-year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D and five free travel packs with your first purchase. Take it for a test spin and see the results for yourself – get started right here. Think of it as nutritional insurance.

  1. Scott Bialas says:

    So I’ve been taking AG1 for 3 weeks. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is my ravenous appetite has waned. I’m almost 50 and I’ve never experienced this. This is noticeable with my wine drinking too – if I do drink, no need for that second casual drink.

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