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Introducing the 2022 Nourished Planner

Nourished Planner

Wish Granted.

The dated version of the Nourished Planner is back and making its debut in 2022.

The planner has always held a special place in my heart, with its roots being established in 2016. Which feels like a lifetime ago. I can’t recount the endless life lessons I’ve learned through creating this product over the last six years. But I learned one lesson from the great Heidi Larson of Foodie Crush, who helped bring life to this planner, a lesson that never leaves. A lesson that I live by.

That lesson is to get out and live.

It was the heartbeat of the planner from the beginning.

And a lesson I want to continue as The Living Well moves forward in its existence.

The truth is, I’ve wasted a lot of life trying to unearth the perfect formula that was expected to bring me life. What I realized, while there are far greater things ahead than we leave behind, there is no greater place to live those things than right where you are.

This year and the years moving forward, I will continue to remind you of this. No amount of planning for the future will bring what only the present can. And the dated Nourished Planner is the bridge that allows you to plan to live.

Take a look inside the 2022 Nourished Planner

Nourished Planner

Monthly themes

If you’re wondering what makes this planner different then the sixteen choices you could find at Target – it’s the themes. The heart that goes into creating a blueprint mapping out a journey of growth through the entire year.

This year’s theme is confidently you.

A theme that encourages you to stop chasing a new version of yourself and step into the real version of you. Living in growth, joy, and confidence with whatever you bring to the table. You have so much to offer this world. I don’t want that to be missed in the hustle of becoming what the world told you to be.

Be you. That is what I want this year. To help you do that, I’ve broken down the theme into monthly challenges each month.

  • January begins with the template of what it means to “Be You.”
  • February expands on that in understanding the feeling you’ve been searching for.
  • March helps you to create a balance in your life based on how you’re living life.
  • April is the big confidence boost reminding you that you are stronger than you know.

Each month continues, progressing in growth and building the foundation that you can stand firmly on, no matter what life throws your way. The last few years taught us all the same thing. We can make the perfect plans in the world, but if we can’t create flexibility within those plans based on the uncertainty of external situations, our lives will come crumbling down.

Which makes these themes more valuable than ever. Finishing out the year in December to create a lifestyle of living.

You were made for this. You were made for living. I know this 2022 planner will allow you to live that out.

Nourished Planner

Other features

The planner offers many other features that take the everyday mundane and put it to work. Aligning the simple with the vision, so even the smallest things have a big reward. In addition to the monthly themes, the planner also includes:

  • Monthly calendar overview to track appointments, events, and projects.
  • A monthly habit tracker to keep track daily of your goals.
  • Space to create goals or intentions for the month with room to break that down into categories based on your mind, body, and soul.
  • NEW: Monthly finance tracker to keep track of your incomes, savings goals, and upcoming bills.
Nourished Planner

Weekly Spread

The day-to-day activity is where your life really takes shape. A space we often underestimate, the day-to-day. Inside the weekly spread, you’ll find all of the Nourished Planner favorites. These include:

  • Daily space to keep track of appointments.
  • Top 5 To-Do’s to keep your list practical, realistic and achievable – allowing more space to get out and live.
  • Wellness Planner to track or plan your meals as well as post your workout goals and rest days.
  • Weekly quotes to keep a positive outlook on your day-to-day happenings.
  • FAN FAVORITE: Of course, we left the white space. The space for you to dream, doodle, make lists, plan projects and make this space your own.
Nourished Planner

Bullet Journaling Pages

Last but not least is the bullet journaling pages. The dotted pages allow you to keep track, take notes, become a creative outlet, plan projects and layout dreams. Use this space to your desired needs.


We added a few highly requested extras. These may not take up much space, but they do come in handy throughout the year. These extras include:

  • Seasonal produce list is broken down month-to-month.
  • 2022 at a glance, with specific dates of each holiday listed in one convenient and easy to access space.

Additional bullet journaling space at the end of the planner to keep track of wins and loses throughout the year or map out visions for the coming months and years.

This planner has no hard and fast rules. It’s for you. To not only plan your life but make health a part of it. And create the space to get out and live.

Nourished Planner

Take a month and try it out for free.

If you love it, you’ll want the printed version. Because there is nothing like sinking your pen into a fresh sheet of paper.

Get the planner here.

If you’re still not sure, let me help you figure out if a planner is the right fit. Maybe you really are better off sticking with google calendar. Take the planner personality quiz to find out.

What do you think? Do you love the new look? 

  1. Tracy L. says:

    I loved your planner but had to get an Emmy Lee one last year as a you didnt make it. So have already ordered one from her for this next year.
    Hopefully I can get a 2023.

    • Alexa Schirm says:

      No problem! We totally understand! Last year with the transition to a new platform we, unfortunately, didn’t get one out! But we’ll be around from here on out! Thank you for your support!

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