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Stop Trying to Change Your Body and Do This Instead

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You want to change, and you want to achieve health. But there is a right and wrong way to do that. We can’t change one area of our body without recognizing how it’s influencing all areas. Don’t worry. This isn’t another thing you have to do. Seeing all systems of the body creates simplicity in health. Instead of trying to change your body, try this approach. 

Have you ever stopped to pay attention to what is unfolding inside your mind? Sometimes we’re too close to see it because we’re living it and believing every thought it produces, but you can begin to understand it if you step outside your mind for a minute. The truth is, we’re processing through many thoughts, and most go unnoticed until they produce an action.

Making us miss why we do something while feeling frustrated that the action that thought produced has kept us in a place we feel stuck.

It’s nothing other than mistaking your thoughts or misunderstanding them because you don’t even question them. You just go along with them. I get it. I spent my entire life thinking things without understanding the value of what I was thinking.

Today, I want to change that. Today I want to help you see your thoughts because seeing them will help you change them, which changes the entire outcome of your life. I know it sounds like a big deal, another thing, but I want to propose it differently.

In this podcast, I want to help you see that you are not your thoughts or your mind, but you are a soul and a body with those two things communicating via the mind, looking at the mind as a line of communication between the body and soul. It’s a new thought that has helped me see the whole of who I am in a more manageable way.

Honestly, it takes the pressure off our minds. Your mind is not one more thing you have to fix, but it’s a means for understanding the balance between your body and emotions. A balance that determines whether you’re thriving or surviving. Listen to the podcast for all of the details and follow along to understand why you should stop trying to change your body.

Stop Trying To Change Your Body

Three years ago, I was sitting in a counseling session talking about my persistent need to be negative. At some point in my life, pain became a safe space. A place that I hated but felt like home. I wanted to change it, but I couldn’t seem to find anything comforting about the opposite space. So I’d run back to the pain.

My counselor at the time told me to try practicing daily gratitude.

It seemed like everyone everywhere was talking about gratitude lists, and while I had done one at some point, yet never feeling any change, I blamed it on my lack of consistency. I left that day determined to be consistent for the two weeks between my appointment and soak in the change.

If I could change my negative thoughts with positive ones, I would instantly be more positive.
I believed it because that’s what we’ve been told. Just think better.

Yet, day after day after day of writing gratitude lists, nothing changed. I went back to counseling feeling broken. I felt like a lost soul who would forever be stuck in the pit of negativity. You can even sense the negativity in that statement.

What I had to realize, there is something deeper at work. Something underneath all the thoughts that seemed to produce more control over my mind than a temporary switch I attempted to make. Underneath it all, the driving force is what you believe. And your beliefs are the deepest layer sitting in the core of your soul that makes up who you are.

Change Your Body by Changing What You Believe

You are what you believe and what you believe you identify with. And your identity, well, that is you.

Your actions are nothing more than an outcome of those beliefs. No matter how many times you try to change your body by changing your actions, your beliefs always win.

The same was true with my positive thinking. It wasn’t working, not because of my lack of consistency, but because I didn’t believe in the positive things I had written down. I enjoyed them and was grateful for them, but deep down, I didn’t believe that I deserved them. I was waiting for the shoe to drop, disbelieving my life was capable of anything positive.

That’s the thing about changing your thoughts.
Or changing your body.
Or changing your identity.

If you don’t believe in the change and create supporting evidence, it will never stick. It will be another thing you attempt without any success. Leaving you to wonder why do you do everything right, and yet nothing seems to work?

It’s because all of the right things only matter when you change your perspective of what those right things are capable of—believing them and shifting your identity around them. And in the process of believing them, you balance them between your mind, body, and soul, creating health.

The Concept of a Three-Legged Stool

Balance comes from how your body, mind, and soul communicate. Even when you think you’re only working on one area, you must realize they’re all working together. Your body is always communicating with your soul, and your soul is always working with your body. The bridge between those two is your mind.

Your mind is a distinguished part of you, but rather than looking at it as another area that needs constant attention, I want you to look at it as a messenger—transferring a message from your soul to your body or your body to your soul.

Think of this as a three-legged stool with each leg representing the mind, the body, and the stool. Like any stool, it is only able to bear weight when each leg is in balance. To create stability and a firm base, all three legs have to be at the same height, and all three have to work together.

But so often, we want to work on just one area. We want to only focus on the body, working on our diets. Or we want to focus just on our mind and going to therapy. Or we segment off our soul as a category all on its own.
But they’re all working together. Each one influences the other, working in harmony and balance or rubbing against each other creating friction, resistance and pain. Keeping us stuck in the place we hate.

The answer to your health problems, the answer to living more fully, and the answer to finding more joy is creating balance in the body, mind, and soul. If you want health, you have to fill your soul along with healing your body equally.

If you only work on one area while neglecting the rest, you throw the entire stool out of balance, creating more problems that tend to show up in your mind. The bridge that translates how balanced or out of balanced you are.
pay attention to your mind

What is happening inside your mind is going to show you what areas you need to work on.

You can’t have one without the other

If you’ve been working to create better beliefs, to build up your sense of love, but then you go out and eat your feelings, you’re going to create friction and confusion. You’re going to throw your body into a state of survival as you work against the balance these systems are trying to create.

Likewise, you try to change your diet but fail to see your identity around your old patterns. You can eat all of the right things, but if your belief says you’ll never lose weight, you’ll stay stuck in this frustrated and overwhelmed place.

It’s not about one or the other, but it’s about how they work together. Creating balance in your life comes from balancing the work you put into your body, mind, and soul.

Pay attention to the gaps. Pay attention to the bridge and understand your thoughts to understand what areas you need to work on.

You may have a long leg of bodywork but a very short leg making up your soul. For you, spend less time worrying about what you’re doing to your body and more time paying attention to what you believe—working to healthify your identity.

Balance is the answer to a life of thriving. It begins by understanding how the whole of who you are is working in unity.

Take inventory to determine what leg – mind, body, or soul – is out of balance.
Not to put the others on hold. Remember, they all matter. But use the other legs to support the leg that needs the most attention right now.

Think support, not change and realize that all things are working together. There is no segmentation.

  1. sarah says:

    After several years of reading and listening to podcasts, it is starting to make sense. The core issue is what I believe. I was told that I would have a weight problem, that people can’t change things about themselves or weightloss is hard or change is hard. And many other negative and hopeless programs. It makes sense why I am so negative and default back into those thinking patterns. I have a lot of work to do.

    • Alexa Schirm says:

      YES! I’m so glad you are seeing the other side! It’s not easy to get here but once you understand you can start making the necessary changes! Please keep me posted on your changes and how I can better help. The new summer podcast, How To Heal, may be very beneficial for you!

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