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The Connection Between Your Mind and Metabolic Health

You can’t heal your mind without healing your body. Learn how to heal the connection between your mind and metabolic health inside this post.

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“Just think more positively.” 

I heard that advice over one thousand times in my healing journey. It’s the mental health advice heard worldwide – just think better. But when I put it into practice, disciplined practice, I didn’t feel any more optimistic. In fact, I felt like I was falling further into a dark place, not just because of my thoughts but because what was supposed to work wasn’t. If it didn’t work, what was left?

I know so many people who want to change. They need to change. I was one of them. Living as an actual pain addict, I didn’t know another way. Even though I hated the pain, it was also incredibly comforting to me. It was my normal, even if it wasn’t healthy.

I had to change, so I invested time into talk therapy. It was incredibly beneficial – something I recommend to most people. But I found the process exhausting. It worked but only for so long. As soon as we started to dive into the deeper places, my entire body shut down, and I stalled out.

The healing didn’t happen the way I had expected. At least not until I added the extra component to mental healing (and biological healing), the deep intimate connection of our body, mind, and soul. When I began to nourish my body by energizing and feeding it well, my mind went a little deeper, allowing me to heal the things I had been unable to deal with. Things that were running and ruining my life because I wasn’t in a place I could deal with them.

Today on the podcast, I talk with Niecia Nelson about the desperate need for physical health in mental healing. .You can’t heal your mind without supporting your body. Learn how to heal the connection between your mind and metabolic health inside this podcast.

Your Biology determines your psychology.

The link between our mind and body is a two-way street. I used to think it was the chicken and egg phenomenon. I didn’t know if we could determine which started the vicious cycle so many people live. The cycle that shows negative thoughts increases stress and insecurity, depleting nutrient status and energy, and accentuating negative thinking, which continues the cycle.

But I learned from Niecia that it’s often not your mind patterns that begin a negative spiral inside your biology. It’s the health of your biology that first influence your mind. The equation that proves this starts with minerals.

Minerals are responsible for enzyme production, which is necessary for hormone production. Your hormonal flow creates your view of life. Hormones change who you are attracted to, how you show up for life, your motivation, your perspective, and how you view life.

Without proper mineralization, you do not create the appropriate hormones, creating an imbalance in hormonal flow. This completely changes how you respond to life.

Healing your mind and changing how you show up in life and who you interact with begins in the body. You have to eat well to think well.

You have to feed your body well. Energize the cells. Flood your body with nutrients and minerals. Foster healthy sleep patterns. Rest and find joy. And live out your proper masculine or feminine self.

You have to eat well to heal.

How to heal?

Healing first happens in your biology. Without nutrients and energy, your mind is forced to stay in a negative state, living to protect you rather than let you live.

But healing is also a multi-layer approach. Unlike the onion analogy that shows healing happens by peeling back the layers, I’ve heard it described as an artichoke. In the middle of an onion is an onion. In the center of an artichoke is the heart. When you peel back the layers, you end up at the heart, the place of full embodiment and healing.

But peeling back the layers takes work. Work that requires minerals and energy, sleep and rest, community and tools to process. It takes eating well, moving your body, sleeping deeply, fostering connections, talking with others, getting daily sunlight, drinking for hydration, and a million other things you can do to support your body.

When you support your body, you create space to deal with the deeper trauma you haven’t been safe enough to release. And releasing it means you no longer have to live, protecting it and acting out of it.

The path to healing means supplying nutrients and energy to your biology. Understanding the flow of energy inside the body is critical. Just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you. You determine that by how it influences your energy level.

If you always feel tired, take this quiz to find out where you fall on the energy threshold, and let me teach you how to energize your body to heal.

The tools you need to heal start and end with energy and nutrients. A healthy body creates safety to process through your mind, clearing space for you to live positively.

The secret is to live nourished.

Feed your body.

The diet age has taught us to neglect our biology for a destination like losing the last 20 pounds. But what if that weight is the thing creating the safety you need to show up in life today?

You may hate it. We all hate excess weight, but you must understand that your body does nothing without purpose. Everything it does, it does for you. To keep you safe and alive with the ultimate goal of helping you thrive.

My need to beat my body into submission came with natural consequences. I learned the hard way that it wasn’t my body getting in the way of my thriving. It was me.

I wanted to be healthy, but I wanted to be thin more.

We all have a healthy and desirable weight our body wants to achieve – a thin, ideal weight. But the perfect weight of our biology often differs from our preconceived idea of what the scale should read.

More than thin, we need health. In the process of getting healthy, your body will recalibrate to a healthy weight that is right for you. For some people, that may mean gaining weight, not losing it. But in the process of gaining weight, you will feel better, have more energy, think positively, live more creatively, laugh more, and have a stronger libido.

When you see health from this perspective, it changes what you do.

The key is learning how to feed yourself enough to support the whole of you. That means eating enough nutrient-rich, high-quality foods and living to support your energy flow. Get Niecia’s recommendations inside the podcast.

Take this mini-workshop on metabolic eating if you need help learning how to eat. It gives you the ins and outs of energizing and re-mineralizing your biology, plus it leaves you with over 25 recipes to get started.

Expand your learning with these resources.

If you want to expand your understanding and work with Niecia, you can learn more using the links below. You can also find all of the resources talked about in this podcast.

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