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Why You Need To Balance Sexual Energy + How To Start

Learning how to balance sexual energy is an unconventional health approach but comes with life-changing benefits. Learn the relation of body fat to sexual imbalance and how to fix it inside this post.

The first time I was introduced to the topic of masculine and feminine energy, I was resistant and yet slightly intrigued. I spent most of my life trying to prove myself to the world. Creating a sense of equality that left me sacrificing the feminine parts of myself in my quest for success.

At the same time, I couldn’t look away from this idea that seemed to make sense of what hadn’t made sense. I wanted to understand sexual energy for what it was. Not as a means to lessen who we are and the differences among us but to highlight the beauty and strength of each sex. In the process to feel healthier than ever.

Sexual energy and the balance within you drive your biology, shifting your hormones and changing the way you feel. It creates the energy, strength, and balance you need to show up and live life.

This balance was foreign to me as I lived my life dominated by masculine energy. The feminine parts of me felt weak. But the more I shoved my feminine energy aside to make room for structure and chasing, the more stress crept in.

The burnout I was experiencing was not solely attributed to my neglected feminine side, but there was a connection. It played a part in my hormonal imbalance driven by estrogen dominance and the loneliness I felt inside my mind.

When I started to make sense of sexual energy and understand balance, my entire biology shifted. It lightened my load, eased my mind, and helped me experience life in a new way. I can’t help but wonder if it’s what you need to healthily your whole.

Masculine and feminine energy

The idea of sexual energy is a tricky topic to explain. Partially because anytime you dive into energy, it can feel like you’re walking a fine line of a spiritual world that makes you uncomfortable. But I want to reframe your view of energy, understanding it based on the energy you feel. The same energy that drives you to limp yourself to your pot of coffee every morning.

That is the energy I’m talking about, which includes sexual energy.

Every person possesses sexual energy built in feminine and masculine qualities. Even though men and women are very different biologically, emotionally, and even physically, we all contain both masculine and feminine energy. Like hormones, the ratio or balance makes us so different, and this balance shifts your health.

The balance of sexual energies is what I intend to focus on. Proving it’s not a competition in which energy is better, but the best is when you can channel a balance that opens you up to thrive. A state of living fully in the balance of your feminine and masculine side. A balance that will look different for a male than a female and something we need to clarify in a world that tries to shove us all into the same box.

What is Masculine Energy?

The difference between masculine and feminine energy doesn’t always feel astonishing, but it’s pretty profound. Masculine energy is very different from our feminine energy. The dominance of one or the other will change how you show up in the world, your body’s health, motivation, drive, and how you relate and communicate with others. 

Remember, we are all a mixture of both energies with differing degrees. 

Masculine energy is most commonly associated with detachment, independence, logic, problem-solving, and competition. Activities that drive testosterone to take action in a solution-oriented approach. 

The masculine energy is the ‘doing’ part of us that makes up many characteristics, including:

  • Structure
  • Protection
  • Giving
  • Freedom
  • Direction
  • Analytical
  • Focus
  • Stability
  • Independent
  • Disciplined
  • Confident
  • Aware
  • Fast

Most people identify success with the elevation of their masculine side.

What is Feminine Energy?

Feminine energy is strongly associated with attachment, emotions, interdependence, intuition, and nurturing. The feminine side of us includes activities driven by estrogen and the most creative, curious, and connected part of us. 

Common characteristics that make up our feminine side include:

  • Creative
  • Nurturing
  • Receiving
  • Communicating
  • Surender
  • Empathy
  • Sensual
  • Affection
  • Sharing
  • Tender
  • Patient
  • Intuitive
  • Slow
  • Sensitive

Outside of balance, especially for women, a lack of healthy feminine energy depletes your estrogen, decreasing your ability to deal with stress. Not to mention, neglecting your femininity leaves you longing for something rejuvenating, wild, resourceful, and spontaneous. 

Balance Sexual Energy

When I started to gain a curiosity for sexual energy, it was to help me heal. I hadn’t yet connected the fact that my sex hormones were partially responsible for handling stress and the outcomes I experienced.

Honestly, I thought my burnout was a sign I was living life as I was supposed to – doing everything and asking for no help. What I didn’t know, outside of never achieving the success I was looking for, I was sacrificing who I was as a person. I was sacrificing my womanhood.

When I understood the balance, I regained a sense of vibrancy. I began to accept my feminine side not as weak but strong, and I began to come to life. Even my hunger went down. I felt more alert and filled with new ideas. Leading me to this moment, working to make sense of how your sexual energy is changing not only how you feel but also your weight, immune system response, hormones, and even your mentality.

Given what we know about energy, it’s no surprise that fostering sexual energy can enhance every area of your health. Helping you lose weight and gain more control over your eating and your life.

Masculine Overload + Estrogen Dominance

To best understand how your sexual energy influences your health, you must understand that everything you do or encounter is shifting your internal biology. For instance, when a man hears a loud sound like a motorcycle or heavy machinery, he releases more testosterone. The same is true when men teeter on the edge of risk, accomplish something hard or do something physical. It has a biological impact (source).

The same is true and yet different for women. When women socialize or engage in a relationship, they release estrogen. They also release their feminity when they nest, nurture, get creative or even cook a healthy meal. Science has shown these processes induce estrogen release (source).

Of course, estrogen and testosterone are generally only talked about when out of balance, but naturally and in health, you should be releasing a balance of both.

Problems arise when your feminine and masculine energy fall out of balance, neglecting the normal release of what you need leaving your body with no choice but to compensate. The process of compensation or rebalancing is the process of homeostatic balance.

In an overly masculine world, we see the rise in estrogen to balance the masculine, creating what some consider the pandemic of estrogen dominance.

Certainly, there are other things to blame for this imbalance, including foods, beauty products, and plastic. But more damaging is how these masculine activities and lifestyles reduce natural estrogen, causing your body to balance that by enhancing estrogen-producing systems.

Masculine Energy + Body Fat

There are a lot of questions surrounding obesity and why people struggle to lose weight. One possible connection is the link to the dominance of masculine energy, causing the body to compensate by releasing more estrogen. Outside of the female ovaries, body fat is the best place to release estrogen – giving body fat a reason to stay.

Body fat serves many functions, often influencing and being influenced by hormones. Estrogen is one hormone that does both. It influences body fat by directing the body fat deposition patterns—estrogen deposits fat in the breasts, hips, thighs, and buttocks.

On the other hand, fat influences estrogen by producing an enzyme called aromatase. Aromatase is responsible for converting androgen (such as testosterone) to estrogen. It’s the conversion of the masculine to the feminine, working to achieve a state of balance.

You can start to see the linkage of body fat to imbalanced sexual energy and the overproduction of estrogen, causing estrogen dominance. It is a lot more complex than that, but you can’t discount how you live influences your biology.

If you’ve struggled to lose weight, I challenge you to look at how you live. Are you living out of your masculine side more than your feminine? If so, this may be partially to blame for your weight never leaving.

How to balance sexual energy

Both men’s and women’s bodies crave balance in their sexual energies. That does not mean acting more “manly” in the sense of hunting or watching sports (you certainly can if this is your thing). Likewise, enhancing feminine energy is not about wearing more pink clothing and painting your nails (again, not necessarily wrong). But it’s owning the parts of you that possess masculine and feminine traits rather than things.

Balancing your sexual energy starts by paying attention to how you’re feeling based on your lifestyle and regaining balance when you feel off. As a man and woman, this will look different.

Balancing Sexual Energy For Men

Men living more in their feminine side may find value in adding structure, physical labor, and decisiveness back into their day.

On the other hand, men living too far in their masculine side, leaving them rigid and hard, may need to get outside, grab lunch with some friends, or start a new hobby.

Balancing Sexual Energy For Women

Women, on the other hand, might need something completely different.
Women too far in their feminine side may need to add more structure and organization to their life. They may benefit from setting a goal and living disciplined to stick with it.

More likely are women who live too far on the masculine side. These women must balance the dominant, independent lifestyle by returning to communities. One of the leading needs of feminine energy is to be around other people and live life together. You’ll also benefit from creating more space in your life, allowing yourself to feel pleasure and grounding activities.

You might find this list of 10 ways to foster your feminine energy helpful!

Don’t get hung up on perfection. It will only push you further outside of balance. The goal is to stop sacrificing your manhood or womanhood conforming to culture and use those things to propel you into a more fulfilling future.

One sex is not better, but both are needed to thrive in this world. To do great things, build a better world, and act out of your wholeness begins with balancing your sexual energy.

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