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The ‘One Thing’ That Can Change Your Entire Day

This post is sponsored by Athletic Greens.

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It feels like I’ve tried 20 different morning routines looking for one that will stick. We often do this. Looking for external programs to change how we feel. The problem is that it rarely lasts. Not because you don’t want it, but because it’s so different from our normal, it becomes too uncomfortable and complicated to stick. 

If you’re like me, you’ll accomplish it for three days, only to jump ship and walk back to your old way of life. Leaving you to wonder, what will work, if anything? 

Perhaps, like me, what you need is not another morning routine but to change your entire day by doing this one thing. 

That one thing is – ONE THING. 

It sounds too easy to be true, which is one attempt to keep you stuck doing what you always do. The thing that you’re trying to escape in hopes that you can form a healthier habit. The good news is it’s not that hard to change if you understand why you resist change. 

Too Many Good Things Never Work

Common reasons you can’t change can be big or small. But sometimes, they’re as simple as overcomplicating the process, causing a string of confusion and overwhelm. But that ends when you stop complicating the process and focus on one thing. 

An easy way to understand this is to understand the energy (which is a metric of thriving or surviving inside the body) needed to change. All change, even good change, comes with a level of resistance that requires energy to overcome. It requires work to change. When done correctly, this work creates energy inside your body to propel you forward with momentum and motivation. 

But this only happens when you start small. If you attempt to change too many things at once, you’ll expend more energy than you have, causing a depletion rather than a filling – this leads to burnout, exhaustion, and failure.

You’ll see this play out on the graph. Your motivation to change is not sabotaging you. It’s your attempt to change everything at once, like the common diet approach. An attempt that leaves you working to overhaul your entire life at once.

But this way of living takes a significant amount of energy without replenishing any before you run out. The graph shows how much energy it takes to do four things at once compared to one thing.

But if you start with one thing, that one thing produces energy allowing you to attempt a second thing and third thing, often without any additional work. That’s the thing about change. It only feels like work when you input energy. But when you get energy for your action, that becomes your life. The work becomes a reward.

What you find reward in you will continue. 

If you want to change, you have to start small. Focus on one thing that builds momentum and produces willpower to do a second thing. One small habit can lead to a million other habits.

But it starts with one thing. 

Do ONE THING to change your day

Instead of attempting to create an entirely new morning routine, focus on one thing. Change the first thing you do when you wake up. Drink a glass of water, curl up with a book, or slip on your workout shoes. Just do one thing.

Instead of signing up for four different workout classes, focus on getting up in the morning and making it to the gym. The rest will follow.

Instead of overhauling your entire diet, focus on one meal or adding more vegetables to your breakfast.

Keep it small. Keep it simple. And keep it realistic and actionable.

You don’t need to change everything at once, but changing one thing could eventually change everything if you stay consistent with it and focus on it. Knowing this one thing is causing a cascade of other good things. You have to trust the process. 

Of course, you should evaluate your one thing. Because there is potential that you don’t actually enjoy the ‘thing’ you’ve attempted. Or perhaps, it’s not healthy for you. That’s okay. Don’t let it derail you but notice it and change it. 

Keep re-evaluating your one thing. If it’s not working or causing more energy than it’s giving you, shift your focus to a different thing. Or perhaps, the one thing worked. If you’ve established it in your life, move on to a new thing. Stairsteping your way to the goal you had set. 

My one-thing

Over the last few months, I broke-up with my morning routine in light of building new healthy habits. Habits that all started with one thing. 

Here’s a brief timeline of my one-thing:

  • I started with a glass of water in the morning. 
  • The water turned into a glass of water in between sets of strength training. 
  • Strength training led me to shower and get dressed in real clothes for the day. 
  • Getting dressed made me feel better, encouraging my emphasis on eating to enhance feeling better. 
  • I started focusing on eating a hearty breakfast. 
  • My nourishing morning breakfast made me crave more greens (a former habit I had gotten away from). 
  • I purchased AG1 and combined that with breakfast. 
  • AG1 began to replace my morning caffeine intake. 
  • More energy stopped my grazing and increased my productivity. 
  • An increase in productivity gave me the ability to take a 30-minute lunch break.
  • Taking a lunch break helped me digest my food better, leaving me to feel better and more satisfied all afternoon, increasing my productivity. 

You see the progression. 

The power of one thing to change your day

Over time, one thing led to many things that have completely transformed my health without giving up my life. 

In fact, it gave me life in many ways, like taking a lunch break. It also increased my motivation, shifting how much I got done in less time, opening up space to enjoy my family, get back into the kitchen and slow down to enjoy life.  

Not to mention, it silently ended the things I used to do when I was tired and stressed. Not because I forced myself to stop but because they naturally stopped when I stopped needing them. 

That’s the power of one thing. 

If you had to pick one thing, what would it be?

Start small. If you want to get specific, start with your morning. 

  • Drink a glass of water.
  • Practice deep breathing.
  • Journal.
  • Drink your AG1 with breakfast.

One thing has the power to change everything, but you have to stop focusing on everything and channel that into one thing. 


Taking a supplement like AG1 by Athletic Greens can help you experience more energy, better health, and change your lifestyle like mine. Plus, it’s so simple. It’s an easy first place to start with your one thing.

No need for a million pills or regimes, but keep it simple. Simple is the way health is supposed to be.

Get started here, and Athletic Greens will give you a free one-year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D and five free travel packs with your first purchase. Take it for a test spin and see the results for yourself – get started right here. Think of it as nutritional insurance.

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