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A Real Life Perspective: Creating Healthy Sexual Wellness in a Relationship

What does healthy sexual wellness look like in a relationship? Get a real-life perspective as Payton and Alexa talk about the good, bad, hard, and amazing things they’ve learned in building a healthy sexual relationship.

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A Real Life Perspective: Creating Healthy Sexual Wellness in a Relationship

The Sex Talk is wrapping up with just one more episode to release, and I wanted to end with a real-life guest. Inside this podcast, learn from my husband, Payton, as he shares his experience and perspectives. He also gives you a boost of encouragement.

Truthfully, there is no perfect way to experience sexual intimacy. But sexual health is a critical aspect of your overall life. You can’t deny the benefits beyond great sex – healthy sexual wellness births confidence, creativity, and curiosity. My hope with this series is that you shifted your perspective, healed old wounds, and opened up to a new way of viewing sexual health.

Thank you so much for tuning in to this incredibly personal series! Let this spark new conversations in your relationships and thoughts in your mind! Don’t forget to check out every podcast episode (even the ones specifically for men and/or women).

Episode Highlights: Creating Healthy Sexual Wellness

  • Payton’s experience with shifting his perspective from receiving to giving.
  • His thoughts on semen retention.
  • How to effectively communicate inside a relationship.
  • Diet practices that change your desire and drive.
  • Real-life effects of the porn industry.
  • Payton’s favorite part of the sex talk – what he learned.
  • My favorite part of the sex talk – what I learned.
  • Embracing pleasure without falling into harmful pleasure.

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