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What is Metabolic Eating? Every Detail You Need

pro metabolic eating meal fallon danae

What is the metabolic diet? Is it right for you? Like most things, it depends on what your body needs. But more than a diet, the pro-metabolic eating lifestyle is designed to support metabolic health, the topic of this post.

If you haven’t heard of metabolic eating, which some call pro-metabolic eating, you will soon. It stands out against the traditional diets as a means of working with your body rather than working to change your body, a subtle but powerful difference.

The traditional model of health supports the idea that if you micromanage what you consume and how you live, your body will change in direct relation to what you do. This idea has led people to cut calories and eliminate entire macronutrients from their diets, hoping to see results that correspond.

But the new model is founded on how your body responds—shifting the focus of health from external things to how your body responds.

The pro metabolic eating plan focuses on nourishing your body based on what it needs. It is an approach that works with your metabolism, knowing how to support it moving your body from surviving to thriving.

Inside this podcast, I interview metabolic eating expert Fallon Danae to hear her story of losing her health and using the pro metabolic plan to regain health and what that looks like inside our lives.

What is pro-metabolic eating?

The pro metabolic eating plan is strictly focused on the health of your metabolism, knowing it is responsible for nearly every other function inside the body. Ironically, supporting metabolism seems to go against every other diet trend in the last 50 years, like consuming more green smoothies, raw vegetables, and swapping dairy for nut milk.

Arguably you could hear that, roll your eyes and throw your hands up in confusion, wondering if this isn’t good, what the heck is?

While it seems confusing, what the pro-metabolic eating plan offers outside other traditional diets is an understanding of how the body works at the cellular level. Without this knowledge, it’s hard to understand why some foods are better than others.

The truth is, the body is never confusing you. If you feel overwhelmed and confused, spend less time looking outside your body for answers and more time understanding how your body is responding. I promise it is telling you something.

The goal of pro metabolic eating is to eat food that your body needs, not based on a moral code. In most cases, that means eating to reduce stress inside your body through foods that are nutrient-dense, easy to digest, and energy-rich.

The metric of metabolism

Your metabolism describes how your entire body functions at the cellular level, affecting your hormones, immune system, sex hormones, reproductive system, thyroid, detoxification, digestion, adrenals, and much more. It is also responsible for every single metabolic process that takes place in your body, making it directly accountable for what your body does with glucose, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats.

A better way to understand this is to recognize that while you could feed two people the same meal with the same calories and macronutrient ratios, their bodies can do two completely different things with what they consume.

That’s the power of your metabolism at work. Understanding health is not just what you do to your body but how your body responds.

You can think of your metabolism like a thermostat. Your metabolism is constantly taking a temperature reading of the body (or what I call the flow of energy), changing the cells based on this reading to bring the body back into a state of homeostasis.

Suppose the temperature is off, or your metabolism is sluggish, and you have no energy. In that case, the cells will respond accordingly by storing, hoarding, and conserving energy, shifting your hormonal pattern to one of stress rather than thriving.

But the body was designed to thrive, it longs to thrive, but it can only do so by supporting the body, providing what it needs—shifting the temperature back into a state of balance which happens by reducing the stress load on the body.

Pro-metabolic eating is one way to reduce stress and support metabolic function to bring the body back into balance. It works to nourish your body with foods that support your biology and how you were designed to function.

5 elements of pro-metabolic eating

01. Eat easy to digest foods

Understanding digestion is a topic we often overlook, but it’s foundational in what your body absorbs and how it uses the food you consume. The pro-metabolic eating lifestyle focuses on easy-to-digest foods, which often look much different from traditional health foods.

Too many raw vegetables, cold foods, and nuts and seeds can cause GI distress. It’s not to say those foods are bad or wrong, but the quantity people consume is more than their bodies can handle. Steer clear of excess nut products and lean back into whole food sources, like raw dairy or organic, cooked vegetables, and seasonal fruits.

02. Eat More, Not Less

Your body needs nutrients and a lot of them, especially if it’s gone through a season of depletion. We should always be eating for nutrients, not calories understanding the energy you need comes from the nutrients. Toss calorie-counting to the curb and look at food for its nutrient density, regardless of how many calories it has. You may need to eat more for a while, don’t fear this but embrace it by choosing quality over quantity.

03. Never Skip Breakfast

When you eat happens to be more important than what you eat because your body changes how it works throughout the day. Your body’s metabolism is at its highest point in the morning, as is your insulin sensitivity and free energy, making it the prime time to consume food.

Don’t skip breakfast, but consume a balanced meal rich in protein and fat within one to two hours of waking up. If you don’t feel hungry, this is a bigger sign you need to turn up your breakfast game.

04. Balance Your Fats

The last ten years have been dedicated to promoting healthy omega-3 fats with omega-6s while missing the other critical fats needed in our body. The push for healthy unsaturated fatty acids led to the nut craze the world went wild over. But like all things in the body, it thrives in balance.

The best way to balance unsaturated fats is through healthy saturated fats. The once villainized form of fat that has been eradicated from most healthy diets yet is vital in overall metabolic function. Try focusing on eating more saturated fats through coconut oil, grass-fed animal proteins, and butter.

05. Eat Seasonally

Seasonal eating is one of the most overlooked forms of eating, yet it comes with a powerful dose of health. Seasonal eating is how our body is designed. Your body shifts its hormonal flow, gut microbiome, and nutrient needs with the changing of seasons. The body does this to upregulate your metabolism and immune system based on what the season brings. You should notice your cravings and food preferences change, pay attention to these changes and eat based on the season.

Pro-metabolic eating plan

A pro metabolic eating plan is based on wholesome foods found in nature. The goal of pro-metabolic eating is to satisfy the body’s needs by opening up energy flow and reducing hunger and cravings. The list is pretty simple:

  1. Protein-rich foods sourced from grass-fed or pasture-raised animals such as meats, eggs, dairy, and bone broth
  2. Root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, squash
  3. Seasonal fruits
  4. Natural sweeteners such as honey and maple syrup
  5. Whole grains in small amounts, such as rice and oats

The foods you should limit are hard to digest or void of nutrients, such as:

  1. Vegetable oils such as canola, soybean, and vegetable oil
  2. Fortified grains such as cereals, bars, and bread
  3. Processed sugars
  4. Excess nuts and seeds, especially milk, flour, and nut butter.
  5. Tons of raw greens

Don’t look at this list and think all or nothing. The goal is not to demonize food but to empower you to pay attention to how food makes you feel. It’s always in balance, choosing more foods that fill you up while leaving room for foods you enjoy.

Changes you should notice

With any diet or changes you make, you should notice a difference. Not just externally, but internally. Pay attention to how your body is feeling. If it’s helping you should notice some or all of these changes:

  • Warm Hands & Feet
  • Steady Energy Throughout The Day
  • Strong Libido
  • Easily Falls Asleep & Stays Asleep
  • Strong Hair & Nails
  • Great Digestion
  • 1-3 Good Bowel Movements Every Day
  • Regular Periods/Ovulation Free From PMS Symptoms
  • Happy & Positive Disposition
  • Maintains Weight Easily
  • Strong Immune System
  • Waking Up With An Appetite
  • Basal Body Temperature Between 97.8-98.6 F or 36.6-37.0 C
  • Pulses Between 75-90 BPM

It’s a lifestyle – not a diet.

The difference between a diet and a lifestyle is how you view food. In dieting, food becomes the means for changing your body, but a lifestyle showcases food as support to the body. The goal with metabolic eating is not to get so caught up in what is good or bad, but what is good for your body right now.

People will always push this to a new diet showing you it’s pro-carbohydrates, pro-dairy, and drinking unlimited amounts of orange juice. But that’s not the whole picture, just part of it.

The full picture is actively working to lower stress using food as a tool. This will look different for everyone, and it will look different depending on where you are starting from. Don’t be discouraged. Try it out and pay attention to your body. You’ll know if it is working.

Here’s The Perfect Solution If You Want To Start Metabolic Eating

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  1. Vivi Stanciu says:

    Alexa and Danae this has been so so helpful to me!!! Especially when you started talking about the cold body and irregular menses – that has been my story for the last 5-7 years. And also about reacting to foods we stopped eating for a while, oh so true. I think I started this pro metabolic approach a year ago and I’m doing so much better, gained weight at the beginning, still have some of that but mentally I feel way better. Sometimes even physically I feel I have more energy. My body feels safer now, still learning though, I still feel cold and my menses don’t come every month. I’ll try to incorporate the adrenal drink, that sounded interesting. Thanks again, I resonated so so much!!

    • Jonae Wells says:

      have you got any changes since? I’m trying to do the same, and making changes because my menses come and go. trying to find a way to stabilized my hormones any help can be beneficial

  2. Amira says:

    Hi there, I started eating more pro metabolic these past few months and I have felt great. It has made a difference in the safety I feel in my body and how nourished I am. I feel intuitively like this is right for me. However, recently I started experiencing some pretty intense constipation that nothing seems to be helping. I cannot find anything on constipation and pro metabolic eating so I am desperately looking for answers. My partner has auto-immune issues gallbladder issues, she started eating pro metabolic with me, and then had a horrible gallbladder attack. Turns out that the gallbladder has a difficult time processing fats, so eating a diet high in healthy fats triggered a gallbladder attack for her. I am a bit discouraged, but I feel like this is still the right way to eat for my body, the constipation is just beginning to worry me.

    • Alexa Schirm says:

      First, thank you for your response. These are great questions, and I’m sure you’re not alone in any of them. The hard part of any way of eating is it’s not perfect for everyone. You have to play round with it and find your sweet spot. Let’s talk about constipation. There are many layers to constipation, meaning it could be a hormonal issue, gut issue, hydration issue, or motility issue. Many different components, and without knowing the entire story, it’s hard to get a complete picture. One thing I may suggest that is a quick fix is a mineral supplement or to increase your consumption of minerals. Especially from magnesium. Have you tried that? It’s usually starting point number one. Any diet change is enough to trigger constipation, even the best diets. Sometimes the change needs a little extra support to relax and magnesium can help that. I also wonder if you’re eating something that your body is sensitive to or having a difficult time processing. Some big changes need to happen slowly, even if they are healthy changes. Like the re-introduction of dairy. I would start with a mineral supplement (make sure you talk with your personal doctor first) and go back to what foods you may have re-introduced or changed and see if you need to cut back as your body processes through that.

      To answer your second question, yes, if you gallbladder issues, excess fat can certainly trigger an attack. She will need to cut back on the addition of that. However, you can certainly still eat the metabolic way just lower in fat. If you e-mailed me her (and your) diets I could take a quick look and show you how it can be done by swapping out foods. You can send me a personal message on my website.

      Again, though, not one “diet” is going to work for everyone. But you should be able to use a baseline like this and build off of it based on what your body needs. I hope that was helpful!

    • Rebekah says:

      I’m just learning about this at 3 months postpartum. I’m feeling depleted and exhausted and lacking in energy. I already eat semi nutritionally dense, wapf-ish, no processed foods. This just seems so right to me and feels so normal, but I’m gaining weight! And bmi says I’m already obese. I’m 5’6″ and now 192. Is it normally to gain weight while you’re body is adjusting? I have no doubt that I haven’t eaten enough for my body until pregnancy, and since having the little guy and nursing I know I’ve fallen back into that rut of not eating enough or consistently. Is my body just stashing everything expecting me to go back into not eating enough?
      Help! My clothes don’t fit. Lol

      • Alexa Schirm says:

        YES! This is exactly it! When energy is deprived (or feels threatened) your body will go to work to store, hoard and conserve energy rather than use it. That means you’ll gain excess body fat. But when you provide the support through energy and nourishment, your body will start to release body fat. But there is a healing process that may feel like it’s going in the opposite direction, even though it is moving forward in the right direction. But the more you provide the safety and nourishment, the more likely your body will release it! Of course, all done by eating really quality rich foods, sleeping well, having healthy relationships and movement.

  3. Amira says:

    My previous comment was deleted…I don’t think censoring people about genuine questions / concerns is right… the comment wasn’t hateful or even saying anything negative. I was simply asking for advice but I guess that’s not welcome here. I thought we were supposed to support women through the journey of reclaiming intuitive diets, not censor them because what they said was not in alignment with what you want. I just needed some advice. Damn. Guess this is not a safe space.

    • Alexa Schirm says:

      I’m so sorry! These messages were stuck on the back end of my website. They got flagged, which means they needed approval before posting. I would never censor a post, especially one like this. Yes, we get plenty of spam comments promoting products and bots – most of which get filtered, including an occasional real one as well. But I’m glad you posted the second response because it allowed me to find the first question. Check that comment for my thoughts. Again, I am really sorry about that. I completely understand your frustration. I hope this helps and if not, please send me an e-mail, and I can help you further.

  4. Nikki says:

    Hi Alexa
    I need some help please. I am mid menopausal at 45 yrs old. I am struggling with gut issues, fatigue, brain fog, low moods and horrible weight gain that I can’t budge. I am coeliac and dairy intolerant so finding the right food plan and diet can be tricky for me.
    Can you point me in the right direction with pro metabolic eating and advice.
    Will this work for me?

    • Alexa Schirm says:

      I definitely think you can use an adaptive pro-metabolic eating plan. The goal is to nutrify your body by providing plenty of nourishing whole foods! Most are going to be pro-dairy but quality (and raw if possible). Better sources of dairy are more tolerated and even nourishing. But if you can’t tolerate dairy or gluten (I also do not tolerate gluten) you can certainly still follow this plan by using starchy vegetables, fruits, plenty of protein and healthy fats!

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