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Men’s Libido: Everything You Need To Know

Men’s libido isn’t elusive. It’s inside of you. The key is learning how to nurture and cultivate it. You have what you need, it’s learning how to live that out. Let me show you how.

Men’s Libido: Everything You Need To Know

Everyone thinks that all men can think about or talk about is sex, but there are some key misconceptions about a Man’s Libido. It’s not just about how much you desire sex, but it is so much more. Inside this podcast you’ll learn some common misconceptions about a man’s libido and why I think we have so many issues in our society today with low testosterone and low sex drives.

Your libido is a life force. Let me show you how to open up and live it out.

Episode Highlights

  • The importance of understanding both sexes and libido
  • What men’s libido is contrary to popular belief
  • The length of a man’s cycle compared to a woman’s
  • The benefits of viewing sex as giving instead of receiving
  • Ways to boost testosterone
  • How often a man should ejaculate + a formula to calculate it
  • How insecurities in the bedroom can be fixed
  • The benefits of semen retention
  • Ways to increase male fertility
  • Why men struggle with sexual identity more than women
  • The importance in connection in sexual wellness

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  1. I appreciate you talking about men’s libido everything you need to know. Your post provided me with a fresh perspective.

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