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Women’s Libido: Everything You Need To Know

Your libido isn’t eluding you. It’s inside of you. The key is learning how to nurture and cultivate it. You have what you need, it’s learning how to live that out. Let me show you how.

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Woman’s Libido: Everything You Need To Know

Libido is often lumped into one generic category regarding how much you desire sex. But your libido is so much more than that. More than a metric of desire, it is reading the health of your body and responding accordingly to how much energy you have. Making your libido a great tool for understanding your health.

There are many myths surrounding libido, especially women’s libido. The truth is, your libido isn’t eluding you. It’s inside of you. You have everything you need. The key is learning how to nurture it. Inside this podcast, I share every detail you need to know about a women’s libido, including how to boost it, allowing you to experience a new sense of passion for life.

Your libido is a life force. Let me show you how to open up and live it out.

Episode Highlights

  • The importance of understanding both sexes and libido
  • What a women’s libido is contrary to popular belief
  • Your libido is a vital sign determining how your body will show up in life – how safe or unsafe are you
  • Reproduction shuts off or down-regulates during survival
  • Your libido is not just about sex – it’s how you show up in the world
  • Women’s needs (libido) are built on safety, stability, and security
  • Sexual wellness is dependent on how much energy you have
  • Your adrenals determine your sex hormones
  • How female libido differs from a males libido
  • Length of time for a woman to become fully aroused
  • The need for connection in fostering a healthy libido
  • Having sex without feeling aroused is not having the same health benefit
  • Your libido is there for your pleasure – it’s something you should desire but not feel obligated to
  • The cyclical nature of a woman’s libido
  • How to support your libido when it’s naturally lower
  • Negative implications of bounceback culture
  • Libido and menopause
  • Why stress is the number one stealer of libido
  • Simple ways to increase your libido
  • Change your definition of sex
  • Sex should be pleasurable for all sexes, maybe even more for a woman
  • The purpose of vaginal discharge
  • Using vaginal fluids to boost fertility
  • Channeling your sexual arousal into directions other than sex

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