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10 ways to honor feminine energy

Feminine energy is nurturing, soft, grounded, and magnetic. It is not weak but necessary. Add these ten practices to your life to honor feminine energy.

honor feminine energy

Rosie the Riveter was an inspiration that women everywhere could do anything a man could. As a young girl, it inspired me to believe I was just as capable as any other human in doing what I desired. I was determined to run faster than the boys in grade school, score higher on my chemistry test in high school, and go on to get a degree that could sustain me – working toward that ultimate independent lifestyle.

It took far too long into my adult life, after illness, burnout, and almost the end of my marriage, to realize my lifelessness was driven by my lack of balance in my feminine and masculine energy. I didn’t know that while I was intent on proving my masculine side, my feminine side was worthy of fostering. To stop viewing that part of me as weak but part of what makes me unique.

Every human, male and female, has a balance of both feminine and masculine energy. Understanding this balance and nurturing it let’s the best of us shine. Channeling energy in a way you can make a difference, not just prove your independence.

I can’t say I’m skilled at balancing myself perfectly, but I am getting better at recognizing when I’ve pushed myself too far to one side. My mood gets irritable, my libido tanks, I build resentment, fear overtakes me, and my metabolism starts to decline. Anyone of these symptoms is a reminder to regain balance by engaging with my femininity.

What is Feminine Energy?

Feminity is not about wearing frilly dresses or painting your nails. It’s unleashing the parts of you, the connectedness and creativity that drives the feminine nature.

The female physiology thrives with space, movement, and fluidity. Women crave room to ebb and flow, expand and shrink to shift and change. A woman is made for a million births (and deaths), always room for expansion and growth. The feminine energy is nurturing, soft, and grounded with strong boundaries. It’s juicy and magnetic, not jealous or gossipy.

A woman who sources her energy and creativity from taking care of herself is more powerful than one who pushes so hard that she exhausts herself and is no longer experiencing joy and pleasure.

If you’re feeling out of balance, here are ten ways to tap back into your feminine nature. You’ll find that’s very different than you imagine.

10 Ways To Honor Feminine Energy


Women were designed to be together, thriving in community. The feminine side is birthed out of interdependence and the need to be surrounded by others. It is something we used to do so well but have neglected more and more in recent years, opting for an independent lifestyle.

To honor feminine energy, create communities of real friends, showing up and living life no matter how imperfect it is.


Adventure, exploration, and creativity are all produced within the feminine energy. Creating or exploring something new is like a birth for a woman. It’s full of excitement and a way to nurture the deepest parts of you. Try something new, create beauty, and get outside. Even shifting your perspective to see something differently can make you come alive.


A lack of boundaries is a sure sign you’re falling out of balance. When you’re unsure of what to say yes or no to, you end up expending more of yourself into things you don’t want. In some cases, the lack of boundaries around your time creates a life that is always on the move. Go, go, go is not healthy for your feminine energy.

Balance your time by learning how to set boundaries. Letting your no be no and any yes be fully yes.


A sense of safety is critical for the beauty and softness of feminine energy. You were not made to feel like you are floating, but you come alive, heal, and are your most engaging and creative when you feel grounded. Work on grounding yourself in your faith (building a solid foundation), grounding yourself in who you believe you are and also grounding yourself with the earth.

Grounding with the earth can mean soaking up the sun, putting your bare feet on the soil, exploring nature, or even gardening.


There seems to be a stark contrast between people who call themselves creative and those who don’t. Those who don’t characterize themselves as creative tend to steer clear of creativity with a ten-foot pole. But I challenge you to disregard what you’ve labeled creative and start to see it in a way that fits who you are. It doesn’t matter if it’s painting a picture or starting a new project – there are a million ways to be creative.

Honor feminine energy through creativity can look like a million different things. But they’re all birthed out of dreaming, experimenting, and watching something come alive.


The feminine energy is one of receiving. Most of its energy is spent on internal cycles that have little to do with output but naturally overflow out of receiving. Pleasure-inducing activities fuel this inner part of you that opens up capacity and energy for more. Pleasure is something that has to be received.

However, women tend to be the ones who discount pleasure—opting instead to live for the belief, no pain, no gain. But I’m here to remind you that pleasure will help you progress more than pain will. Let yourself experience pleasure, even micro pleasures like creating a playlist, soaking in a hot bath, picking up a book for fun, or learning how to have a better orgasm. It’s okay to experience, even seek pleasure. The more you are filled, the more you will overflow, which is when a woman becomes her best.


Space is vital for feminine nature to come alive. It’s time to disconnect our view of weakness and laziness with space. It’s space that will help you think in new ways and release what holds you back so you can create room for what will help you move forward.

Create rhythms of praying, meditating, stretching, and journaling in the space. Put down your phone, turn off your Netflix binge and let yourself be.


You have emotions, we all do, and that’s okay. Everything in life is emotional. You’ll never escape them, and trying will only make you more emotional. Instead of running or shoving down your emotions, learn how to embrace them.

Learning how to let yourself feel a range of emotions while creating a process of trust will prevent you from being overwhelmed by them. Opening you up to own the deeper parts of you you might be masking in your masculine side.


There is no denying that feminine energy craves beauty. It has fueled the beauty industry through make-up, fashion, and even diet culture. Beauty is something the feminine side delights in. But not all people see beauty the same. Honor this and let yourself understand beauty not just as fashion but as honoring what you find beautiful.

It might be how you decorate your home or how you are in awe of the intricate details of nature. There are a million ways to experience beauty – pay attention to what you find beautiful and let yourself feel it.


The feminine side is built for long-steady work. The feminine energy is resiliency, grit, and tenacity, which requires steady energy and nourishment. Unfortunately, our fad diet culture has made nourishment a fleeting idea that triggers insecurity and scarcity, preventing you from feeling safe and resulting in more masculine outputs like control.

But when you learn how to nourish your body, mind, and soul, you’ll discover a tremendous amount of peace when nourishing yourself from the inside out. You’ll even experience a shift in your biology when you recognize the feminine side is not built for added stress and crash diets but slow, steady nourishment throughout the day.

Honor Feminine Energy Through Imperfect Balance

The goal is not to eliminate your masculine energy. Both sexes need a balance of both feminine and masculine energy. Harmony happens when you foster both.

Given most women live in a masculine-dominant society with masculine-dominant lifestyles, learning how to incorporate more of these feminine qualities can change your entire biology. It’s an unconventional approach to hormones but one that uncovers the root while allowing you to live more true to who you are.

If you’re feeling out of balance, pick one of these to incorporate into your life. Repeat often and as necessary. Remember, your feminine side is not weak. It’s what makes you powerful. Create a rhythm to honor feminine energy and watch as you slowly come to life.

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