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Testosterone Replacement and Men’s Sexual Wellness

Is testosterone replacement healthy in men? Get the real facts as Alexa interviews Dr. Morgentaler, an associate professor at Harvard medical school and a doctor at Men’s Health Boston. He gives us the low-down on men’s sexual wellness.

Men’s sexual health feels like a taboo topic. One many men (and women) want to understand but rarely ask. Inside this episode, we dive into topics like erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, libido, and more. Plus, we dive into personal questions highlighted by listeners. If you’ve questioned what is normal and what isn’t, Dr. Morgentaler gives an inside look spilling the details you’ve been wondering about.

Episode Highlights Testosterone Replacement and Men’s Sexual Wellness

  • Common misconceptions in men’s health
  • The issue of testosterone and symptoms of low-testosterone
  • Are younger men struggling with low testosterone
  • Should you get treatment for testosterone (and is it safe?)
  • Testosterone replacement compared to what bodybuilders are doing
  • The damage of too much testosterone
  • Lifestyle factors that are sabotaging testosterone
  • Natural ways to boost testosterone
  • How to know if you need testosterone replacement
  • What to look for on a hormone test – how to read it
  • How is pornography affecting men’s health
  • The average size of erection – is it normal?
  • Erectile Dysfunction and sexual health – psychological or physical
  • The Viagra myth
  • The influence of vasectomy on men’s health
  • The association between sleep apnea and testosterone
  • Advice for men to boost sexual health

Learn More About Testosterone Replacement and Men’s Sexual Wellness

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