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21 Summer Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss is one of the most searched words on the internet. To no surprise, most people would like to shed a few pounds. The question is, how do you do it and maintain or even achieve health? Learn 20 weight loss tips perfect for summer inside.

Let’s talk about summer weight loss!

While there is nothing wrong with losing weight, I need to disclose that weight loss and health are different. Sometimes they go together, but often they don’t. Many people are fighting for health by believing it comes from losing weight. But the reality is you can’t lose weight to get healthy. Weight loss needs to be a byproduct of getting healthy.

But I still find it necessary to talk about and even dive into my mixed feelings about weight loss.

  1. I know so many people want it, and some even need it.
  2. We all have a healthy weight; even when it feels unhealthy, it might be a necessary evil.
  3. It’s abused and misunderstood.
  4. It’s possible as long as it’s healthy for you, but it’s not in your control.
  5. Biologically it’s harder to lose in the summer. Environmentally, it’s easier.

Let’s start at the top with these weight loss tips.

01: You want to lose weight or even need to.

I know I can be a little anti-climatic with weight loss. But I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t tell you I’ve spent time wanting to shed some pounds myself.

I don’t know how much because I don’t own a scale (getting rid of this was part of my healing journey). But I do know losing weight is not wrong if it’s needed. In many cases, it would aid in your health.

The problem arises when you attach weight loss to your worth. Hating the person you are while fully believing you’ll love yourself when you hit a certain number on the scale.

Let me remind you, no one in the history of the world has hated themselves healthy.

Weight loss only works from a place of love, not hate.

02: We all have a healthy weight. Even if it feels unhealthy, it might be healthy for your body.

Arguably, your body does nothing outside of ‘health.’

It’s always working on your behalf for your good, even when it feels like it’s working against you. The most complicated reality is recognizing that sometimes your weight issues are your body’s way of protecting you from you. 

Your body wants to be well. Part of being well is achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Whatever weight you are, no matter how ‘unhealthy’ it may be, your body got there purposefully. The only way it will change is to give it a reason to change.

If you give body fat a reason to stay, it will never leave. Stop needing body fat, and it will naturally leave. Excess body fat may be safe, but it’s not the healthiest place your body would like to be. But hating yourself out of it only reinforces it to stay.

Supporting your body is the only way it will change.

03: Body fat is abused and misunderstood.

Weight loss and weight gain have natural ebbs and flow throughout life. This back-and-forth is not wrong. It’s the foundation of biology.

But as a society, we’ve learned to idolize an unnaturally low body weight. We’ve believed a specific look is the standard of beauty and the measure of being needed, loved, and having a place to belong. All without any regard for how the body responds.

But a low body weight or the chase of it is being linked to a lack of nourishment that has led to some fascinating changes, especially in women. Here are a few mind-blowing thoughts regarding a lack of nourishment (and low-body weight):

  • The rise of infertility and no libido (women should have equal if not higher sex-drive than men).
  • Increase in depression and anxiety (lack of energy in the brain leading to mental chaos).
  • A “white” lifestyle because color feels too overwhelming.
  • Excessive acne (because the skin doesn’t have the necessary nutrients or fat to heal and thrive).
  • Gaining weight by looking at food (you don’t have to eat to gain weight).

A healthy weight does not mean the lowest weight. A healthy weight is when you feel most energized, vibrant, and alive.

04: You are not in control of your weight loss.

Your body is responsible for if and when you lose weight. Not you. 

You control how you support (or don’t) your physiology.

I know it’s easy to misunderstand the two. It’s easy to believe in some ways that you are supporting your physiology by working to control your weight.

But that falls under the belief that if you lose weight, then you’ll get healthy. The reality is weight loss follows health. To lose weight, you must first get healthy.

Getting healthy boils down to controlling what you can do while freeing yourself from obsessing about what you can’t. 

You may not control your weight, but you are in control of your actions, and your actions are working in support or against your physiology (including your mind and soul).

You have control over what you do but not how your body responds. But what you do influences how your body responds, especially what you do consistently.

Do more things that support your body, and you’ll find weight loss happens naturally. NOTE: I didn’t say quickly!

05: Biologically, it’s harder to lose weight in the summer. Environmentally, it’s easier.

Biologically your metabolism slows down in the summer as the air temperature reaches near or above body temperature. This means you need less energy to keep yourself warm, slowing your metabolism. Some research indicates your metabolism drops roughly 10% in the summer months.

Plus, as late summer and early fall approach, your body shifts gears from burning energy to storing energy. It’s the natural cycle similar to hibernation.

But arguably, your environment makes it easier to implement practices that support the body and encourage weight loss. It’s easier to get out and move when it’s above freezing, and the bounty of summer produce makes eating light, healthy, nourishing meals more appealing.

Perhaps proving there isn’t one particular season better for weight loss. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use these benefits to your advantage.

Use them to build healthy habits over the next few months. Before you know it, you’ll be layering up your clothes and dropping another casserole on the dinner table.

But for now, load up on fresh produce, eat lighter meals, and use the excess energy you have to get out and move!

Summer Weight Loss Tips:

I know your body weight has been the enemy of your life. But when you understand it’s not there to sabotage your life but it’s protecting you, you can learn to work with it.

You can stop thinking you can control your weight (YOU CAN’T), and you can control the only thing you have control over – the actions you take.

You can take action to support your body, knowing this is the only way to change your body.

Weight loss isn’t wrong. But you’ll certainly fight it as long as you approach it in the wrong way.

21 ways to support your body

There are endless ways to support your body. Just remember, supporting your body is different than working to change it. Support requires body awareness. Pay attention and do more things that fill you with energy.

  1. Eat nutrient-dense foods
  2. Consume more minerals.
  3. Move your body daily.
  4. Laugh often.
  5. Hug someone you love.
  6. Nourish your soul.
  7. Create pleasure.
  8. Pay attention to your body and acknowledge your emotions.
  9. Stop holding onto things that are hurting you (let things go).
  10. Take deeper breaths.
  11. Live seasonally.
  12. Practice circadian fasting.
  13. Focus on hydration over fluid consumption.
  14. Foster healthy relationships.
  15. Start a hobby.
  16. Incorporate more rest. 
  17. Read more books. 
  18. Go to therapy.
  19. Stop grazing.
  20. Speak kindly to yourself.
  21. Ask for help.

Want to learn more about weight loss?

The goal should always be supporting your body, which means understanding your energy flow. If you haven’t found out your energy level, do so here! Then implement the recommended changes for your type! The more energy you have, the less you need to store and hoard.

If you want to learn more, enjoy these articles!

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