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Five Health Mistakes To Avoid

Are you making health more complicated than it needs to be? Here are five health mistakes you should avoid to make health simple.

If you’re confused, you’re not alone. The health space has been notorious for overwhelm, and it’s working in their favor. Complexity likes to keep you stuck in the place of wanting health but not knowing how to move forward. If we’re not careful, complexity will crush any form of growth.

I’ve always had a hard time believing health was as difficult as we made it. Growing up, I watched countless women I love give up their life to a diet promising them a better life, only to leave empty-handed. How could people work so diligently and faithfully and still not accomplish it?

We had to be missing something, and I would make it my life mission to figure it out.

Eventually, I found that we missed health, not because it wasn’t possible, but because we were running after it in the wrong direction. Health is not an external equation or system. Health is in you – it’s in all of us. Learning how to live out of health is the secret you’ve been looking for and the answer to doing what you know you should. It makes health simple. But you have to avoid these five health mistakes to make it simple.

Inside Health Made Simple, I teach you how to achieve health for life. It’s not a fancy system but a new approach that is personal and relatable, allowing you to experience health today. If you want a sneak peek at what you’ll learn inside, check out lessons one and two right here!

Lesson One:

Lesson Two:

It’s a twisted thought from traditional ideas around health, but those aren’t working. What does work is getting to a place where you can work with your body to create a safe and healthy environment to thrive. This means breaking up with the old ideas leaving you missing health while chasing it.

Health is supposed to be simple. That doesn’t always mean it’s easy, but it’s possible. It’s time to stop complexifying health and open up to make it possible. Here are five health mistakes you should avoid that are complexifying health.

Five health mistakes you should avoid

01. Making the idea of health too big and different from your current lifestyle.

I’m always under the belief that you’re closer than you know. If we dive into research on what it takes to change, we know that consistent small shifts are always more powerful than 180-degree lifestyle changes. All change, even healthy change, creates a level of threat inside your brain because it’s uncomfortable. The more significant change, the larger the threat, and the harder it is to stick to long term, leaving you running back to your old patterns for comfort before seeing results.

But small, consistent changes that are almost so subtle you miss them is where the real power lies. Especially if you combine those changes with a positive mindset, actually enjoying the process of getting healthy. Instead of overhauling your diet or health, choose small shifts, like adding one healthy food to your breakfast, drinking a morning cup of water, getting outside over your lunch break, or doing a quick five-minute stretch session before you get out of bed.

ACTION PLAN: Make a list of small shifts you can add to your daily life instead of feeling tempted to change it all. The smaller the habit, the easier it is to change.

02. Believing the all-or-none mentality.

It’s easy to believe that if your diet’s not perfect, it’s not working. But more than perfection, your health is born on what you do consistently. That’s why the 80/20 rule has become more powerful. But rather than looking at it as being good 80% of the time and leaving room for cheat meals the other 20%, understand the 80/20 rule is what you do 20% of the time produces 80% of your results. It’s not focusing on the majority. It focuses on the powerful minority. Like what you spend 20% of your time doing that gives you 80% of your happiness?

When you start to pinpoint your repetitive nature, you can shift those to shifting the 20% of the food you eat 80% of the time to healthy foods. It’s not about perfection but showing up and being consistent. It’s not about what you do all the time. It’s what you choose to do with the 20% of your diet, time, or finances that changes you.

ACTION PLAN: Take an inventory of your 20%. This 20% is producing 80% of your results. In what ways can you shift what you do the majority of the time, creating consistent patterns around health? For example, people circulate through the same 6-10 meals. How can you shift these 6-10 meals to healthier options?

03. Living by the rules.

There are a lot of “health rules,” many of which are ridiculous, but we still believe them. It’s the way your brain likes to work. Having a specific system creates a sense of boundaries that give your brain a sense of control. And control produces a sense of safety, even if it’s fleeting. But we have to see outside this momentary sense of security to realize that while it gives you a sense of control, rules also produce a moral code that brings feelings of overwhelm, insecurity, and failure.

More than control, you need balance. Rather than being an all-or-nothing idea, having a foundation that brings a sense of boundaries within your diet while allowing the flexibility to move outside those boundaries creates freedom in health.

ACTION PLAN: Set boundaries around when you eat, when you go to bed, and what foods you must have at mealtime, like making sure you always have a protein regardless of what else you put on your plate. There are days when this schedule needs to be flexible, like going out with your friends on the weekend, but you pay attention to the boundaries you set, knowing they’re working to keep you in balance.

04. Focusing only on diet and exercise.

Health has been summed up by how you eat and move, but those two things are only a fraction of what health means. Staying here makes you miss the wholeness of health. Keeping you stuck chasing the perfect diet and exercise plan, believing it’s the only way to see results. But health is all of you, including your mental health, relationships, finances, career, beliefs, home life, work-life, hobbies, happiness, and physical health.

Health is the sum of all of these, and balance requires you to pay attention to the whole of you. If your spiritual life is out of balance, you can’t expect the perfect diet to pull you back into balance. Don’t neglect to take an inventory of how each category functions, helping you understand what needs attention. The goal is to create balance in all areas without going to extremes.

I use this tool to track the balance in my life, working to do a weekly check-in with how I’m feeling.

ACTION PLAN: Take an inventory of each health category, using a scale of 1-10 to understand what areas are in balance and what are out. Emphasize the areas that are lagging. The eight focus areas include physical health, mental health, relationships, recreation, finances, career, spirituality, and home life.

05. Trying to keep up with the latest fads and trends.

There will always be a new fad or diet because they make money. But historically speaking, they’ve never worked. If diets did, we’d no longer have fads. I know they are good at reminding you of your problems and convincing you to trust their solution. But you don’t need an outside solution because health is in you. You have what you need.

Some practices may be great and beneficial to your body but avoid chasing the extremes and opt-for balance. Pay attention to your energy levels, track them and understand what is filling or draining those energy levels. The more you understand how life is interacting and influences your energy, the better choices you will make to support your body, which is different than working to change it.

ACTION PLAN: Track your energy level and pay attention to what fills your energy tank or drains it like these three common energy drains. Try adding more energy fills into your life, focusing on how you can bring balance regardless of how life pulls you out of balance. Make a list of 5-minute energy fills that you can incorporate into your day, like reading a non-fiction book, finishing one small mundane task, making a quick smoothie, texting a friend, or walking outside. Make it personal by getting specific to what fills you.

How To Make Health Simple

When you know your body, you know what it needs and you stop making these five health mistakes. Listening to your body is the best way to provide trust and see it change without forcing it. There’s a lot of freedom to that, making health simple. When you don’t have to micromanage your health, it happens naturally, opening you up to use it to live.

But first, you have to know your body. Let me teach you how your body works, how it responds to your mind, and how to build new stories around health that will create the outcome you desire. And do it all without changing what you eat or waiting for 90-days. if you want to experience health today that will last forever, check out Health Made Simple. 

What you get:

It includes 8-life-changing modules about your body, including the connection to your mind and a workbook helping you implement it into your life. What you’ll get inside the course:

  • Boosted metabolism 
  • Reset your hormones 
  • Learn how to shift what you eat 20% of the time to produce 80% of your results 
  • Decrease inflammation 
  • Sleep better
  • Increased desire to live healthily
  • An influx of natural energy
  • Realistic blueprint for making it work for your life
  • Personalized help from me to make it work for you

Say yes to your health and change it for life right here.

If you’re unsure about another program and want to dip your feet in the water before jumping in, take this FREE mini-course to upgrade your energy, changing your health today!

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